Oscars 2013 – blow by blow

Credit: Michael Yada / ©A.M.P.A.S.
Credit: Michael Yada / ©A.M.P.A.S.

And we’re live. Welcome to my account of the 85th Academy Awards, aka the culmination of Awards Season. The show kicked off with a joke from the host, Seth MacFarlane i.e. his quest to make Tommy Lee Jones laugh. Success. We can all go home 😉 It’s become tradition to kind of pick out a handful of the stars in attendance and pick on them. So far some of the ‘victims’ include Ben Affleck, Daniel Day Lewis, Jennifer Lawrence and Jean Dujardin.

Captain Kirk makes his appearance giving Seth some tips on how not to be the worst Oscars host ever. So he should refrain from the “We saw your boobs” number that he ‘performed’ earlier in the night. They then crossed to the montage of “We saw your boobs” musical number by the host. He listed all the stars whose boobs we’ve seen and by far we’ve seen Kate Winslet’s boobs the most.

He then welcomed to the stage Academy Award winner, Charlize Theron and Channing Tatum on stage dancing on the stage while Seth sings Sinatra’s “The way you look tonight”. How awesome. This was followed by Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon Levitt and them singing “He’s got high hopes”.

Captain Kirk is telling him to start the show with a showstopper. I wouldn’t quite call this a showstopping opening, but it works for now.

Octavia Spencer is up to present the first award of the night; the Best Actor in a Supporting role. And the Oscar goes to Christop Waltz for Django Unchained.

“Thank you so much. Mr Hoffman, Mr Jones *bows. My unlimited gratitude goes to this creator, Quinton Tarantino.”

Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy are up to present the Best Animated Short Film. The Oscar goes to Paperman for John Kahrs. They also present the award for Best Animated Feature film to Brave” Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman.

Reese Witherspoon introduces Best Picture nominees, Les Miserables, Life of Pi and Beasts of the Southern Wild.

The Avengers cast on stage – sans ScarJo. How weird?  Achievement in Cinematography Oscar goes to Claudio Miranda for Life of Pi.

The Visual Effects Oscar goes to Bill Westenhofer, Guillaume Rocheron, Erik-Jan De Boer and Donald R. Elliott for Life of Pi.

Channing Tatum is getting loads of airtime tonight. He’s up to present alongside Jennifer Aniston. They shared some waxing jokes before present the award for Achievement in Costume Design to Jacqueline Durran for “Anna Karenina”.  “Thank you to the Academy. This is absolutely overwhelming and I’d like to accept this on behalf of the incredible team.”

Makeup and Hairstyling award goes to “Les Misérables”‘s Lisa Westcott and Julie Dartnell. “Woah. Thank you so much to the Academy. I must pay a huge tribute to the team who worked so hard on this film.”

Halle Berry is up to introduce the 50 years of Bond tribute. There’s a montage of scenes from the franchise, which is arguably one of the most successful franchises in the film industry. Dame Shirley Bassey takes to the stage singing Goldfinger. Fantastic!

Dame Shirley Bassey

Django Unchained stars, Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx are up. They’re presenting the Best Short Film (Live Action) award to “Curfew” Shawn Christensen. “

The Best Documentary Short Subject goes to “Inocente” Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine.

Liam Neeson introduces some of the other Best Picture nominees including Argo, Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty.

Ben Affleck is up to present an award to present the Best Documentary award. The award goes to Malik Bendjelloul and Simon Chinn for “Searching for Sugar Man” “Rodrigues isn’t here tonight because he didn’t want to take any of the credit and that just says a lot about this incredible man.”

Jennifer Garner and Jessica Chastaine are up to present the Best Foreign Language Film. The Award goes to Michael Haneke for Amour (Austria).

John Travolta dances his way onto the Oscars stage. He introduces some of the best and biggest Oscar winning musicals and the stars to the stage including Chicago, Les Miserables and Dreamgirls  Catherine Zeta Jones sings All That Jazz from Chicago. This is followed by Jennifer Hudson’s performance of “I am telling You” from the hugely successful film, Dreamgirls. What she did right there was nothing short of incredible. She’s amazing, really amazing!

