Unathi on the cover of TRUE LOVE


One of my favourite people in the industry is the lovely Unathi Msengana. She makes up one third of Metro FM’s breakfast show, as well as the Idols judging panel. She’s a singer, a mother, a wife and what a lot of people wont know is that she’s heavily involved in the behind the scenes of a massive TV show too. Multitalented much?

She’s been a friend, an inspiration, a mentor to me throughout the years and I’m grateful/ honoured to know her.

Unathi covers the June issue of TRUE LOVE magazine and might I say they did a fantastic job with this one. Looking gorgeous Mrs Msengana! There has been a little bit of drama around Unathi’s apparent “tendency of making listeners look small” (read the open letter here) this week. My view on this? All morning DJs have personalities; all DJs have their fans and their haters. Nobody can go through life having everyone agree with their views, their gestures, their mannerisms and their actions. It’s not humanely possible.

I listen to a lot of the morning breakfast DJs everyday on my way to work. Let me use Gareth Cliff as another example. He cuts people off all the time. He is known to be rude too. He’s also extremely intelligent, opinionated and entertaining. Fans will listen constantly, but so will the haters. The reason? They want to hear what he or she says so that they can nail them. Snore fest really. Bottom line, if you don’t like him/ her or any of the other DJs in the morning, best you go and buy yourself a CD and listen to that on your way to work. If I know Unathi though, she will respond and engage with this listener, so watch out for that.

The open letter will get spark a conversation. It will drive engagement and a debate. It will get the show more listeners and it’ll probably get Unathi a lot more followers on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Plus TRUE LOVE will probably shift a few more copies too. So who wins at the end of the day?

Author: Jason Von Berg

Digital content marketer. Mobile App Editor. Entertainment, travel and New York City lover. #Triathlete, #Ironman, health and wellness advocate, @Futurelifeza ambassador

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