Listen to Rihanna’s new track ” We Found Love: Unlocked”

One of the hardest working people in the business has to be Rihanna. Since 2005 the beauty hasn’t stopped. In fact she’s just got bigger and better since. She’s now wrapping up work on her brand new album, due out soon. This is her sixth record in so many years. Crazy. Have a listen to the first single off that album. It’s called We Found Love, produced by Calvin Harris. I love it. What do you think?

Rihanna prepares to get ‘Loud’

Rihanna poses in a field for (Only Girl) In The World

Rihanna is churning out hits and albums like McDonalds churns out fries and burgers- the only difference is? I like Rihanna. So I have an update on her new album for you now. The Internet is buzzing with the release of her first single called (Only Girl) In The World and now I’m happy to announce the new album (her fifth) will be called ‘Loud’. It’s due for release in the USA on the 16th of November. It will be available in South Africa shortly after that. I’m thinking we’ll see more up-tempo, dance tracks for Riri on this one, which again shows her versatility as an artist and it’s bound to be ‘Loud’. She says, “Get loud everybody. Get crazy. Get excited. ‘Cause I’m pumped. I’m just gonna be me.” Hip-hop? Tick. R&B? Tick. Pop? Tick. It’s now time to tick off the dance charts too. Can’t wait for more news of the production process, the influence behind the tracks and some of the big names attached to this release. Stay tuned!