Goldfish – Three Second Memory review


Goldfish return with their brand new album, Three Second Memory and if we use the metaphor of the forgetful creature that is their namesake, it’s as if they’ve forgotten how successful and good they were in the past and made sure that they’re back even bigger and better this time around.


The 14-track album features  vocal contributions Emily Bruce, Sakhile Moleshe and Monique Hellenberg, among others. If you listen to the radio, you would’ve heard songs like One Million Views, Washing Over Me, Take Back Tomorrow and the latest offering, Three Second Memory which features excerpts from the classic track, Woman of the Ghetto by Marlena Shaw.

The rest of the album is just as good. There’s a bit of a ‘loungey’ feel to some of the tracks, which I love. Listen out to songs like Giant Leap, Trees And Jets and Choose Your Own Adventure. It’s with songs like these that I’m taken back to Ibiza, chilling in some beach bar overlooking the ocean as the sun dips beneath the sea. Dave and Dom once again enjoyed a residency in the party capital of the world and one can only assume that experiences like that have play a part and influenced their sound with this new offering.

Three Second Memory track listing:

1. Three Second Memory

2. Followers of the Beat

3. One Million Views (feat. John Mani)

4. Choose Your Own Adventure (feat. Emily Bruce)

5. He’s Crazy (feat. Emily Bruce)

6. Away Game

7. Giant Leap (feat. Monique Hellenberg)

8. Moonwalk Away

9. Trees and Jets (feat. Monique Hellenberg)

10. Drive Them Back to Darkness

11. Take Back Tomorrow

12. Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) (feat. Rahsaan & Gerard Presencer)

13. Washing Over Me (feat. Morning Parade)

14. Woman’s A Devil

It might be called Three Second Memory, but it is most certainly not going to be an album you forget very easily. It’s the beginning of the month, money is still there so go and grab yourself a copy… You wont be disappointed.

Watch this:

Author: Jason Von Berg

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