Breaking: Bonang Matheba leaves Metro FM… Oh SABC

Bonang Matheba and Metro FM have officially parted ways. It was short, it trended but now The Front Row is no more… Well on Metro FM that is. The news broke just a few hours after Matheba began her presenting gig on SuperSport, as part of the channel’s World Cup coverage. Here is B*’s official statement:


The SABC and Bonang Matheba have decided to end their relationship after the broadcaster’s refusal to allow Ms Matheba to continue a World Cup Lifestyle show on SuperSport.

The broadcaster claims that NO talent on any SABC platform is allowed to be on any other broadcasters across ANY mediums. Ms Matheba and her management could not agree to these terms as it does not align with Matheba’s future business plans.

“Metro FM is a fine station and it is a pity that my journey with them has been so short. I am an independent freelancer and have been working peacefully with all broadcasters over the years. My future potential cannot be jeopardised by accepting terms that will not grow my career. I could not agree to the SABC’s blanket terms – in restricting me to work with other broadcasters even though my contract with them was on radio. Thank you to the team at Metro FM for a wonderful time thus far. Onward and upward!”

Matheba can be seen every weekend on SuperSport at 13:00 for the duration of the World Cup. She is also on Clash of the Choir every Sunday at 17:30 on Mzansi Magic.


Despite the statement, social networks are abuzz with speculation that she was fired. I doubt that was the case, but rather as Matheba says a difference in opinion and therefore the only possible outcome for both parties was to end their agreement. Maybe Metro FM will have a different take on how this all went down, but for me the SABC is being extremely narrow-minded here. For one there is no consistency in this argument. I wont mention their names in fear of them facing the same outcome, but I know of at least three DJs/ hosts from two radio stations who have TV gigs on the pay TV front. So how is Matheba’s latest gig a problem? Also, she’s been with Top Billing for over a year now and Clash of the Choirs is into its second season. Now all of a sudden the SuperSport gig is an issue? Hmmm. Also, Metro FM is available on the audio bouquet. If it’s such a massive issue for their talent to be on the ‘other side’, why is their audio on the ‘other side’? Bring on your statement SABC/ Metro FM. I’m intrigued.

Matheba is one of the biggest media personalities in this country. I’m very surprised they’re just letting her go. Maybe she can come join myself, Jen Su and Gareth Cliff at CliffCentral. #JustSaying 😉 … I’m going to try get her on my show to discuss this further. Lets see what happens.

Author: Jason Von Berg

Digital content marketer. Mobile App Editor. Entertainment, travel and New York City lover. #Triathlete, #Ironman, health and wellness advocate, @Futurelifeza ambassador

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