MasterChef SA is cooking

Firstly, I must just say I’m not a foodie. Yeah I eat and I enjoy it, especially in social settings, but I couldn’t be assed to cook. I love watching shows like Come Dine with Me, but that’s more for the personalities rather than the food. I’ve never really gotten into shows like MasterChef (SA, UK or Australia). With that in mind, I’m really enjoying season two of the South Africa edition. It’s shot beautifully and there are people in the competition who (yes it is intended) are hungry to win it. We’re four episodes in and last night we were introduced to the top 16, who will all be heading down to the Nederburg Estate to compete in the MasterChef SA kitchen. Their names and Twitter details are below:

Amanda (30) a recruitment consultant from Johannesburg #MCSA_Amanda
Herman (34) an electrician from Witbank #MCSA_Herman
Jason (22) a graduate from Cape Town #MCSA_Jason
Joani (46) an ex-fashion designer from Durban #MCSA_Joani
Kamini (30) a food blogger and DJ from Cape Town #MCSA_Kamini
Karen (35) a stay-at-home mom from Howick #MCSA_Karen
Khumo (19) a student from Pretoria #MCSA_Khumo
Leandri (23) a scientist from Mahikeng #MCSA_Leandri
Mary (30) a professional dancer from Johannesburg #MCSA_Mary
Neil (40) a communications consultant from Johannesburg #MCSA_Neil
Ozzy (22) a student from Johannesburg #MCSA_Ozzy
Sanet (47) an ex-financial Manager from Boksburg #MCSA_Sanet
Seline (25) a civil engineer from Mahikeng #MCSA_Seline
Shannon (28) a graphic artist from Cape Town #MCSA_Shannon
Tiron (32) a video store clerk from Johannesburg #MCSA_Tiron, and
Tumi (34) a financial analyst from Johannesburg #MCSA_Tumi

Now last night I got to go through to an exclusive MasterChef dinner with a handful of celebrities, bloggers and of course Chef Benny. The tables were turned on the judge, who was now expected to cook for his guests. The guests seemed to be impressed with the charming Benny’s offering. It all worked wonderfully. The setting was great, food and wine paired perfectly and all the guests got to watch the new episode of the show, all why enjoying a good evening with great company. Check out a few pics below.

Author: Jason Von Berg

Digital content marketer. Mobile App Editor. Entertainment, travel and New York City lover. #Triathlete, #Ironman, health and wellness advocate, @Futurelifeza ambassador

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