Double the drama in Survivor South Africa Champions

Survivor SA Champions episode 5 - Zan voted out, 04The drama is heating up in Survivor South Africa Champions, and so is the conniving and the backstabbing. In last night’s episode not one, but two castaways were sent packing after tribal council. It all started when the Utara and Selatan tribes received their tree mail stating that there would be no challenge in this episode, but rather both tribes would go to tribal council and one from each would be going home. Port Elizabeth’s Zan read the news out to his tribe and shortly after that dropped the bombshell that he no longer wanted to be in the game and that they should vote him out as a result. He cited missing his family and friends and his girlfriend in particular for wanting to leave.

Let’s talk about this development for a second, before we move on shall we. Zan was one of the fittest, strongest contestants in the game. He was also one of the most talked about, and not in a good way. For one, last week he dropped what many considered to be racially intolerant comments towards Killarney. He also didn’t want to participate in the fishing antiques because of some beliefs, which I still don’t get. He wouldn’t share his hammock with his fellow castaways and in my opinion, his lip was often hanging on the ground. Last night he told his fellow Survivor castaways that he was hungry and the physical strain was impacting on him mentally too. I get that and it’s unfortunate, but to also say that you never came into the game to win the R1million prize is pretty silly if you ask me. Why subject yourself to no food, little sleep, conniving and backstabbing individuals who you don’t know if you didn’t want to win the grand prize?

Gosh, I could think of better things to do if I was trying to test myself. Marian is one of the castaways who is playing the game very well, but she must be careful because it could come back to bite her in the ass later… Her hiding Zan’s favourite shorts on the island was smart and it ticked him off to no end. It also made him react in a childish manner by taking the flint, which is used to start fires. He revealed this at tribal council and then decided (in a ‘noble’ manner) to give it to Buhle, who was targeted by several contestants to be voted out. In short, Zan got his wish and was voted out, but man oh man was this a very heated topic on social media. He lost a lot of cred with that decision.

Survivor SA Champions episode 5 - 09Hop across the island and you’ve got the ‘funny’ drama unfolding with David and Shona. Once the tribal council news was announced, Shona quickly jumped at the opportunity to get David out. She told them how he had the hidden immunity. While that all worked out initially and everyone was on board to vote David, her plan quickly backfired. Once it was decided that he was going, Shona took the opportunity to get the Idol and hide it somewhere. David caught wind of this and as soon as he realised it was gone, he marched back to the tribe and confronted Shona in front of the rest of the tribe…. AWKWARD! She scrambled, fumbled and ummed and aahed, but the damage was done. Shona was voted out and as she made her way towards Nico, with tears in her eyes, she said it wasn’t personal. Shem!

I’ll be interviewing both Zan and Shona a little later. If you have any questions, drop me a comment below or a tweet @JasonVonBerg.

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