Be apart of The QUEEN Experience

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the legendary band Queen’s extraordinary career. It also marks the 10th anniversary of the legendary Nkosi Johnson’s death of HIV AIDS. To celebrate the band and the lives of both Nkosi and Freddie Mercury, there will be a ‘Freddie For A Day,’ event happening this weekend. This is a worldwide event and campaign, in which funds will be raised through the Mercury Phoenix Trust, the HIV AIDS charitable organisation set up in Freddie’s memory after his passing almost 20 years ago.

So how does this work? Well on the 5th of September various media channels will be urging public to dress up as Freddie Mercury to remember and celebrate him as a great icon, as well as to donate R10 to Nkosi’s Haven by SMSing ‘Freddie’ to 38010. There will also be a great music concert on Sunday (4 Spetember) at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria. Details for the The QUEEN Experience:

11:00 Gates open

13:00 Josie Field

14:00 Bittereinder

15:00 The QUEEN Experience

17:00 Show ends

What to bring: Picnic baskets, money for merchandise, small umbrellas, friends and family.
Please note that no alcohol, glass, domestic animals, weapons and/ or illegal substances will not be allowed into the venue.

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Attention celebrities

Of late some of the ‘celebrities’ that people look up to in the local entertainment industry have been anything but perfect role models. From claiming to be rolling in the dosh to sleeping around, I can’t help but feel disappointed in their behaviour. Why would you want to tell the world how rich you are? Surely if you’re that rich you’re not actually so because you’re bragging and trying to prove a point. Also why with HIV/Aids stats the way they are in South Africa would you want to boast about sleeping around? Seriously you’re no hero by boning the world, you really aren’t. You’re irresponsible and setting a bad example. People look up to you, people respect your work… Don’t go and stuff it up by becoming too caught up in your lap of luxury!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no prude. If you’re earning millions I’m glad for you. It makes me want to work hard too because I want that too, but be humble about it. Let your wealth roll out in other ways. As for sleeping around, do what you have to do. Do it safely, that’s fine, but don’t take to Twitter to make it known how many people you’re with on a regular basis!

And I will not mention names because I don’t feel like giving you yet another platform to boast and brag. I also don’t feel like it is necessary. The message is clear enough. Thanks, that’s all!

Staying Alive with Travis McCoy and MTV

Earlier this year, Travis McCoy of the Gym Class Heroes, traveled to South Africa, India and the Phillipines as part of his commitment and duties as the MTV Staying Alive Ambassador. The responsibilities of this job include scouting out the different resources needed to prevent the spread of HIV and Aids. You’ll recall last year Kelly Rowland did the same thing and she was extremely moved by what she saw and experienced on that trip. Now with it being World Aids Day and all, Travie has released a song inspired by his experience and you can download it here. Travis on the project, “I met some amazing and inspiring young people – and this track is dedicated to them and their tireless and selfless commitment to the fight against HIV and AIDS.” The Unbeaten Track airs on MTV tonight.

The lyrics start off like this:

“Can’t change the world over night – but we can start by saving a life
One at a time, One at a time
So lets make history and help out those in need
One at a time, One at a time
We can change a life”

What about you guys, do you #Knowyourstatus?

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Kelly Rowland at the screening of her MTV Staying Alive documentary experience!