Dickies #847Strong – My week

You’ll remember earlier in the week I told you about the Dickies #847Strong campaign that I’m involved in. The peops at Dickies are looking to honour the guys with this campaign. All you need to do is share you ‘tough’ story i.e. what makes your job tough, but rewarding at the same time? What are the challenges you face and how to do overcome them or persist? All you need to do is upload your picture and story to the Dickies site. Visit the site:



Here’s what went down in my week. My day job is very demanding. There is a project that I’m working on, which requires a lot of time, energy and thought. A lot of what I’m doing is new territory for me and so while it might be challenging and I’ve had a tension headache for most of the week, the knowledge I’m acquiring can only further me. Whether it’ll lead me to my desired destination is the big question, but whatever skills attained now, can only help later on.

Now usually I have weeks where I’ll go to work at 7, leave at 4. Hit the gym, head home, shower, eat and head off to an event, a gig or I’ll be at home working on some other projects. This last week wasn’t as crazy as it usually is, but it’s still hectic nonetheless. So Monday is meeting day, Tuesday is just a bleh day usually but my week was particularly challenging from Wednesday. I woke up early to get to the gym on Wednesday morning. I used to be someone who could get up early and hit the gym, but as time goes by and the job and its growing responsibilities increase, sleep becomes a treasured luxury, so early gym sessions don’t happen as often anymore. Plus I get to work early so as to avoid traffic, but this morning was different. I had my work cut out for me, so I decided to get in an early gym session. What a great way to start the day I tell you. After a quick shower, breakfast and squizz on the social networks to see if I’d missed anything major (news wise), I put on my Dickies pants, a jersey and off I went to work. Let the games begin.

SIDE NOTE, I’ll be honest I’m not so much a pants person as opposed to jeans, but these really are comfy and with the day I had ahead of me, comfort was necessary.

After doing my daily chores for work, the ‘secret’ project worked commenced. Wire framing, analyzing other sites and models requires a lot of thinking, so come lunchtime I was a bit buggered already. I had some personal matters I needed to attend to. Like a good old visit to the traffic department to renew my driver’s license. The officials working there are so friendly I could die. I’ve never met individuals so ‘happy’ to work where they do, but thank goodness for comfort because this visit only occurs every five years, so I thought to myself JBS (Just Be Strong) and tough and get through it. That I did and then sadly I had a memorial to attend. My dear friends sadly lost their little boy and so this long day got even longer and emotions where heightened at the end of the afternoon, not to mention the weather had taken a turn for the worst too.

Once I’d digested all of the day’s offerings I got down to some of my responsibilities. I do video editing for the iSchoolAfrica Project. This project is great because the youth create video stories using Mac products. Their stories are centered on themes like Women’s Day, Heritage Day, World Aids Day or Freedom Day among others. To see their visions come to life, their creative spirits being ignited and to see them loving what they do is so wonderful to see.  It puts things into perspective for you and I’m so grateful for that. While I’d had a long and quite emotional day, plus the fact that I had to continue my work into the evening, it’s working on projects like this that make things all the more worthwhile for me. Smile on face, perspective in head… A good way to end off this day I tell you.

While Thursday was equally as crazy, I was particularly looking forward to Friday. In between all the work commitments once again and a lot more thinking (even on a Friday), I had something else to look forward to – and this is particularly tough for me 😉 I headed off to the Yamaha Centre in Woodmead, Johannesburg on Friday evening for a concert with the oh so fantastic Lira. She was involved in this year’s National Start Something Day, in which people from all walks of life are encouraged to start something. So some were starting bakeries to feed their communities others starting to save money for Labola. Lira wasn’t really starting anything. Rather she’s just continuing along the path of greatness she started a few years back. She shared her tough times, her challenges but what would this all be now had she not experienced the hard bit in the beginning. It got me thinking that I’m a creative, I love producing online videos and stories for people like you reading this now. I love working with the iSchoolAfrica team and I’m passionate about the broadcast and entertainment industries. I’m also very focused on achieving and reaching my goals I’ve set for myself. Recently I’ve become more restless. I’m not quite where I want to be at this stage, but I know what I want. So in short it’s time to start something for me, by me. While it will be tough, greatness is only achieved through hard work and that is something I’m not afraid of. This industry needs me and I’m ready to give it what it wants J Imma be #847Strong.

Who’s with me? Share your story with me and the Dickies crew and you could win yourself a personalized pair of their new 847s. They’re comfy and just what you need guys. So be sure to enter yeah:



Author: Jason Von Berg

Digital content marketer. Mobile App Editor. Entertainment, travel and New York City lover. #Triathlete, #Ironman, health and wellness advocate, @Futurelifeza ambassador

3 thoughts on “Dickies #847Strong – My week”

  1. How so Victor? What makes you strong and what at school level and beyond have you done to earn she title of tough guy? 😉

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