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Deep Fried Man

You’re back with your third one-man show… Danger! Gevaar! Ingozi! Is this your way of warning people about how risqué the content is?

The show is actually called Deep Fried Man Kills. In comedy terms ‘to kill’ is to have a great show, one where the audience laughs loudly and often. As opposed to ‘to die’ which is to do really badly. I called it Deep Fried Man Kills as a kind of parody of anti-smoking commercials or warning labels. So the ‘Danger! Gevaar! Ingozi!’ seemed to fit. Some of my content is risqué, though, that should be mentioned.


Tell us about the show then…

It’s an hour and a half of musical comedy, mainly on guitar but also some rapping. Because it’s so close to the elections there will be a lot of political songs. My stuff is often topical so there will be songs about all the usual suspects, such as Oscar, Sanral and Zuma. There are also some songs satirizing being white and Jewish in South Africa and a few about random topics such as sex and gluten. There is also an improvisational element, where I do a song based on audience suggestions.


We’ve been warned that we should attend with empty bladders. Any particular reason for that?

The promo material for the show has a ‘public service warning’ feel to it, and so it says ‘Be warned that this show will leave you in stiches, struggling to breathe or even losing control of your bladder’. All of which hints at the fact that the show will make you laugh a lot. But no-one is going to actually lose control of their bladder. I hope.

Where is this show?

It’s at the Joburg Theatre Fringe, at the Joburg Theatre in Braamfontein.

How do you get the middle class folk to leave the burbs and head into the CBD?

When I did my last show at a theatre in Sandton I noticed a lot of elderly white people coming to my show. I’m not ageist, or racist against my own people, but I’m hoping the change of venue will attract a young, culturally mixed crowd, the kind of crowd that is generally more responsive to what I do…

Deep Fried Man

Are you charging an arm and a leg to get in?

I am charging R150, which I think is the price of a kidney if you know the right people. An arm and a leg cost at least double that.


What will you buy with the big bucks earned from this show?

I will begin construction on the alterations I have planned for my home. Nothing fancy, just a firepool in case of emergencies, and maybe an ampitheatre and a chicken run.


Will you be taking the show to other parts of Mzansi?

I am hoping to take it to Cape Town and Durban later this year, and next year I’d be keen to look at other places too…


You were recently apart of the Comedy Central Roast. As one of the red carpet hosts, people expected you to be live up to Ryan Seacrest’s red carpet reporting style. So did you?

I’m no Ryan Seacrest, that’s for sure. I’m probably the last person you’d expect to host a red carpet which I think, strangely, is the reason that Comedy Central wanted me to host a red carpet.


How was the roast for you?

It was great to meet Jimmy Carr and have Somizi hit on me and have Jack Parow tell me he likes my stuff. I had fun.


Forget Kenny, how was the roast for Khanyi?

I think people didn’t pick on Khanyi much. It was her vagina that got roasted, while the rest of her seemed to remain in tact.


Where are you online?

You can find me on Twitter @DeepFriedMan, on Facebook, on Instagram @DeepFriedMan and on YouTube


Anything else you’d like to add?

Deep Fried Man loves you.

Author: Jason Von Berg

Digital content marketer. Mobile App Editor. Entertainment, travel and New York City lover. #Triathlete, #Ironman, health and wellness advocate, @Futurelifeza ambassador

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