Gareth Cliff’s arrest… sit down haters

So Idols judge and 5FM DJ Gareth Cliff was arrested last night. Twitter was abuzz following the news that the controversial but awesome star was arrested for speeding. He was caught doing 182km/h in a 120km zone.  That is one helluva speed granted and if anyone, anything was in his way, he/she/they/it would’ve come short, no doubt. He was taken into police custody, but contrary to several reports, he was released. He slept at home and didn’t have to worry about “papa wagging vir hom”.

Now obviously Gareth is a celebrity in this country, who has a massive following. He has people looking up to him and he needs to set an example. Granted – and fair enough. I don’t condone what Gareth did. Speed kills and with the road death figures being as high as they are, this isn’t a great example to set. Having said that, Gareth is by no means a stupid man. He’s very smart and he knows he did something wrong. He will, in my mind, take responsibility for his actions and then we can move on… well so many would think.

There is a small bunch of people who are sitting on their sanctimonious high horses judging him. If you ask me, they need to back off, shut up and sit down. Irrespective of whether you like Cliff or not, be objective in this situation. If you can honestly tell me you have never been caught speeding then fair enough, but I fail to believe that the majority of people reading this have never received a fine in the post. This has become a case of “aagh well I hate him, so this just gives me a reason to judge him and make others realise what an arsehole he is”. Bottom line is, he was wrong, he knows that. You don’t know him, so shut up and live your life, and not vicariously through his.


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