Some wisdom for a Monday – Listen to your body

imageI’m a busy chap… I have a full time job that is very demanding. I have admin tasks that I need to see to and then there’s the creative, field work that I do and love. I travel, I get to see cool things, interview some big names and that’s the part that drives me. I’m a blogger (as you know), I have freelance work that I do. I’m a brand ambassador, a radio contributor (soon to be co-host) and I’m into my fitness and nutrition too. Busy indeed, but I do love it.

Sometimes though, you get to a point where if you don’t slow down, something or someone will force you to. My chance happened last week. Last Sunday I woke up early to run a 10km race. Nothing out of the ordinary, but when I woke up I felt ‘funny’. I didn’t think anything of it. So I did the run, went food shopping for the week, grafted for my course and then headed off to the Survivor finale. At the finale that funny feeling from earlier that morning turned into a bit of a pain in my throat. Alas I gargled salt water and hit bed early. Again nothing new. When I woke up on Monday morning, I felt horrible. That cold, fluey feeling with sore, inflamed tonsils wasn’t ideal because of all my meetings and busy week ahead. I decided to suck it up, go to work and see the doctor when I had a gap. I decided not to go to the previous doctor I’d been to a little under two months ago because I found his bedside manner quite dismissive and surely I couldn’t possibly be ill like this again? So soon… So I went to a doctor one of my colleagues suggested. After waiting for an hour, a five minute consultation and R345 later, I was once again sent on my way with antibiotics. My tonsils were so sore I could barely swallow water, let alone eat anything so I asked Dr. speedy how long it would take to get better. He said two days. He’s the expert right? Wrong…

I woke up on Tuesday feeling worse and unable to swallow the massive antibiotics this doctor prescribed. So I decided to go and see my childhood GP on the other side of town because this was out of control. He took one look my tonsils, shook his head and told me I might have a “quinzy”… In other words a seriously rotten pair of tonsils. Cut a long story short, I was told to go to an ENT at Linksfield Hospital, who then admitted me straight away and told me the tonsils were coming out on Thursday. Turns out I didn’t have a quinzy, but rather an abyss in the tonsil – hence the pain. I’m really unimpressed with the doctor I went to on Monday, who clearly took no interest in my well being, or try ingot I actually diagnosis correctly. It did however force me to go back go the doctor who knows me, my pain threshold, my history and for that I am happy. That would be my suggestion to you. Find a doctor who has your best interests at heart and hand, who doesn’t medicate for the sake of medicating and who will be honest enough to tell you what’s what.

And so I had my tonsils out on Thursday afternoon. It went quickly and now I’m into the recovery phase. I’m currently lying on the couch, very lethargic and drowsy. My tonsils no longer exist and I’ve got the pain to prove it, but I’ll be just fine. Another lesson I’ve learned is that I had too much going on and I was listening to my body. Ive had tonsillitis about four or five times over the last six months. I’ve been feeling pretty shit and tired for a while now and that could be because of the rotten tonsils and that fact that they were affecting my well being. That coupled with stress and too much happening all at once doesn’t bode well. I chose to ignore it and now I’m here. If you feel tired, stressed, overworked and annoyed or you feel a bit sick and lower than usual, take a break; a breather. Go to a spa, take a “me-day”, hang with friends or family or read a book. It’s important and you need it. If you’re really feeling shite, go to a doctor you trust, you like and who knows you. It’ll be a good decision. Trust me on this one.

Author: Jason Von Berg

Digital content marketer. Mobile App Editor. Entertainment, travel and New York City lover. #Triathlete, #Ironman, health and wellness advocate, @Futurelifeza ambassador

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