Naturally 7 to open for Michael Bublé

The big stars keep coming. We’ve already had the pleasure of seeing Sting and The Eagles live in South Africa this year. Now we’re working our way towards one of the biggest and most successful touring artists in the business, that being Michael Bublé. The star is heading out to South Africa once again for a series of concerts in Cape Town and Sun City.

Yesterday it was announced that American group, Naturally 7 will be touring with Buble. They will be the opening act for the “Crazy Love” singer when he kicks off the tour at the beginning of May in the Mother City. If you’re not familiar with Naturally 7 here is a short description:

Naturally 7 incorporates a range of styles from R&B to pop, gospel and jazz, and they are known for their distinct a cappella style they call “Vocal Play”. With the unique ability to blend their rich harmonies and replicate the sound of instruments, Naturally 7 have gone from quiet success in Europe to the world stage. The groundbreaking “Ready II Fly” CD, featuring the now famous Paris subway YouTube hit, “Feel It (In the Air Tonight)”, led to the much coveted opening slot for Michael Bublé for the past 3 years and their most recent CD/DVD-release ‘VocalPlay’ also includes a duet with Buble.

To find out more about them visit their website on

So who’s going to see Michael Bublé? I’m hoping to be at the first Sun City gig. Let’s see how it goes 😉 Tour dates are as follows:

Cape Town

1,2 and 3 May 2012

Grand Arena, Grandwest Casino and Entertainment World.

Sun City

5 and 6 May 2012

Sun City Superbowl



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