Next on Survivor South Africa: Champions

The game is heating up and the backstabbing is becoming intense. I’ve enjoyed watching this season of Survivor South Africa. While players like Marian and Shane PISS me off to no end, they’re doing exactly what they have to to win that million Rand prize. David is just annoying and most of the others are okay. I really enjoy Zavian and Graham, but in the last couple of episodes, I feel like Graham is getting too caught up in Shane’s game and that might cost him big time. Let’s see what happens I guess. So what’s happening at 17:30 tonight? Check this little teaser out below:

Up next: A lesson in how to lose friends and influence people

The sneaky castaways in M-Net’s Survivor South Africa: Champions have tasted the thrill of executing well-plotted blindsides – and now they’re unstoppable. They’re amped to make even bolder moves in this week’s episode, but when host Nico Panagio announces at the Immunity Challenge that there will be a twist at Tribal Council, they have to reconsider their next moves. How do you ensure that you are not the one with the knives in your back when the votes are cast? Would it be best to stay loyal to your friends or is it time to cut ties to go further in the game?

The desire to play the game harder than ever before started last week when Shane and Sivu decided to have some fun and Graham realised that his Rugrats mates might see him as a threat. In the meantime, Solly’s departure from the game has  left his alliance members, former fellow Utara members Buhle and Vel, in a vulnerable position. If they want to win Survivor, they will have to make a plan.

As always, the Immunity Challenge, will influence the outcome at Tribal Council. This week’s challenge plays off in different phases and contains a very difficult puzzle, so the game is wide open. Who will outsmart the rest and make themselves safe from the voting mayhem this week?

To mix up matters, Shane has two Hidden Immunity Idols, which can still save him and the people close to him. Will he have to use them or can he use his persuasion skills to save them for another day?

Author: Jason Von Berg

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