Chris Brown back in SA this July

ChrisBrownA couple of years ago I happened to be in Durban, and at the airport when international singer Chris Brown arrived. It was mayhem, people lost their minds when they heard he’d just touched down, so imagine what happened when he casually walked through the airport. The star was extremely friendly, but was ushered rather quickly to his vehicle.

It seems he loved Durban that much because he’s coming back for more this July. He’ll be here for what organisers are calling THE MOTHER OF ALL PARTIES. Mabala Noise Entertainment, together with Back To The Oldskool are bringing Brown down for a gig at the Kings Park Stadium on July 2nd. He’ll be sharing the stage with a whole bunch of other artists, and that line-up will be revealed in the weeks building up to the gig. For now, you can get your tickets from Computicket on the 24th. Ticket prices:

Golden Circle:  R750

General Access: R450

VIP Lounge packages: R1800.00. VIP Package includes a fully staffed facility including dedicated waitresses, hostesses, bar staff and senior management, plus much more.


Last night entertainment powerhouse, E! Entertainment hosted the crème de la crème of the South African entertainment industry at 3 Desmond, in  Johannesburg. The event was to showcase some of the shows that we’ve come to love and adore on the channel (DStv channel 124), but also to show off some of the new titles they’re adding to the stable… And this includes a lot more content from our very backyard.

Season two of the E! News Special will begin soon, kicking off with Nigeria’s D’Banj. Everyone has a good old laugh about this one when host Bonang Matheba mentioned it 😉 Something else that I really like is that the channel will showcasing red carpet event coverage from many of the major events on the local calendar. Fantastic news. Oh how I wish I could be part of it, channel my inner Seacrest.

More on that to follow, but for now here’s a gallery from last night’s #EAfricaParty shenanigans.

Mumford & Sons in Pretoria, South Africa

If you’re going to see Mumford and Sons in Pretoria tonight, you are in for a treat. I’ve been a fan of this band since album number one, which if you know me you’ll kinda scratch your head going really? This genre? I absolutely adore them. Album two wasn’t my favourite, no lies but number one is so hauntingly good, timeless, emotive, classic really. Their latest offering, Wilder Mind is different to what most are used to, but it works for me… And clearly 25000 (according to Marcus) at the gig last night.

On stage? Amazing. There is nothing I can fault them on, other than not playing all their songs. They could’ve played for ten hours and I would’ve been happy. At first, I was hanging out at the back… Bad move if you want to be with the dull bunch. I was singing and dancing, as you do at a concert right? Damn but the side eyes I was getting from the two couples standing next to me was so strong. Eventually, I told my friend that we had to ditch this bunch and head forward. Best move ever! We weren’t right up front, but the view was much better, the crowd was epic and the timing in terms of the set list but perfect! My voice is a little hoarse today and I’m going to be nice and tired later on, but it doesn’t matter… The band made up for it.

If I had a ticket for today, I’d go back BUT I’d do things a bit differently. Read this if you’re going, PSA:

– The queues are ridiculously long. So if you’re looking to get drinks or food, rather get there at 3 pm and eat early, get your drinks then too. Don’t waste time in the queue. Organisers, I’m giving you this feedback so that you can avoid such in future. The cashless system, in theory, works nicely… in the real world, it is stupid. We stood in a queue for the bar for forty minutes… That means we missed Beatenberg! We heard them but that was it. The queue mess meant my group split up, with some opting to stay in the queue. It took them, at least, another half an hour to get the drinks and then it was like finding a needle in a haystack because the signal was jammed and it was dark. It also meant that they bought all they could buy on those cards because let’s be frank, who wants to stand in a queue that long? It’s really stupid that you can’t have one drink in your hand like a normal person, but rather you have to walk around with as many as the hands can carry in order to avoid the queues. FYI, this includes water and soft drinks if you’re wondering, just so you know. We didn’t even bother trying to get food

– Parking is a mare. We did the bus thing so nobody had to worry about driving. Responsible all the way. But it meant that we were stuck in the traffic to get out for almost two and a half hours. The band finished just before eleven, I got into bed after 2:30. So if you’re going to the gig and you’re Ubering, walk down to the main road and request your driver down there. If you’re in a bus, message your driver just before the show ends and tell him/ her to drive out the venue and meet on the main road. If you’re driving and you’ve parked in the venue, best you leave before the last song. Trust me on this one. Again I go back to logistics… These organisers knew how many people were coming. Between them and the city of Tshwane officials, there must be a simpler way to ease the congestion.

– Toilet queues are BAD. If you have a weak bladder, you are not going to enjoy this. Stay hydrated yes, but just be aware that the queues are so long. Organisers, have more toilets around the venue and if there were more, your signage needs to be better

– Take a black bag, or a rain coat and not a brollie. They’ll take it away! While singing and dancing in the rain at the end of the show was amazing and we were all in it together, you can get over it. So have this just in case 😉

– Have fun! There were some people who really looked like they had been forced to go to the gig. Do you know how many others didn’t get tickets? Seriously it’s a concert with live music. It’s going to be loud and people are there to jol. If you’re boring, rather watch the boring 8 pm movie on TV.

