One Direction in SA – all you need to know

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One Direction fans across the globe are waking up heartbroken this morning, following yesterday’s breaking news about member Zayn Malik’s decision to leave the band. It’s especially heartbreaking for many young South African fans, who were hoping to see all five members performing in the country this weekend. Alas, it’s not meant to be. The other four will be around to entertain you, but I don’t want you to be disappointed by anything else pertaining to the band. So in light of that, you need to take note of the following concert information:

28th and 29th March 2015 at FNB Stadium, Johannesburg

All you need to know to make sure you get into the stadium as safe and conveniently as possible:


Gates Open: 4pm

Support – Johnny Apple: 7pm

One Direction: 8.30pm

Restricted access No camping will be allowed outside the venue.
No persons will be allowed to queue outside the venue until 10am on the day of the show. If you fail to comply with this requirement and refuse to vacate the area after being instructed to do so by security and/or SAPS, we reserve the right to confiscate your ticket and escort you from the venue. In the case of an unaccompanied minor your parents / guardian will be contacted to collect you from the venue and if they fail todo so within a reasonable time we will contact City social services.

Please note: You risk missing the show without the option of a refund if you chose to ignore this very important safety & security requirement.

Make sure you book your transport ticket before the show day:
Park and Ride: Book at Computicket

Park and Rail – Click link to view schedule:

Parking: Book at Computicket

Drop and Stay/Go: Book at Computicket. This option is for people that won’t be attending the show but wish to drop-off and collect an attendee before or after the concert. This ticket entitles you to stay in this area during the concert; it is a secure area outside the venue but does not entitle you to enter the venue or escort anyone into the venue.

Connection Hub: A hub has been created at the Drop & Stay point to connect lost people and communicate with the Event Organisers.

Disabled Parking: can be collected at the stadium between 9am -4pm before Thursday 26th March 2015 by providing your disabled or doctor’s certificate along with R50. For any queries please contact Simone on 0112475300

Note that security will be ensuring that all disabled parking ticket holders have the relevant paperwork to allow them access to the dedicated parking area.

Venue Map

Click link below to view venue map:

Please print a copy of the map and give it to your children and those attending as it shows entrance points and contact information.

Entrance Points

VERY IMPORTANT: Note your ticket and the gate you need to use to get into the stadium. All field ticket holders both Golden Circle and General Admission area require an armband to access the field. These are collected at the relevant Gate outlined below:

Golden Circle Standing West enter through Gate M

Golden Circle Standing East enter through Gate G

General Admission Standing West enter through Gate M

General Admission Standing East enter through Gate G

Seated tickets enter through Gate C, Gate K and Gate H. (no armband required). Note: all turnstiles can accept all seated tickets, if the turnstiles in front of you are busy, look left and right for alternative access points and please listen to Security. Rights of Admission apply. If you purchased your tickets to the Stadium Management Lounge you must enter through Gate C and proceed to Foyer A via Turnstile 23.
Important Safety Information for Parents and Minors

Age & Height Restrictions All fans attending the concerts that are younger than 14 years of age must be  accompanied by a parent/guardian.No one under 13 years, or anyone that is shorter than 1.2 metres, will be permitted onto the Golden Circle and General Admission field standing areas for safety and security reasons. Please note: Security will strictly monitor this requirement and anyone not meeting these requirements will be relocated to alternative seats in the stands. If you refuse to be relocated we reserve the right to confiscate your event ticket.

Please note: You risk missing the show without the option of a refund if you chose to ignore this very important safety & security requirement.  Please contact Computicket before the day of the show to swap your tickets for seated tickets if you do not meet these minimum requirements. No disabled persons will be allowed on the field for safety and security reasons.

Emergency Contact Details

Children between the ages of 14-18 years of age who are not accompanied by a parent / guardian must have an emergency contact number for their parent / guardian saved under the name ICE on their mobile phones. If you don’t have a mobile phone, or if you are concerned that you will run out of battery on your mobile phone, please write this information on a piece of paper and keep it safely on your person.

Please ensure that you write your name and surname, that of your parent / guardian, and emergency contact details clearly in bold capital letters. Please make sure your mobile phone is fully charged before leaving for the concert. There are no mobile charging stations at the event, and you are advised to close all non-essential applications such as Facebook and Twitter and switch off all non-essential services such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when your mobile phone reaches 20% battery capacity. Lost & Found (missing persons at the concert)

We have set up a Lost and Found hub at the venue, which is located at Foyer Entrance A West at the podium coffee shop. Click to view the map. Please print this map out and educate those attending on how to find this facility in the event that they are separated from their group, parent / guardian.

We have also set up a dedicated call centre number which can be reached on 011 759 7215 should you need to contact the Lost and Found hub. This number can be used for all incidents, queries and emergencies and will be in operation the day of the event as well as after the event. We will be employing dedicated Chaperones that will be stationed throughout the stadium. They will be easily identifiable, and their sole purpose is to ensure your safety and security.

For unaccompanied minors, it is advisable for parents to educate their children about the inherent dangers of attending large- events. Do not talk to strangers, do not accept food or beverages from strangers, and do not get into a vehicle with strangers. Always adhere to the instructions from security. If you are in a situation where you feel unsafe or uncomfortable always put your safety first and approach the nearest security steward or chaperone or call 011 759 7215 for assistance.

The Lost & Found hub inside the venue at Foyer A is only accessible by those with a valid event ticket during the event. We have therefore created the Connection Hub at the Drop & Stay/Go point which is to the South of the Stadium over the train bridge at Gate K on Landbou Road (see map) for anyone outside the venue wishing to connect to someone inside, or if you have already left the venue and cannot connect with someone on the outside of the venue.

After the show all Lost & Found persons from the Lost & Found hub will be chaperoned to the Connection Hub at the Drop & Stay/Go point where they can wait in a secure environment to connect with those responsible for taking them home. Security, chaperones, the event organisers and SAPS will not leave the venue until every person in the precinct has left.

Dos and Don’ts

Don’t forget to bring with you on the day: your tickets, ID (if you have one), a fully charged mobile phone, cash (NO ATMs on site) or a debit/credit card, and appropriate clothes for all weather conditions. Do make sure you stay hydrated and eat properly before and throughout the concert. Always put your safety & security first, even if it means you lose your position in the queue or on the field. Security, Medical- and Disaster Risk staff will be positioned inside and outside the stadium to respond to any emergencies, and reserve the right to extract you from any area for safety & security reasons.

Prohibited items:

Umbrellas, professional cameras or professional recording devices are not permitted. Selfie sticks are allowed but if you use it in a way that poses a danger to yourself or others it will be confiscated.

Food & Beverages:

Food and beverages will be available for sale inside and outside the stadium to purchase. However no food/beverages will be allowed into the venue. Please note no alcohol will be sold at the stadium or will be permitted to be brought into the stadium.

Fan Flags & Posters:

All flags/ posters/ banners must be detached from sticks / poles. All banners and flags will be checked by security for profanity or inappropriate wording/statements. Large flags, banners and other objects that may obstruct the view of others will not be permitted.

Contact Us at the Concert:

Please stay in touch with us on social media on the night for any updates or messages on Twitter: @BigConcerts and Facebook: /bigconcerts or call 011 759  7215 for lost and found.

FNB_Stadium-Map 1D

park and stay

Author: Jason Von Berg

Digital content marketer. Mobile App Editor. Entertainment, travel and New York City lover. #Triathlete, #Ironman, health and wellness advocate, @Futurelifeza ambassador

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