It’s kinda crap for the Les Miserables cast to try and follow that performance. They did well though, I’ll give them that much. Far better than what I could ever do 😉

Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana do a quick intro for something, which I missed. Moment gone. Mark Walhberg and ‘Ted’ are up to present the award for the Best Sound Mixing Awrd to Andy Nelson, Mark Paterson and Simon Hayes for “Les Misérables”.

The Sound Editing Oscar goes to Paul N.J. Ottosson for “Zero Dark Thirty”. “To the Academy thank you. This is such an incredible honor”. The award also goes to Per Hallberg and Karen Baker Landers “Skyfall” . The last time I can see

Christopher Plummer is up to present the Best Supporting Actress award. The award goes to Anne Hathaway for her role in Les Miserables.

“It came true. Thank you so much to the Academy for this and to my fellow nominees.”

Sandra Bullock is up to present the Achievement in Film Editing award William Goldenberg for Argo.

Jennifer Lawrence introduces Adele, who performs for the first time ever on the Academy Awards stage. She’s singing the big hit, Skyfall. Lovely performance, perfect Oscars performance.

Nicole Kidman introduces Best Picture nominees, Silver Linings Playbook, Django Unchained and Amour.

Kristen Stewart and Daniel Radcliffe present the award for Best Production Design. “Lincoln” wins the Best Production Design award, which goes to Rick Carter; Set Decoration: Jim Erickson

George Clooney presents the “In Memoriam” tribute now. Barbra Streisand takes to the stage singing “The Way We Were” by the late Marvin Hamlisch. This is the first time she has appeared on the Oscar stage in thirty six years.

Chicago’s Richard Gere, Queen Latifah, Renee Zellweger and Catherine take to the stage to present the award for Best Original Score to Mychael Danna for Life of Pi.

Best Original Score goes to Adele and Paul Epworth for Skyfall “Thank you so much. This is amazing.”  Paul thanks The Academy, Sam Mendes, “Adele for being the best person he has ever worked with.”

Dustin Hoffman and Charlize Theron are up to present the Best Adapted Screenplay award to Argo” Screenplay by Chris Terrio. “Fifteen years ago you were up here for your screenplay”. Best Original Screenplay goes to Django Unchained. “That’s cool Charlize is my neighbour. Thank you Mr. Hoffman. I want to thank the actors. Thank you so much. I love the competition. You guys are all wonderful. Peace out”

Michael Douglas and Jane Fonda will present the Best Director award to Ang Lee for Life of Pi. “Thank you oh holy God. I really need to share this with all three thousand. Everybody I worked with on Life of Pi.”

Jean Dujardine is up to present the Best Actress in a Lead Role. The award goes to Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook. She just slipped on the stage, whoops. “Standing up because you feel bad that I fell and that’s really embarrassing. Thank you to the Academy and to the women in this category.”

Meryl Streep is up to present, who is “walking on her dress”, is up to present the Best Actor in a Lead Role. The award goes to Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln. Duh. “I really don’t know how any of this happened.”

Best Picture is presented by Jack Nicolson and live from the White House, First Lady Michelle Obama. The award goes to Argo. “I know what you’re thinking, three sexiest cruisers alive. I want to thank the Academy. This is truly an honor. There are too many people to thank. I want to thank them personally, but I want to acknowledge a couple of people. I want to thank my partner in crime, George.”

“It doesnt matter how you get knocked down in life cause that’s gonna happen All the matters is that you’ve got to get up” Ben Affleck.

Want to hold an Oscar® statuette?


The countdown to film’s big night is on and to celebrate this year’s Academy Awards, the digital team are creating a bit of hype in a different way. The first-ever Oscar Roadtrip kicks off next Monday in New York City. The roadtrip will give Oscar fans the opportunity to hold an actual statuette before it arrives in Hollywood on the 24th of February.
The roadtrip will be covered by Oscar Roadtrip reporters, Ben Gleib and Angie Greenup. They’ll be posting a whole bunch of blog posts, videos, photos, tweets and so much more. You can follow the journey via:


@OscarRoadtrip on Twitter

and on Facebook: Facebook.com/TheAcademy.

