Listen: Céline Dion duet with Ne-Yo – Incredible

There’s just one week to go until Celine Dion releases her brand new album called Loved Me Back To Life. The star has been releasing some of the new tracks on YouTube for fans to listen to and here’s the latest one:

It’s a great collaboration between her and one of the nicest guys in the music business, Mr. Ne-Yo! It’s called Incredible and after a couple of listens, I’m certain it will be just that to me! Looking forward to hearing the full album.

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Katy Perry’s Prism review


Katy Perry’s new album, Prism has been available for just a couple of hours and I’m already, officially loving it. The sixteen-track album is now available for download and if you’re a KP fan, then GO, GO, GO!! The first single “Roar” was what we expected from the star… fun, light, poppy and awesome. It was received really well and it hit the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart recently too.

Then the star put out two other singles, Dark Horse which features rapper Juicy J and the song, Walking On Air. I think this one will grow in popularity as time goes on and I think it could become a massive hit on the dance floor.

While these singles are great and will definitely score Katy a lot more love on the charts, it’s the rest of the album that I really believe she shines. Her voice sounds incredible, especially on songs like “By the Grace of God” (Listen below). If you listen to the lyrics, you’ll hear the pain and raw emotion in her voice. One can assume it’s her way of dealing with her divorce to Russell Brand, which was clearly a very difficult period of her life. An obvious statement, much? Probably, but she never really opened up about the breakdown of her marriage, or least to the extent she does in this song. You’ll also pick up similar sentiments in the track “Ghost”.

Listen to By the Grace of God below:

But don’t worry; it’s not all sullen, sad ballads. They’re meaningful, mature tracks that I’m sure you will appreciate and love. If you’re looking for the positive Perry pop tracks; you’ll get those in the first half of the album. There are some really cool tracks like Birthday *whispers Happy birthday* and This Is How We Do (wicked track). I can see people putting this on before they head out… It’s a ‘Fuck yeah, I’m confident and I’m gonna rock the party’ vibe. The rest of the album will provide you with a greater insight into the real Katy Perry. I get the sense that she is more at ease, at peace, content and more spiritual than ever.

So what’s the significance of the album’s title, Prism? In a recent interview with On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Katy Perry said, “For a while I was figuring out what I am going to call this next record because “Teenage Dream”, here I was on that cotton candy cloud and then I kind of got a little bit of a punch in the face, a littlie falling down the stairs. So I wanted to call the next record “The Adult Reality (Doing Well in Therapy)”, but I thought that’d be a giving away too much. The reason I’m calling it “Prism” which comes out October 22nd is because I feel like I’ve let a lot of light into my life and now I can beam that light out through my songs to all of my fans”. Beam indeed because you stay winning Ms. Perry.

You might think this is cheesy, but the only track I don’t really dig is the one with Juicy J. The rest of the album is perfect. I love it! To Katy Perry, come play with us in SA… The Prism World Tour needs to stop by this part of the globe. To the rest of you, let the light that is Prism shine in your music collection folks!

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David Guetta’s Titanium… the slowed down version

One of the big songs of 2012 so far happens to be David Guetta‘s new track with Sia. It’s called Titanium and it is but #winning. Having said that I bet you couldn’t imagine a slower version of this club banger right? Well turns out there is one, and it sounds fantastic. It’s by a guy name Collin McLoughlin. Have a listen above and let me know what you think.

'Bionic' woman Christina Aguilera

The lovely Christina Aguilera is set to make a huge impact on the music scene come the 8th of June. The day she releases her fourth studio album. The first single premieres on her website later today (although it has leaked online already, so I’m told). The album is called ‘Bionic’. It’s described as showing how vocally she’s changed and how she’s pushing the boundaries with this new material. Aguilera has described this album as a unique mixture of all types of genres, “I was able to explore and create a fresh, sexy feel using both electronic and organic elements with subject matter ranging from playful to introspective. I am so excited for my fans to hear the new sound. It is something I don’t think anyone will expect.”

On the album, she’s again teamed up with Linda Perry as well as collaborations with the likes of Sia, Tricky Stewart, Polow Da Don, Le Tigre, Hill & Switch, and Ladytron and others. “Working on this album with so many talented artists and producers that I admire was really an amazing experience. The artists I chose to work with added so many unique sonic layers to Bionic. My intention was to step into their world and what they do combined with my own vision and sound. The results were magic.”

The video for “Not Myself Tonight” at 6pm EDT on 3/30. So be sure to listen out and let me know your thoughts… I’ll do the same.

This woman is incredible: 30 million albums, 5 Grammys, a mother, a wife- and all that being under the age of 30.