Gareth Cliff leaves 5FM

It’s that time of the year. The end of March is here and with that looms a new era in ‘radio land’. There are a lot of changes made to line ups and with that comes a lot of unease for both DJs and listeners alike. Especially when some of radio personalities leave the stations – willingly or not. Up to today it has been a little quiet, but here’s the big announcement so far: After 10 years at national station, 5FM, mornings host Gareth Cliff is leaving. WHAT????? Official press release below:

5FM is sad to announce that, after ten years on air, Gareth Cliff will be leaving the station at the end of March 2014.  Gareth Cliff and 5FM are parting ways after an exceptional journey as Gareth will be pursuing further opportunities in his personal capacity. Explains 5FM’s programming manager Tim Zunckel; “5FM is enormously appreciative of Gareth’s incredible work ethic, his dedication to his listeners and support of the 5FM brand. The station thanks Gareth for his exceptional ten years of on-air presence as well as being an ambassador for the station, we wish him the very best in future.”

Gareth Cliff commented, “I’ve had an amazing decade at 5FM together with my “one-of-kind”  team  and I have loved every minute. The journey has been an unforgettable one but I’m excited about the future”. 

Adds 5FM’s Zunckel, “It has been a pleasure working with Gareth. He has been a huge asset to the 5FM team and we will miss him as an on-air personality and part of the brand. We’re excited about the new line-up and will be announcing as to what listeners can expect in the near future”

WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK? Is this some early April Fools’ Day joke? Apparently Cliff and the rest of the 5FM Mornings team bow out today… I don’t buy it. Sorry. Something’s not right here. Yes change is a given, but when there’s no warning or a build up to such news, one has to ask questions. It’s just so sudden and with very little warning. Who replaces someone with such a big personality? How will the marketing department drive the station’s new sound without someone who has been so successful in not just bringing in numbers, but changing the way morning radio has been done and has surely brought in a lot of revenue to the station too?

Does the Fresh Drive take over the morning schedule? Is Anele heading back to 5FM? Is Bonang Matheba becoming the first female radio personality to do a solo morning show? Just some questions floating around at the moment. Your thoughts? Speak to me.

Author: Jason Von Berg

Digital content marketer. Mobile App Editor. Entertainment, travel and New York City lover. #Triathlete, #Ironman, health and wellness advocate, @Futurelifeza ambassador

6 thoughts on “Gareth Cliff leaves 5FM”

  1. I agree that it is all sudden that Gareth is leaving 5fm,the Fresh Drive team will do breakfast show with aplomb because there’s a good chemistry between Fresh & his team,lest we forget Fresh did one the most successful breakfast shows while he was Yfm and he has been winning MTN Radio Awards best drive time show for the past three years.

  2. Wow, I also couldn’t believe it when I heard. I’d love to see Bonang joining the station thought. She’s been saying how she’d love to be on National radio. I am rather excited and disappointed at the same time.

  3. Whatever the actual fuk is, my heart is sore. Why doesn’t he just ask for more money n stay his ass whr he belongs, with me every morning. I’m just hoping its a prank, wat personal capacity cud he possibly be pursuit’n, he loves radio, how else is he gng to insult ppl n be applauded for it. Who ever comes in has big shoes to fill, and even thou I love fresh, nicole, dodgy uncle rogy, gad damm, thy cnt function at those tyms. It will never be the same.

  4. I personally think it’s time for a change, but would’ve preferred if it were the Fresh drive that were shaken-up Fresh is getting so dry – every day his show revolves around asking a question and getting people to phone in – maybe a little more effort in preparing something interesting will go a long way.

    Gareth is well liked, and intelligent, but too negative and dismissive – I think Rob Forbes should take over the morning show – cool guy.

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