Speaking about the roadtrip, managing director of digital media and marketing for the Academy, Josh Spector said, “We created the Oscar Roadtrip to bring the magic and fun of the Oscar ceremony to movie fans across the country. The Oscar Roadtrip makes it possible to share the once-in-a-lifetime thrill that only comes from holding an Oscar statuette.”

I’m in SA, so I won’t be able to see or hold the Oscar just yet, but if you’re in the US take note of the following dates:

February 4 New York
February 6 Philadelphia
February 7 Washington, D.C.
February 8 Baltimore
February 11 Chicago
February 13 St. Louis
February 14 Kansas City
February 17 Houston
February 18 Dallas
February 21 Phoenix
February 24 Hollywood

Sounds like a lot of fun and hey Josh, next year I’m happy to participate. Being a multimedia journalist and all, I could rock it. #JustSaying 😉


Ben Affleck’s speech at the SAG Awards


I just thought I should share this with the actors and actresses out there, who sometimes feel a bit lost and unloved. Here’s someone I respect and you should too, Mr. Ben Affleck. His film Argo won the Outstanding Motion Picture actor (award) at the SAG Awards and here’s what he said on stage:

“I can’t believe I’m standing in the same place where Daniel Day-Lewis just was. Maybe I’ll be a better actor just for the radiation. I am really amazed and stunned. There are so many great actors here and this is voted on by our brothers who are actors. There’s a hundred and some thousand people in SAG Aftra. Some of them never get to come to a place like this and they vote from home. First I want to thank my wife and kids who I love. And Warner Brothers who I love, not quite as much, but I do love. You know, there are so many people who are actors, who want to be actors.

I got a SAG in 1986 and I always wanted this. To me, this has nothing to do with me. This has to do with the incredible people who are in this movie. The people you see on stage. There are more than 150 actors who spoke in English and in Farsi and the one thing they had in common was they came to work every single day, whether they had a line or a look to somebody or two lines or ten lines or a bunch of things I couldn’t understand in Farsi. They were there to kill it, to make the movie better. Because that’s what actors do, all over the world, every single day. God bless you for making the movies, the television that you make, the theatre that you make. We are in your debt. Thank you. God bless you. Thank you all and thank you to all these incredible films that are nominated with us. Thank you.”

A little bit of inspiration, motivation on this Monday morning, this new week 😉 Argo is in South African cinemas now by the way. Go and watch it, despite what the Oscars say.

Adele to perform at the Oscars


Last year Adele cleaned up at the Grammys for her album 21. It’s an amazing album and so well deserving off all the success it has enjoyed. So last weekend Adele added another little statue to her collection, that being a Golden Globe for her song Skyfall. This was her first appearance on the red carpet and awards show since the birth of her son (Angelo seems to be his name). I recall her saying she was just out on a girls night and not expecting to win an award. It was yet another great moment for the star who remarked, “Thank you so much for letting me be apart of your night”.

Well the song has been nominated for an Academy Award® too. She’s clearly the favourite to win in the Original Song category come the 24th of February. It gets better. In celebration of fifty years of Bond and the franchise, it has just been announced by the Academy that she will be performing at this year’s awards. This will be her first television performance since last year’s Grammys®.

On the news, the star said “It’s an honour to be nominated and terrifyingly wonderful to be singing in front of people who have captured my imagination over and over again,” said Adele. “It’s something I’ve never experienced and probably only ever will once!”

The producers for the 85th Academy Awards® said,”We have enormous respect for Adele’s unique artistry as a songwriter and a singer,” said Craig Zadan and Neil Meron. “She is currently one of the most successful recording artists in the world, and we believe that her performance of ‘Skyfall’ will be an exciting Oscar moment for audiences watching at the Dolby Theatre™ and on television screens around the world.”