Mumford & Sons, despite all the queues and long wait to leave, you were everything… Come back!

Suits star Gabriel Macht in South Africa

Do you even care if I tell you why Suits star, Gabriel Macht aka Harvey Specter is in town? You just want the pictures right? Okay then, but if you do care, more on his visit below the pictures… You’re welcome!

The Suits star is in the country as part of his latest ambassadorship… He is one of the DStv Premium ambassadors. The campaign he has been shooting will start running on the 18th of September. I suspect he has been shooting some billboard and adverts for the company, but more on that soon.  Here’s more from Gabriel at the press conference:

Watch Suits on M-Net every Friday.

Gallery: DStv Delicious 2015

It has been a cold week in Johannesburg, South Africa, but this weekend’s DStv Delicious International Food and Music Festival definitely warmed things up. Held out at Huddle Park in the city, thousands of music and food lovers turned up to enjoy the festivities. Let me tell you, the food stalls almost ended me. I haven’t seen, tasted and consumed such delicious food in a long time. My friend runs a catering company called The Counter and her gourmet hotdogs were incredible. I got me a smoothie from one of the stalls, smashed loads of fudge tasters in my face. I had samoosas and then I was full… thank goodness. My friends had Thai food, bumped into Donovan Goliath who absolutely raved about the Spanish chow and then Pabi Moloi (who is looking amazing) was eating something so delicious I think I may just try and replicate it during the week. Food was famaze! It was also awesome to hang out and see Food Network’s Siba Mtongana. She’s just a gem!

I wasn’t able to stay for the whole event, but I did get to see some awesome musicians on stage. Vusi Mahlasela was on form, as usual. He welcomed a new addition/ stand in to his team. His drummer had taken ill, so the drummer’s nephew stepped in and did best. It was awesome to see Vusi giving the young many credit. It’s a big thing and I reckon he was pretty stoked. I also got to see the highly acclaimed Louie Vega again at the Kaya FM stage. A legend who still knows how to make a party! I was pretty bummed that I couldn’t stay for the incredible Chaka Khan, but from what I saw on social media, people LOVED her. Even if it was cold 😉 Check out the gallery below:


Our first #Unscreening event: Maps To The Stars

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 4.30.08 PM

Last night I hosted an #Unscreening movie night, in conjunction with Times Media Films and my radio family, Cliff Central. The movie in question is called Maps to the Stars, which hits South African cinemas on the 23rd. The film stars the fantastic Julianne Moore, John Cusack and Robert Pattinson, among others. Here’s a short synopsis:

 A tour into the heart of a Hollywood family chasing celebrity, one another and the relentless ghosts of their pasts.

Moore plays the role of Havana Segrand in this one, an actress who is ageing – and in Hollywood terms this means fading. Segrand battles to remain relevant in the competitive world of showbiz. Moore’s portrayal in this film has scored her much acclaim from the critics. She also won Cannes’ Best Actress award, as well as a Golden Globe nomination for the role. The film is directed by the highly acclaimed, David Croneberg. I must admit, I’m not familiar with his work so I didn’t have any expectations… And maybe that’s for the best. The movie is WEIRD!!!! Dark, twisted, but oddly fascinating at the same time.


I think a lot of my guests were like, what the actual fuck? Some left early, others giggled nervously and many left scratching their heads, wondering what on earth just happened. Bless. The film hits cinemas on Friday, so if you’re into movies like this, go and check it out and then let me know what you think 😉


Prior to the screening, we had the good folks at Martini South Africa providing cocktails for the guests. I invited a lot of my friends, industry peers and some of SA’s most loved – and they all turned up! Stars like the lovely Jay Anstey, Shashi Naidoo, Chad Saaiman, LeAnne Dlamini, Tamerin Jardine, Thenji Stemela, Hayley Owen, Khabonina Qubeka, Seline van der Wat, Nicole Da Silva and many others were all there to enjoy the drinks, festivities and hopefully the movie too. And what would an event be without some kick ass prizes too:


  • @Converse_Africa gave us away ten varsity jackets and five hoodies. Just look how cool these hoodies are on the right:
  •    10013571_10205799139239360_8109223946360538883_nBig Concerts gave away four double tickets to The Script, along with their special guest Phillip Phillips. There was an awesome sing off between two guests, who were both eager to go and see Mamma Mia and then we had tickets to Lord of the Dance to giveaway too… All of that entertainment coming to SA this year, not shit at all J
  • One of my favourite channels on DStv is BBC Entertainment. They have some of the best talent and shows on television and the team there were more than happy to share some giveaway love. So two lucky people walked off with two very heavy hamper bags, packed with loads of cool goodies. Check them out on Twitter for all the latest news and show updates: @BBCEnt_SA
  • Sony Max gave away three sets of headphones, which is never terrible. People bugging you in the office? Drown them out with some awesome headphones… Well three of my guests will get that opportunity
  • Two very lucky guests walked away with watches from 1 Face Watch. These watches are not only awesome in terms of design, but they’re attached to good causes too. They have several different colours, each of which is attached to a certain cause or charity and last night we gave away a team #HayLeigh, Smile Foundation watch because it’s a cause I believe in and have worked with for almost a year now. We also gave away an education watch. I believe in the power of education and also the importance of learning and educating our young South Africans. We can only move forward and compete globally if we’re empowering our people with the necessary skills to go out there and shine. Love their work and I love these watches. If you want more details, please visit them on or on Twitter: @1FaceWatchza
  • 100_3745 (800 x 600)

All in all it was a fun evening. I think if there’s to be a next time, we’ll focus more on rom-coms or something a little lighter. This was supposed to be a way for people to ease into the New Year, not scratch their heads or do too much thinking. Haha. Good times though. Thank you to everyone involved.


