DJ Warras joins 5FM

The radio shake up continues. We’ve heard of Gareth Cliff leaving national station 5FM and Alex Jay being shifted to weekends on 94.7. Plus, DJ Warras left YFM… It’s all going down. So you want to know where DJ Warras is going? Well ladies and gents, he’s joining 5FM. He, together with Tumi Voster will be taking over the 19:00- 22:00 slot on the staion, Mondays to Fridays.

Apparently Thando Thabethe will also be joining the station as a contributor to a week day show. She’ll also be hosting her own weekend show…. They “don’t want to give anything away” though, which to me means they’re still trying to figure it out 😉

Tim Zunckel, Programme Manager comments; “We are very excited, the 5FM brand always attracts top personalities who want to work on the biggest youth platform in the country. This is a perfect time for Warras to join and this will have the ability to take his career to the next level. Both Tumi and Thando are great additions to the new line-up and we looking forward to them developing on our platform.”

5FM is launching; #555 soon and when it does, we’ll know the full line up. So let the speculating begin:

– Fresh on Breakfast. He’s the only personality who is big enough to take over from Gareth in that slot. That would be awesome.

– Nicole and Angela either on mid morning or lunch, with Vember taking the other show

– Forbes on Drive. If that doesn’t happen, perhaps the rumours of Roger taking over from Fresh on Drive are true. I personally don’t think that’s a good fit, but 5’s management might think otherwise.

As far as weekends go, Maybe KB is leaving and Thando is taking over that slot? Your thoughts?


Have to share this hilarious tweet I got last night:

5 might need to do some educating, but it wont take long.

Author: Jason Von Berg

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