#ShowMax launches – definitely a game changer

Working in the media is intense. Working on the entertainment and lifestyle beat is hectic… Throw digital into the mix and you’ve got one very exciting, chaotic, but always interesting profession. You’ll know I travel a bit, I have my radio show on CliffCentral.com, I have my full time job and then I attend my fair share of events too. In between all of that, I’m also training hard for the upcoming triathlon season. It be crazy. So when a TV series or a must-see movie comes along, I often find myself missing the boat and hype because of my schedule. I’ll kinda pick it up at a later stage, when I can watch the episodes (or in many cases the seasons) back to back.

Last week I received an email invite to an event… You know, the usual. With time being so Aki_Toby_ShowMaxlaunchrare and treasured at the moment, I’ve become a person who chooses his event attendance quite carefully (no opening of an envelope for me thanks), but this one caught my attention. In true PR/ brand style, they revealed enough to entice me but didn’t give anything major away. I had my suspicions, but I thought I’d let the event reveal all the finer details. And that it did. At the Cresta venue, I got to hang out with some old colleagues and friends while we waited for the big announcement. Dressed in their Games of Thrones and Star Wars-inspired outfits, emcees Aki Anastasiou and Toby Shapshak revealed ShowMax; a new video on demand service by Naspers.

Some of the titles you can expect to see when you sign up to ShowMax. They’re not messing around are they now 😉

You’re probably asking what makes this one stand out from some of the other players that are already in the market, or wanting to break in soon? In addition to some of the biggest international series you really want to watch again, this one has some of the finest local content too. Remember Running with the Reps and how that one was a firm favourite on the social networks at the time? Well, now you can relive all that drama and action right from the beginning. For the soapie lovers, who have a guilty pleasure, you might love the idea of watching Egoli once again… I remember how them adults loved the show when it was on back in 19voetsek. Another local show that I really really really enjoyed was The Wild. I don’t think a lot of people got the chance to see it from the beginning, but from a storytelling and production value perspective it was on point. Folks do the right thing. The acting was brilliant too. Sidebar, I always thought the show would’ve done better had it been a seasonal show or one that people could binge watch. So now you can – and you should.

The one show that never, ever gets old for me is Friends. My love for Rachel is stronger than both Ross and Gunther put together, haha. I’m pretty sure I’ve watched all ten seasons multiple times, and I’m still going back for more. It’s a feel good, it’s light, easy to watch and just that awesome. So ShowMax and I will be Friends 😉 And seriously it’s going to cost me R99p/m. That is super affordable. I’m really excited about this service and I’m pretty sure we’re all going to love it, as thousands of additional hours are added in the weeks and months to come. I also can’t wait to see how this helps the local production industry too. Producers, writers, storytellers, best you get thinking!! For now, get watching at www.showmax.com


Author: Jason Von Berg

Digital content marketer. Mobile App Editor. Entertainment, travel and New York City lover. #Triathlete, #Ironman, health and wellness advocate, @Futurelifeza ambassador

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