Joburg Day- Rad to the max!

Over the weekend I attended my fourth Joburg Day. The annual music festival is organized by regional station 94.7 Highveld Stereo. The guys do a fantastic job each year, by showcasing some of South Africa’s best musical talent. It’s grown so substantially in recent years that the organisers have changed venues to accommodate the bigger crowds. For the second year running the event has been held at the Riversands Farm, north of the city. In my four years of going I haven’t known it to be sold out, but this year Joburg Day was officially sold out. Over 16 000 were there. Nice. I say over 16 000 because it was packed and I’m sure the security guards were a bit lenient at the entrance (cash in pocket). That wasn’t a major issue though.

My friends and I headed off to the Castle beer tent, where we sat in the sun listening to the music coming from the stage. As you’ll see in the picture on the right, my good mate Mike was heavily influenced by one of the stars on the lineup, Mr Jack Parow. I was so bleak I missed him. He was on stage early in the day because he had another gig. Oh the life of a rockstar. There were a couple of Jack Parow inspired outfits come to think of it… “Cooler as ekke”

There were also a lot of people who felt the need to show off their toned, (orange) tanned physiques they’ve probably all been working on during the colder months. Granted it was cooking, but some people went a bit overboard, wearing bikinis and board shorts. If this was H20 cool, but there wasn’t a lot of water around so it was a bit random… in my opinion that is. Some also obviously thought that Joburg Day was a good opportunity to show off their beerboeps too. Special I tell ya.

Backstage, I had chat with comedian Chris Forrest. He’s one lekker oke hey. Really dig him. He was convinced that my friend (really my friend) Laura and I were together, madly in love and all of that. I think eventually he believed us… eventually. Hahaha

In terms of the music, Andrew and Brian Chaplin aka Locnville were good as always. Their ‘villens’ were loving them too much hey. La Vuvuzela was a bit random I thought. People still seem to love Danny K and Arno Carstens. During Danny’s set, a guy hopped up on stage and decided to use it as his venue of choice to propose to his GF. Bless. it was sweet- in a vom vom kind of way 🙂 I thought the Parlotones were fantastic. They’re just about to embark on a world tour, alongside British lads Ash so good luck to them. So awesome to see them getting the recognition they deserve. Another band I think deserves props is Liquideep. They had a couple of issues with their sound and the output of it. It just didn’t seem to be working out for them, but vocalist Ziyon handled it well. His voice is incredible too. I’m a huge John Legend fan and I think he has a similar tone and vibe to JL. Combine that with house music beats and you’ve got a wicked combination. Seriously, go check out their album if you like this sort of music. It’s called ‘Fabrics of the Heart’. In addition to Fairytale, you’ll hear great songs like ‘Alone,’ BBM and ‘Something About You’. I love it.

Loyiso never fails to disappoint either. He did a little number with award-winning teen, Axene. Watch out for her, she’s got a good thing going and she’s working it well! HHP called on the legend that is PJ Powers onto stage to perform a remake of her hit Jabulani. I didn’t manage to see Freshlyground or Prime Circle, but from what I hear people loved it. So all in all the weather was super, the music lineup was great. The crowd was entertaining. Well done to Highveld on yet another successful Joburg Day. Countdown to 2011 has already begun, whoop whoop!

Author: Jason Von Berg

Digital content marketer. Mobile App Editor. Entertainment, travel and New York City lover. #Triathlete, #Ironman, health and wellness advocate, @Futurelifeza ambassador

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