Q&A with rapper Khuli Chana

_DSC81472013 was a big year for rapper Khuli Chana. The star scored big at the SAMAs, he became a father and while it wasn’t a highlight in his year, the shooting incident definitely gave the star several reasons to be thankful to still be here. So what does Khuli have in store for us this year? Check out my Q&A with him below:

1.       2013 was quite a year for you. Take us through some of your highs; your winning moments in 2013.

2013 was an unbelievable year. Winning 3 SAMAs particularly Album of The Year was more than I could have asked for. It was proof that hard work does pay off in the end. Becoming a dad for the first time has been a truly humbling experience. Being named the 8th Best Dressed Male in SA by GQ was a pleasant surprise.

2.       Was there a moment, an experience or something significant in 2013 that made you go ‘WOW” or that changed your perspectives/ plans?

The birth of my daughter. I thank God every day that I’m alive to see her grow. The shooting incident definitely put the value of life into perspective for me. Retail - Khuli Chana

3.       What does 2014 hold for you?

2014 is a year of change and growth. I’ll be focusing more on the business side of my brand as well as taking my music properties to the next level.

4.       Any tips and/ or tricks from you to your fans to get through 2014.

Stay focused on your goals. It’s your journey. Take it at your pace, but don’t let life’s distractions steer you off course.

5.       Any last thanks or New Year’s wishes for your fans?

I would like to thank all my fans for the amazing support throughout the years, particularly towards the end of last year. I wish you all a phenomenal 2014. This is OUR year! #ChanaPower

Khuli Chana has also been nominated for two Metro FM Music Awards. He is nominated in the Best Hit Single as well as the Best Music Video category. To vote for him in the single category SMS “SINGLE KHULI CHANA” to 34764. To vote for him in the music video category, SMS “VIDEO KHULI CHANA” to 34764. Each SMS costs R1.50,

Khuli Chana online:


Twitter: @KhuliChana

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KhuliChana

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/khulichana

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Idols SA – Tumi eliminated

Episode 12 - Tumi, image 01

Regional auditions are done, theatre week is wrapped… The Top 16 brought with it loads of drama and then a further six were cut, leaving us with the top 10 undiscovered and unsigned singers in South Africa. That’s where we were up until last night on South African Idols, but the culling continued. 21-year-old musical theatre student, Tumi Lesenjane unfortunately left the IdolsSA competition last night when she failed to get enough votes to get her through to the top 9.

It’s a pity because I really digged her, like Randall did. She’s got the makings of an incredible artist, she has the look, a beautiful voice and she seems lovely too. I’m hoping to do a Google Hangout with Tumi later, so stay tuned to my Twitter feed for updates.

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Help get Goldfish onto the list of DJ Mag’s Hot 100


Goldfish is one of SA’s most loved outfits. More than that they’re one of our biggest exports too. Dom and Dave have held a residency gig at Pacha, Ibiza for the last couple of years. They’ve played alongside some of the biggest dance names in the world too like mr D Guetta and Fredde le Grand. So it’s fitting that they make the list of DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ Poll.

You can help get our boys featured on that list by CLICKING HERE. Let’s go!

Billboard Music Award nominees

The Billboard Music Awards are going down in Las Vegas on the 22nd of May. I’m shamelessly asking, borderline begging someone with influence to read this and to help me get to the awards. Billboard is after all the music chart leader and so you know the who’s who will all be at the awards. So help a brother out… Find below a list of the nominations.

2011 Billboard Music Awards

Top Artist
Justin Bieber
Lady Gaga
Taylor Swift

Top New Artist
Justin Bieber
Taio Cruz
Bruno Mars
Nicki Minaj

Top Male Artist
Justin Bieber
Bruno Mars

Top Female Artist
Lady Gaga
Katy Perry
Taylor Swift

Top Duo/Group
The Black Eyed Peas
Bon Jovi
Lady Antebellum
Linkin Park

Top Billboard 200 Artist
Justin Bieber
Susan Boyle
Lady Antebellum
Taylor Swift
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Idols- And then there were two

So last night viewers got to see who progressed into the finals of Idols season 6. The two lucky souls? L’loyd Cele and Elvis Blue. Well done to both guys and unlucky for Sindi. In last week’s shocking turn of events, with all the regional DJs and their listeners agreeing that Sindi would be the one to leave, voters had other plans. It turned out that Boki was the one with the least amount of votes- saving Sindi for yet another week. This week the same results were generated, only now the votes matched up to what the radio polls had suggested. The final takes place this coming Sunday, with the results and announcement of the winner happening on Tuesday night in a two hour special. My votes will be going to L’loyd Cele. He has been consistent and I think he is the better one of the two. That isn’t to say that Elvis isn’t talented. He will have a successful career, but I feel like L’loyd is more deserving. You can agree to disagree with me. That’s cool.

