Win 1 of 2 double tickets to the #5GumExperience ft The Kooks


Forget Bieber, Bon Jovi, Metallica and Rihanna folks because The Kooks are heading into town this weekend. The Brits are rolling in to be apart of the 5 Gum Experience. Tickets to this gig have got to be some of the most requested and yet rare things out there. The demand has been outstanding. A lot of you will know if you’ll be going through to the gig at a secret venue in Jozi and in Cape Town, but some of you might not have been successful in your attempts to win tickets. Cue the *sad faces* for many.

Well I’m here to help… I wish I could make all of your Mondays, but as I said these tickets are hard to come by. What I can do is give you the opportunity to win tickets to the gig in Jozi. Sounds easy enough right? Not so much… If you want to win you have to you have to:

– Be a fan of the band

– Someone who is desperate to see them.

– Someone who logged on to get your tickets to the gig as soon as the news was announced.

– Someone who really wants to be at the 5GumExperience.

I’m looking for creative ways to prove that you are one of two people deserving of a double ticket. You can:

– Sing one of their songs

– Record a message, (a video, voice note) and post it here or on YouTube and send me the link.

– Take a photo with your favourite 5 Gum flavours

– Post a FANtastic question to the band using the hashtag #5GumExperience


If you’re up for the challenge drop me a comment in the section below or use the hashtag #5GumExperience in your tweets/ responses to me. I’d love to give you one of two double tickets to the gig and it would be rad to party with you.


This is only open to Jozi residents

The ticket is for you and a partner to the 5Gum Experience concert, venue to be announced soon.

The decisions are final. The successful winners will be notified by Thursday 18 April.

Be creative. We’re looking for real fans here. Retweets are great, but not entries.

Author: Jason Von Berg

Digital content marketer. Mobile App Editor. Entertainment, travel and New York City lover. #Triathlete, #Ironman, health and wellness advocate, @Futurelifeza ambassador

10 thoughts on “Win 1 of 2 double tickets to the #5GumExperience ft The Kooks”

  1. #5gumExperience SHINE SHINE ON (ME!!) pick me ! i LOVE IT ALL , LOVE IT ALL all of their songs, OOOLAAA if you pick me i’LL be so happy, YOU’LL BE SUCH A GOOD THING TO ME!! IF ONLY, oh i wasnt so lonely , I’d have someone to play with at the kooks concert!! PLEASE PICK ME , I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BAND

  2. I am a HUGE Kooks fan! I always said my ultimate three concers would be the three Ks. the Kooks, the Killers and Kings of Leon. 2 down and one to go, pretty please! plus I am leaving the country on the 22nd of April, so what a rad rad way to bid my lovely home farewell!!!

      1. PLEASE give the tickets to Ella!!!! She’s just wants to go to the seaside one more time in Jozi before she flies off to distant shores 🙂

  3. Silly me didnt enter the 5gum competition due to a stupid smartphone and my work blocking EVERY SITE IN THE WHOLE WORLD! I’m sooooo so keen to see The Kooks live. I love them. A LOT!!!! If nudity was fine with everyone, I would of posted a pic of me topless, using my boobs as the 2 o’s in The Kooks (no idea why this was the first idea that popped into my head) BUT cant so will have to think of something else…. I just need to go so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ideas?

  4. I am willing to come to the concert bare-ass naked as long as I get the experience! Only found out about the concert today! Gonna share 5gum on Facebook…what else can I do for tickets?

  5. Please can I win tickets to the Kooks please these guys evoke goosebumps and make my spirit come alive God to dance with a crowd that’s just as passionate about the Kooks as I am would be amazing!! I would do anything literally ANYTHING to see the KOOKS. My last 5gum experience was unforgettable and to be in the presence of such sheer brilliance would literally make me jizz my pants and cry and and and it would make my heart smile!! #5GumExperience

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