Idols Top 16 announced

Idols SA X episode 6 - Top 31 (04)

Season 10 of #IdolsSA has come down to this…  A top 16 and man oh man, is it looking good. Here are the 16 names you’ll be voting for and one of them will be your winner. Question is, who will that person be?

Bongi Silinda
Celine Homan
Chante Geary
Demi Lee Moore
Ivan Roux
Kyle Deutschmann
Lize Mynhardt
London Louw
Mirandi Smith
Musa Mashiane
Olivia Cloud
Rowan de Villiers
Roxy Mc Vean
Tumi Morobane
Vincent Verhoog
Vincent Bones

Catch the top 16 every Sunday on M-Net and Mzansi Magic.


Pictures from the Savanna Comic’s Choice Awards

The fourth, annual Savanna Comic’s Choice Awards took place in Montecasino, Johannesburg on Saturday the 2nd of August. Those who make us laughter constantly turned up to be apart of the festivities. I’ll bring you a few of my awkward moments in another post, for now here’s a look at who was rocking the yellow carpet.

As British comedienne, Miranda says… #SuchFun!

Here are the winners from this year’s Savanna Comic’s Choice Awards:

  • The Savanna Newcomer Award:  Loyiso Madinga
  • The Breakthrough Act Award:  Kagiso KG Mokgadi
  • The Times Comic’s Pen Award:  Chester Missing
  • The Savanna Audience Choice Award: Elton Mduduzi Ntuli
  • The Lifetime Achiever Award:  Mark Banks
  • The Comic’s Choice Comic of the Year Award:  Loyiso Gola

Survivor SA: Champions – Graham wins

PRESS RELEASE: Survivor South Africa: Champions


Graham Is The Ultimate Survivor 

Captain Corne Krige Scoops Viewer Vote


Graham Jenneker (29) from Bellville, Cape Town, was named as the Ultimate Survivor during the live finale of M-Net’s Survivor South Africa: Champions tonight (18 May). The Financial Manager picked up the majority of votes from the Juara Jury – and the R1 Million prize – after surviving 27 days of tough challenges, calamitous blindsides and harsh conditions on a remote island in the South China Sea.


In a Survivor first, sporting legends Corne Krige and Mark Fish led the Selatan and Utara tribes, with a viewer vote choosing the winning Captain. Survivor SA viewers chose Corne as the winner, handing him a prize of over R500 000.


Graham told the Jury that he had played the game as a champion should – and the way a winner would. He said he had made an impact from Day 1, telling them that if he were sitting in their places, he’d look at how the Final 3 had played the game. “A champion isn’t someone who rides on coat tails, they fight on the front line, make an impact, change the game and forge their path – and that’s how I believe I played the game,” he said.


His overall game and powerful final speech were enough to win him 5 votes from the Jury and Captains, with Buhle picking up 3 and Sivu, 2. With the Jury given the chance to quiz the Final 3, Moyra had asked Graham outright what she should do, while Solly told him he’d “messed up” 25 days of immaculate play by not going against his word and voting Sivu out at the previous Tribal Council. David asked him what his most depressing moment in the game had been, to which he replied: “Right now”. He challenged the perception that his fellow Final 3 contestants were strong competitors. “There’s a lot of talk about these two being strong players. Buhle said she made a big move – I’d correct and say she only attempted it. Sivu had a big blindside, but he was lucky to find the Idol. Could they have engineered a move?” When Altaaf asked him if he’d have played the game any differently if no money was at stake, he responded that the promise of a better life had driven him on and that providing for the future played a big role in his decision-making. Zavion quizzed him along similar lines, asking how the R1 Million prize would change his life. “I guess its no surprise I want to get married and start a family. A Million Rand wouldn’t just promise a wedding, but also provide for my future family. If I can provide the best for them, that means the world,” he said.


The two Captains also weighed in with their thoughts on the Final 3’s game play. Mark revealed that he’d had his mind made up about who he wanted to vote for when he walked into Tribal Council, but had changed his mind because of “little things that have happened”. Corne said that he’d be basing his vote on the person he believed most deserved the title of Ultimate Survivor. “I’ll vote for the person I’ve seen give everything in every challenge, be an absolute sportsman, and play the game as it should be played – ruthlessly”.


The winner of the R90 000 family holiday in Zanzibar at Diamonds La Gemma Dell’est, courtesy of Lasher Tools, African Encounters and Axis Marketing, with flights supplied by fastjet is Diederik Venter.