The two will be embarking on a whirlwind tour of some of the major cities this weekend. This is where they will be
– Fury William Nicol Ford dealership in Parkmore, Johannesburg, on Saturday morning before
– They will then be performing live at the Curry Cup Final at the Absa Stadium in Durban! That’s a big deal hey- seeing as though they’re both from the opposing provinces.
– On Sunday they will be at Canal Walk in Cape Town Sunday afternoon!

Voting lines are open too. Details are below:
SMS XX to 37400 (R1.50 per SMS. VAS rates apply. No free minutes)

Call 08622777XX from your Telkom landline (R2.02 per call. VAS rates apply)
Call 08390102XX from your Cell phone (VAS rates apply)

Vote on MXit by downloading from http://m.mxit.com and adding M-Net to your contacts (20 Moola per vote)

Just on a side note, judges, Gareth Cliff, Mara Louw and Randall Abrahams have for weeks praised Sindi for her original look and her powerful voice. Well now I call on them to guide Sindi even more as she enters into her career in music. If she’s as good as they claim, then all parties concerned will reap the rewards. This is, in my opinion, what has been missing in this competition since its inception. Once the voted out contestants leave the competition, they’re left to fend for themselves. Sure it is a tough industry and they will need to get used to it, but I really think to make the show uphold its reputation as a nurturing platform for fresh talent, the judges should do a “life after Idols” sort of campaign. Mara especially should be spearheading such a drive.

Let’s see what happens going forward. I must say this bunch of contestants has been by far the strongest in a while!

Boki voted out of Idols

The biggest shocker of the singing competition, Idols came last night when 21-year-old singer Boki Ntsime was voted out of the competition. I say shocker for a number of reasons:

1. He clearly had a lot of crowd support in the audiences- week after week.
2. He has never been in the bottom three since the top ten
3. All 5 regional radio station polls and the judges picked Sindi as the one to go last night
4. Besides Lloyd, in my opinion, Boki is the next best singer

I was and still am really pissed that he left and before you say anything, yes I did vote for him. I think he’s the real deal. He’s hugely marketable as an artist, he talented and fun. I said this last night on Twitter and I’ll say it again today, Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry are proof that winning the competition isn’t everything. Sure it’s nice, but if you have the passion and the drive to make this your career, then it can be done. Those words are directed at Boki. I hope he comes across this post and I hope he takes this into account. He rocks! The platform, the exposure given to these contestants is priceless. Anyone who doesn’t use this platform is dumb and not quite cut out for this industry! Still peeved!

Idols Top 8 song choices

Adeline Mocke will be singing a song by Nianell called “Who Painted The Moon”.
JVB: good song choice. It’s a difficult song, but it’s different to what she did last week and it will show of a different side to her voice. Versatility.

Boki Ntsime is taking on Liquideep’s “Fairytale”
JVB: Clever. We know how the votes are going and I think Boki is choosing good songs that will keep the voters interested in him. This song has huge crossover appeal and I hope he’ll crack it.

Jess Yallup chose the Just Jinger ballad “What He Means”
JVB: Jess has a dedicated and loyal fan base. Add a Just Jinger song into that mix and you’ve got something good going on. I’m not too familiar with this song, but I’m curious to hear her version

Elvis Blue will be taking on Malaika’s “Destiny”.
JVB: Interesting!! Tshidi from Malaika has quite a high range. So I wonder if Elvis is going to change the arrangement like he has done in previous weeks.

Jamie-Lee Sexton takes on the Clout hit, “Save Me”
JVB: Hmmmm… I don’t know this song. I don’t know how many young voters will know this song either, but she has been saved enough times to assume she has quite the following so let’s see.

Sindi Nene will be performing her version of Mango Groove’s hit “Moments Away”
JVB: Nice song choice. Mango Groove is always popular and I think her voice will suit this song. Surprised she’s not doing a Brenda Fassie song though. Especially with all the recent comments from judges Mara and Randall…

Lloyd Cele takes on the Parlotones’ hit “Push Me To The Floor”
JVB: Again, like Boki, this is a clever song choice. It’s contemporary, fun and nice to jam to. I think he’ll do it justice.

Pieter West chose Jesse Glegg’s “Today”
JVB: Great. Great. Great song choice. Like Jesse, Pieter has a raspy voice. I might be jumping the gun here, but this could be his week to shine!

JLo getting $12million to be an American Idol judge- seriously?

