Mad Buddies is out

The king of the SA box office Leon Schuster is back with a brand new movie. The film is called Mad Buddies and it officially opened today. Whether you love him or you hate him, the one thing you can’t dispute is the fact that Schuster is a genius when it comes to make movies. Not in an Academy Award winning kind of a way, but rather a “I know the market and how to make SA laugh” kind of way. His movies always do well and this one will do as well I feel.

This time he has the backing of Disney and during an interview session with Schuster, he told me that there is pressure to excel and succeed with this film, but also that they believed in the project. Hence their backing. “We’ve tested the film with smaller audiences and I think it works,” he said. “I just hope when it opens we get a big South African audience and hopefully with the backing from Disney we might be able to sell it overseas too.”

The story is simple. Boetie (Schuster) and Beast (Kenneth Nkosi) find themselves fighting all the time. Their arguing comes to a head and it leaves them with two options; get on with one another or face jail time. This is proposed my Minister of Tourism, Minister Mda (Alfred Ntombela) and a conniving TV producer named Kelsey (Tanit Phoenix) creates a secret TV show out of their journey from Durban to Johannesburg. Obviously there are tricks, pranks and a whole lot of laughs along the way.

It’s a laugh a minute, a slapstick if you like, but it really is great entertainment. I would suggest you go out and support the SA film industry. Don’t pirate the film, you will get caught and you will be punished. Check out this press release for proof: Continue reading

Catch Lira on her Captured Tour with Nokia

It’s all systems go for multiple award-winning singer Lira, who kicks off her Captured Tour in Johannesburg this weekend. The tour will see her travelling to six cities around the country,where she’ll be putting on a show like no other.  Each stop of the tour will be recorded as part of her forthcoming DVD, due out next year. I got to chat to the star last week for the Phakade singer said she was excited to get on the road.

“The first DVD was just one night for one show. Now I’m taking that concept and moving it around the country, which is a first for me.”

In addition to her capturing some of the behind the scenes action in what goes into putting on a show like this, the star says there’s an opportunity for her fans to share their experiences with her and others too. “I wanted to give them a platform for them to experience themselves at shows and for us to capture the whole experience, not just from my perspective as an artist, but also from a fan’s perspective.”

Once this tour is done, the Channel O Music Video Award nominee will be heading back to America, where she’ll be releasing her album to that market. In pursuit of music’s biggest accolade, the Grammy, the star explains how she plans on doing that, “We’re taking it one step at a time. We’re just going over to make waves and to catch as much attention and to be remembered.”

While cracking it in the biggest music market in the world is somewhat daunting, the Feel Good singer said she is up for the challenge, “My team and I are ready. I always say yes the journey is difficult, but the scenery, the experience is why you go on your journey. It’s beautiful and it’s worth it. Sometimes the destination isn’t everything, the journey’s incredible.”

Lira’s Captured Tour dates:

9 October – The Boardwalk  Festive Lawn Area (PE)
22 October- Durban ICC (KZN)
26 October- Grand West Casino (CT)
29 October- Sun City (North West).
6 November- Free State National Botanical Gardens (Bloemfontein).

On the 29th of October, Lira will be recording her Sun City performance for the live DVD due out next year.

Be sure to visit or Computicket to get your tickets for this not-to-be missed gig.