Day? I dunno I forgot…

It’s weird being nine hours behind ‘normal’ time, still finding it difficult to sleep later than 4am. Oh well. So to update everyone, the four of us stayed in Glenwood Springs- a two hour bus trip from Aspen. We stayed in this really cool youth hostel, played in the snow… blah blah blah. We had a great breakfast there the next morning, as per dripping with oil so ya. Met this guy who pretty much gave us the low down on Aspen, what to do, where to go etc… so then we headed off on the bus.

When we got to Aspen the newspaper headline read something along the lines of “Rush on accommodation sets many back”. I swear there is nothing in Aspen, nothing. We checked newspapers, phoned and asked many locals if we could use their barns. It even went as far as to splitting the group up, and everyone fending for themselves. Not keen. there were many options from dodgy Brazilians… oops, no but really the guy put a deposit down, was living happily in a town where the demand for accommodation exceeds the supply, and was prepared to give it up… the catch? To pay the rent to him…mmmm!!!

Everyone staying at St Maritz was in the same situation, we moved out yesterday into another place. And luckily the owned loves South Africans. So from going from ten days accommodation to the entire season is amazing. He went as far as to say that he will give us a discounted rate, and will make it up elsewhere, so relief. I just really feel sorry for the rest of Rhodes, jokes… but apparently there are about 14 people arriving in the next three days. All I can say is good luck or one word- VAIL!

Other than that started work. quite cool. Americans are really friendly but also really wealthy. Wow. Still trying to find a place where I can put my photos onto a DAMN computer, but that requires effort. NOt in the mood. GAP jeans- $23. Anyone want?I’ll give you my bank details, Jokes. But that’s crazy. Please tell people you may see to check out my blog, a lot easier to communicate this way, rather than email k. I hope you’re all well.

G- when you going overseas?
Jen and Nic- Plett,how was it?
Russ- are you there?
Carly- You’re Jewish, why so quiet??? HUH punk
Pete- good to hear from you
Anyone else… yo

Ok gotta go, free time at the library for internet is almost over. Stay tuned for scenes from my next installment…

Oh ya I missed the new stoopid episode of LOST. Oh well. Ok bye

Author: Jason Von Berg

Digital content marketer. Mobile App Editor. Entertainment, travel and New York City lover. #Triathlete, #Ironman, health and wellness advocate, @Futurelifeza ambassador

One thought on “Day? I dunno I forgot…”

  1. Yo yo yo, watsup mr snow man!! jen and Nic here. sounds like the pubs are just like vail!!Plett was cool thanks. jen got burnt… then sick, jokes. i got burnt, jen didnt. ironic huh. Jen got tanned (she made me put that in)…cause its apparantly true!!otherwise, pretty good. food was expensive, but i am sure you can relate to that right now. when do you start snowboarding dude!!??!?!keep in touch. Love Nic an Jen

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