We Run Jozi – Pics and thoughts


Today, the second #WeRunJozi presented by Nike event took place. In March, thousands of runners ran through downtown Jo’burg in the evening. Today, some 20, 000 runners hit the streets of Sandton at 9am. We winded through Sandton, through Alexandra and back up to Innisfree Park. I’ll admit I took a bit of strain. It was super hot out and hills generally don’t sit well with me, but I finished. My time was just over 52minutes, which isn’t too bad, but had I not walked, I probably could’ve done a little better.

The event in general was incredible. Barring the heatwave, everything else was accounted for. There were plenty of water stops along the route. The residents of Alex and Sandton were out and about on the streets cheering and encouraging us runners on. There was loads of entertainment at the finish with performances from Mi Casa, Slikour and others and as for the camaraderie? Well, it was fantastic. Towards the end I met a random dude, who could see I was picking up my pace. He suggested we sprint the last bit, which is exactly what we did. When he got tired, I pulled him through and Vice Versa. Sports, any kind, really does bring us together and it’s so awesome.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Sunday morning and while the legs will probably be a little sore tomorrow, we’re on to next one. Two triathlons, another 10km run and a 40km cycle…. Witness the fitness I say 🙂

Author: Jason Von Berg

Digital content marketer. Mobile App Editor. Entertainment, travel and New York City lover. #Triathlete, #Ironman, health and wellness advocate, @Futurelifeza ambassador

5 thoughts on “We Run Jozi – Pics and thoughts”

  1. Hey J 😉 I’m guessing you were relatively close to the front at the start!? Personally I would have preferred an earlier start. I know it’s selfish but it was so hot, and seriously, Nike can bring on Johnny Walker as a partner #WalkJozi. Perhaps they should have a 5km for the folks that want to walk. Apart from that, the water points, opportunity to run through Alex & all round fantastic post-event went a long way to keeping RunJozi at the top of YeGoli’s must-do race dates.

    1. Thanks for the comment Justin… I’ve heard a couple of people complaining about the walking. This seems like it will be an ongoing event, so I’m happy to pass on your feedback to the team. I must agree with you about the heat though. As you know the weather is generally so unpredictable, but an earlier start at this time of the year would’ve been better. I’ll definitely note this and the walking bit too 😉

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