The awards take place on the 24th of February. I’ll sadly be on this side of the globe again, so I’ll be up blogging and tweeting through the night. More on the Oscars to come soon.


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2013 Oscar nominations out today

Awards seasons rolls on. Today we found out who and which films will score nominations for this year’s Academy Awards. The nominations will be hosted by actress Emma Stone (who I think should host the show) and then this year’s host Seth MacFarlane.

See how Seth broke the news about him hosting the awards above.

I haven’t seen many of these films but from what I’ve seen online, these are the films I reckon will score big come 15:30 (CAT):


Les Miserables


Life of Pi

I know that this year’s awards will honour Bond… James Bond and the franchise, so expect some skits at the opening of MacFarlane doing some tribute to the Bond stars throughout the years. I’m sure Skyfall will also be nominated in some of the categories.

As far as the actors and actresses go, I’m not even going to attempt a guess here, but if you have any ideas, do share them.

I’ll have more on the nominations a little later.

Mad Buddies is out

The king of the SA box office Leon Schuster is back with a brand new movie. The film is called Mad Buddies and it officially opened today. Whether you love him or you hate him, the one thing you can’t dispute is the fact that Schuster is a genius when it comes to make movies. Not in an Academy Award winning kind of a way, but rather a “I know the market and how to make SA laugh” kind of way. His movies always do well and this one will do as well I feel.

This time he has the backing of Disney and during an interview session with Schuster, he told me that there is pressure to excel and succeed with this film, but also that they believed in the project. Hence their backing. “We’ve tested the film with smaller audiences and I think it works,” he said. “I just hope when it opens we get a big South African audience and hopefully with the backing from Disney we might be able to sell it overseas too.”

The story is simple. Boetie (Schuster) and Beast (Kenneth Nkosi) find themselves fighting all the time. Their arguing comes to a head and it leaves them with two options; get on with one another or face jail time. This is proposed my Minister of Tourism, Minister Mda (Alfred Ntombela) and a conniving TV producer named Kelsey (Tanit Phoenix) creates a secret TV show out of their journey from Durban to Johannesburg. Obviously there are tricks, pranks and a whole lot of laughs along the way.

It’s a laugh a minute, a slapstick if you like, but it really is great entertainment. I would suggest you go out and support the SA film industry. Don’t pirate the film, you will get caught and you will be punished. Check out this press release for proof: Continue reading “Mad Buddies is out”

Congrats Mommy Charlize Theron

South African born Charlize Theron is a mommy. The Academy Award winning star has adopted a little boy by the name of Jackson. Theron’s rep issued a statement earlier confirming the news.

“She is the proud mom of a healthy baby boy named Jackson“.

No news on where the little guy was born or any other details, but as soon as there’s more news, I’ll holler. In the mean time I wish the 36-year-old star all the best and congratulations to her. Great news!

The Oscars 2012 – Meryl Streep wins Best Actress


The King is here to deliver his speech… aka Colin Firth. He is up to present the Best Actress Award. He speaks fondly of each nominee, their achievement in film and in particular this year. Who wins?

Meryl Streep wins

“Oh my God. Oh come on. Alright. Thank you so much. Thank you thank you. When they called my name I had this feeling half of America going aah come alive, her again. But whatever. First I’m going to thank Don. I want him to know everything I value in our lives you’ve given me…. I just want to thank all my colleagues, all my friends. I see my life before my eyes. Really, this is such an honour. The thing that counts the most with me are the friendships. Thank you for this inextricably wonderful career.”

The Oscars 2012 – Michel Hazanavicius wins Best Director

Michael Douglas is here to present an award. After his struggle with cancer last year, the star is back, looking and sounding great. He is presenting the award for Best Director. The award goes to Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist.

“I am the happiest director in the world right now. Thank you Academy. I want to thank the cast. I want to thank all the crew. Agi (sp) the dog. Sometimes life is beautiful and today is one of those days”.