First Jol in Aspen

Last night was the first of I’m sure of many nights out in Aspen. We did a bit of predrinking with some of the Ozzies we met at their place. All except one of them were under 21, so it was rather mellow… until they started loving the Rum. These guys from Joburg came around too, what beauts!! You know “I’m not cool in SA, so let me try and be so in America”. Not that’s too harsh, but they just weren’t my cuppa tea.

So we decided to head on out after that. First stop- Eric’s Bar. Not as dodgy as it sounds. Actually quite the contrary! pretencious people, who flash $100 bills around.. The bouncer at the doors says, and I quote “Can I like to see your ID?” Yip good old SAfa he is, nice guy. Then inside these two wannabe WWF Wrestlers arrived wearing Leopard print loin cloth, in like temperatures of -10C. Silly stoopid South African girls were attracted to them, shame how special are they?

The vibe wasn’t great so we went to McStorlies Pub- a place said to be inhabited by all the foreigners, naturally it’s Irish. Really cool place, almost sort of Rat feeling. One Budweiser $3… vodka lime and water? They don’t have a clue, they call it something like Ruby vodka??? all in all good times, no wild fun… but like I said it’s the first jol in Aspen! Later

Author: Jason Von Berg

Digital content marketer. Mobile App Editor. Entertainment, travel and New York City lover. #Triathlete, #Ironman, health and wellness advocate, @Futurelifeza ambassador

2 thoughts on “First Jol in Aspen”

  1. hey jas…so interesting to read all your stuff. so jealous of you somewhere fun. joburg is alright so far…drinking at altitude has never been better. the boy’s in botswana so i’m on my ace for a bit. got a job interview tomorrow so wish me luck. glad you’re having fun friend. play nice in the snow. love Jen T

  2. sounds like ur having a riot of a time. keep the news coming old boy. missing you like crazy already. love jen

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