Trying new products this new year: Lenovo Yoga 500


A new year brings with it new and exciting opportunities. It also brings with it new gadgets and the desire to learn more. Each year I set myself goals, not resolutions. Those are rubbish, but goals are attainable. Last year I didn’t have a major list, but I was able to achieve all but two of the ones I set out to. So this year, I’ve decided among other things , that learning about and trying new products, gadgets in the market is a much.  For one, it keeps my mind active and learning, and it takes me out of my comfort zone too.

My decision to try new products in the new year and putting that out to the universe clearly worked, because late last year I was given the opportunity to trial the Intel powered device, the Lenovo Yoga 500, a very slick, thin and affordable laptop. The design is arguably the most impressive bit about the machine. That’s not to say that the machine itself isn’t great. The machine has an integrated camera, making it easy for you to Skype with your mates or family in different cities around the globe. The Lenovo Yoga 500 also has a multi-touch screen and touchpad, which will come in handy when you’re looking to use the different modes available. It’s really impressive to see how flexible the design of the Yoga 500 is. There are different modes that offer the consumer different reasons to use it. Most of us are likely to use the

There are different modes that offer the consumer different reasons to use it. Most of us are likely to use the Laptop Mode, you know as a laptop sitting at our desks at work or at varsity doing our work. Other modes include:

Stand Mode – this has very little to no touch. So it’s good for watching movies or browsing your photos from your recent holiday break

Tablet Mode – There’s lots of touching with this mode. With the larger screens, it might become a little too big and ‘heavy’ (heavier when compared to tablets in the market) to use in this mode, but hey, it’s a good option to have.

Tent Mode – so you’re cooking dinner for your in-laws or a hot date and you’re following a recipe while you cook up a storm. This mode is perfect for such an occasion, and because the machine is so slick, that coupled with a yummy recipe will hopefully score you some good points when you’re plating and serving your meal.

While some have said the battery life on the machine isn’t very good, I haven’t experienced that. I was at the coast for a week, and while I didn’t work as often as I would during the year, I only had to charge the machine twice over that period. I’ll put it to the test this year and see how it fairs, but at this stage, there are no complaints in that department ;0

I’m not a tech journalist by any means, so I’m not going to delve into all those aspects of the machine. What I can tell you is how I enjoyed using this Intel device as a normal consumer, which is probably something you can relate to. I did a fair amount of indoor training during the holiday, and I made use of the tablet mode whilst doing so. I watched videos to pass time on the bike, and it was easy to swipe to the next track if the song wasn’t quite in line with the workout. As you know, I do a lot of social media and blogging work too. So I’m more inclined to us the machine in laptop or tablet modes. I was actually that typical Joburger who took it to the beach one day and I used it in tablet mode to make sure all my client’s social media properties were under control and being monitored effectively. I connected via my hotspot on my phone by the way, and that worked just perfectly.

It’s a machine that is not only well prices, but it’s light and serves several purposes in all its various modes. Varsity students or early career professionals will enjoy this one.

Author: Jason Von Berg

Digital content marketer. Mobile App Editor. Entertainment, travel and New York City lover. #Triathlete, #Ironman, health and wellness advocate, @Futurelifeza ambassador

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