Simon and Ellen have left the panel. Kara DioGuardi was reportedly ‘fired’ and speculation was rife that singer/ actress and businesswoman Jennifer Lopez would be joining the American Idol panel (or rather Randy). Well it’s not officially confirmed. J Lo will be the other judge on the hit show- and it’s believed to be a deal worth $12million bucks. Shame, shit life for some hey! According to Deadline.com, the star and her team made several demands, which included a $15million package for one year on Idol. That would put her on par with the show’s host, Ryan Seacrest who signed a whopping $45million contract for three years. Fox saw past her demands and now it’s believed J Lo didn’t have an issue with settling for 12mill (who would? Damn).

So what do you think about J Lo being on American Idol? She’s a talented woman no doubt, but damn 12million for someone whose last movie tanked at the Box Office and was dropped from her record label too comes as a bit of a surprise to me. I also think the bosses at A.I. are desperate to get their ratings back up to number 1. Let’s see how they do!

MTV Europe Music Awards: My thoughts

The annual MTV Europe Music Awards went down in Berlin, Germany last night and of course I expected it to be massive, entertaining. My expectations were high. Was I happy? Sorta. For me, I don’t think it was as great as they usually are. For one I thought the O2 World Center crowd in Berlin were way too quiet. When host Katy Perry tried to get them going, as did the other presenters, there were a few applauses and cheers. LAME people, lame. Perhaps many of ze German crowd don’t understand English? Is that a fair assumption to make?

The performances I enjoyed. Beyonce can do no wrong in my eyes, neither can Jay-Z, Leona Lewis or U2. Beyonce performed a rather different version of her hit song, Sweet Dream, but at the end I was kinda expecting her to carry on as opposed to just stopping and I think again it looked like an abrupt conclusion because the crowd was so half asleep! Leona Lewis performed her new song, “Happy” and she’s really good. Really really good. Greenday had the duties of opening the show and the Foo Fighters played a new song and a classic too. For me though, Jay-Zs performance of “Empire of The Mind”. Unfortunately Alicia Keys wasn’t there to sing along, but it was cool anyway. So you might be asking, how do you get better then that? How’s about Jay-Z performing with U2 at the end of the show. The awards marked twenty years since the breaking down of the Berlin Wall and when Jay accepted his award for Best Urban Artist, he said he hopes one day it will all be about music and not about the different genres. How fitting then, to have a performance of the biggest hip-hop artist in the world and the legendary rockers U2. AMAZING AMAZING!!!!

Hosting duties:
Katy Perry didn’t do too badly as a host, but imagine seeing her and her BF Russel Brand presenting alongside each other? That could be cool! Really enjoyed her opening sequence:

Quote of the night?
Beyonce when she accepted her third award of the night for Best Video. “I want to thank one person for this and that’s Jay… for putting a ring on it” Brilliant, wicked love it, love her!

Disappointment of the night?
Shakira’s performance wasn’t my favourite unfortunately. Lady Gaga not being at the awards to accept her Best New Act award. She tweeted, “Just left showstudio exhibition in london with the haus, so inspiring, fishchips+ monsterball, whiskey and sketches, let the Knight begin” BUT in her video acceptance speech she said she was in NYC….. hmm, Gaga where u at?

Biggest WTF moment of the night?
Eminem winning bBest hip-hop artist. Lame lame lame. He rips people off and that’s the best song? Um yeah man, whaever! That is such a kanye “Immaletchu interrupt” Eminem’s lame video speech moment! The Hoff and his extremely shiny jacket. I honestly saw my reflection through the TV hahaha

Here’s a full list of the winners:

Best Song — Beyonce for “Halo”
Best Live Act — U2
Best Group — Tokio Hotel
Best New Act — Lady Gaga
Best Female — Beyonce
Best Male — Eminem
Best Urban — Jay-Z
Best Rock — Green Day
Best Alternative — Placebo
Best Video — Beyonce
Best Push Artist — Pixie Lott
Best World Stage Performance — Linkin Park
Best European Act — maNga (Turkey)

Top Billing's Dhiveja on The Von Vodcast

Moeketsi Moticoe
Moeketsi Moticoe

Top Billing is one of the most popular shows on South African TV. The show highlights all the luxuries life has to offer, from exclusive celebrity interviews to the most magnificent houses, the show has it all. What would the show be though without it’s presenters, who are the perfect ambassadors for what it stands for. I got to hang out with one of the newer faces recently, Dhiveja Sundrum. What a fantastic interview.

James Oatway
James Oatway

Not only is she beautiful, but she’s fun and super intelligent too. Fast facts: She represented South Africa at the Miss World pageant in 2005. She came 15th overall and 2nd from Africa. Nice one. She is also a qualified doctor… Impressive I say, impressive. Check out the Von Vodcast this week: