Meet the coaches for The Voice SA

So The Voice SA is trending on Twitter right now, and it doesn’t seem like everyone is completely sold on the choice of coaches. In a country like ours, where racial representation is always a sensitive topic, the question being raised on social media is why are there three white coaches and only one black coach? It’s a conversation I’m prepared to have, if you are. My personal view is that two of the coaches could’ve been replaced with other names. I think either Loyiso or Zwai Bala would’ve been great. I think Tamara Dey would’ve brought something fun to the show. Who will do you think could’ve been on the panel? And who do you think has what it takes to host the show? I know a name a lot of you are expecting to hear, and SHE has a big announcement happening soon. Could it B her?

UPDATE: Bobby van Jaarsveld, Karen Zoid, Kahn Morbee also join The Voice SA as coaches! Let’s discuss

One of the names of the coaches for the local version of the hit show, The Voice has been announced – and it’s none other than the incredible Lira! She’s the first star taking up a seat on the Big Red Chair. This is fantastic news… Someone with such credibility, talent and soul is perfect for this competition. If you’re one of the hopefuls entering this competition, you definitely will want to pick Lira… I would 😉

Who will the other judges be? Those are due to be announced shortly. Stay tuned for more:

Want to be part of #TeamLira? You need to have:

  • Amazing voice,
  • Be older than 18 and South African
  • Be available to audition on the following dates:

Cape Town – Newlands Stadium on 17 & 18 October;

Durban – Kings Park Rugby Stadium on 25 & 26 October;

Johannesburg – Mark’s Park on 31 October & 01 November.

For more information, go to join The Voice SA conversation on “The Voice SA” Facebook page, and via Twitter on @VoiceSA.



Author: Jason Von Berg

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