KFM’s Ryan O’Connor to host Power Couple SA


M-Net’s new reality show, Power Couple is already in production. The contestants have been selected and from what I’ve heard they’re already in their mansion in Cape Town. The new show is going to be a breath of fresh air when it comes to reality TV and someone who is going to help bring the show to life is KFM radio personality, Ryan O’Connor. The news was made official earlier today – and it was done in a very nontraditional fashion when it comes to casting.

94.7’s Darren ‘Whackhead’ Simpson was asked to play the role of someone from M-Net, who Ryan was seemingly waiting to hear from about the gig. For nine minutes or so Whackhead puts different challenges and scenarios to Ryan, who takes it in his stride…. Until it comes to a bullfrog. Wondering what I’m on about? Have a listen here. 

Shortly after Whackhead made it known that this was all a big prank, M-Net CEO for South Africa, Yolisa Phahle then stepped in to make it official. “You got the gig. We’re absolutely thrilled to welcome you to the M-Net family. We wanted a new face for this big new show and we know that some of the best television presenters come from radio.”

Congrats to Ryan. He is no stranger to our TV screens, but I’m happy that someone different was selected this time. I look forward to seeing more when Power Couple kicks off in August. For more on the show go to www.mnet.tv/powercouplesa

Sidebar, it reminded me of a prank I pulled with Whackhead a few years back. Have a look:




Author: Jason Von Berg

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