Idols SA Top 16 revealed

Can you believe it? We’re down to the top 16 already in this season of #IdolsSA. Did you watch the show? huh? Alas, these are the top 16 contestants… and one of them will be your new Idol. Who will it be? Have you got any favourites yet?

AMY JONES (20) from Paarl in the Western Cape

BENJAMIN TAINTON (19) from Noordhoek in Cape Town

BRENDEN LEDWABA (19) from Graskop in Mpumalanga

BUNNY MAJAJA (26) from Florida Glen in Johannesburg

CARLÉ VAN DEVENTER (30) from Centurion in Gauteng

CHRISTINA WILLIAMS (21) from Port Elizabeth

CRYSTALENE NAIR (24) from Newlands West in Durban

INNOCENT MABUSHE (27) from Phalaborwa in Limpopo province

JONO JOHANSEN (16) from Glenwood in Durban

LEE-RON MALGAS (18) from Kensington in Cape Town

MUSA SUKWENE (26) from eMalahleni in Mpumalanga

PHILIP DUBE (20) from Kempton Park in Gauteng

SONKE MAZIBUKO (21) from Soweto

TAUNA COLLIER (26) from Morningstar in Cape Town

TUMI LESENJANE (21) from Midrand

ZOË ZANA (19) from Bishop Lavis in Cape Town
Next week the top 8 guys will sing for your votes. Lines close on Monday and the results will be announced on Tuesday evening. Then the following week, the girls will take to the stage in Pretoria, all in the hopes of getting one step closer to one of the most coveted titles on South African TV.

Author: Jason Von Berg

Digital content marketer. Mobile App Editor. Entertainment, travel and New York City lover. #Triathlete, #Ironman, health and wellness advocate, @Futurelifeza ambassador

65 thoughts on “Idols SA Top 16 revealed”

    1. I guess Idols was afraid the KZN was going to win again. That’s why the twins are out. And don’t speak about them being to young cause the other white boy is 16 years old and he’s gone through. This whole idol show is a lie. And the poor excuse given to the twins for not going through. I think its time to call them back and let the public decide by voting if their ready or not.

  1. they took them out knowing that they can grow and become much more better. The twins will be signed soon by produces this is not the last of them.

  2. I don’t think it is a bad thing that the twins are out, they need time to grow. They will be more matured when they come back next year.

  3. Tauna was almost out on first round in Sun City thanks to Unathi who saved her! Twins are definitely Batter than Her!! I’m not goner vote this year.. You guys could at least save 1..

  4. It is sad that twins are out, I do understand that the other twin suffered because of the other,but judges everyone of them is an individual and their future will never rely on another.i m also not sure if I want to vote .if this message will reach the girls,let them know that God never closes all doors.they will come back next year and they will be in the top 5

  5. I still can’t understand why the twins were excluded… I mean they were thee best singers and i seriously doubt that they were no ready, they were more than ready and THE BEST this season! This is soooooo wrong!

  6. Pls help a girl out…INNOCENT MABUSHE (27) from Phalaborwa in Limpopo province sang this song during his solo perfomance ..I dig it
    bt I do nt knw the name n the singer…I tried googling the bit of lyrics I recalled bt stil no luck..pls help …its something like *star dest galaxy reach out 2 eternity or sumthang like dat!!*

  7. I don’t care! We want the twins back or else we boycott Idols and don’t vote! Are our judges too blind not to recognise the talent! About emotional readyness what are psychologist for and the white guy is 16 and went through…hay hay this is no love matching for Randol and Unathi we want to see some talent.

  8. I loved the twins voices. I am sure they will be back. They do lack a bit in maturity. Lots of talent in the top 16.

  9. I really can’t believe they r out ,I think we Durbannites must vote for the twins to go back ,they r ppl who r not singing better than twins but they r still there ,is it becoz of their background let’s fight for them ppl

  10. i was so convinced that there will be a twist to idols with the twins. They stole my heart from the get go. im so sad I don’t even want to wath idols anyore

  11. Nxa ay ds z bullshit M 100% sure dat the Twins sings better than TAUNA. Randal,unathi n gareth thinks the twins are young. What about the 16 year white boy who z in the top 16, Isn’t he young? This year’s judgement by the idols judges z very poor.

  12. Im so sad,,,wat really happened to the twins????????? I would be so happy they were offered a deal. I also know that Randel had something to do with it. IM NOT HAPPY AT ALL.

  13. i was realy lookig forward to seeig the twins in the top 16, they deserve to twin….kinda think they should be invited back

  14. NOOOOO….bring back twins… they were better than half of the people in the top 16… and why both of them…. so unfair

  15. we must boycott idols dis season…bull shit! and i knw Randal has a hand on twin sisterz elimination…last season they said rethabile is young and dis year amazingly the 16 yr old white boy is on top 16..Bring Back the twins!!! ur judgement soo pooor!

  16. Wow almost got a shock of my life about d twins, dey were so GREAT!!! And I guess Msizi also deserved 2 b der instead of Tauna!!

  17. There was no need for that blonde headed fool to degrade someone . You got to go back to mummy to teach you manners. You are ugly in and out

  18. What kind of readiness the judges were talking about? IdolSA must take an undertaking which will stipulate the age limit rather than accepting people of whom they will later reject on the basis of age. They can’t just say one is good but not ready.

  19. Plse let us just enjoy the Idols, we r upsetting the contestants as well. I am also very very disappointed, and it came as a shock , but at brenden is their, musi, i like them a lot. The twins WILL come back with a bash..I now.

  20. yoh INNOCENT MABUSHE 27 is doing it for me and SONKE MAZIBUKO yoh this are my idols i jst love them they really doing it for me

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