2015 Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards® nominees

The nominees for the 5th annual Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards® were announced this week. The awards will take place at The Teatro at Montecasino on August 15th. Want to know who’s vying for awards this year? Check out the full list of nominees below:

The Savannna Newcomer Comic:

Mo Mothebe, Glen Biderman-Pam, Yaseen Barnes, Farhan Esat, Noko Mosoete

The Intermediate Comic:

Kagiso KG Mokgadi, Loyiso Madinga, Schalk Bezuidenhout, Jason Goliath, Alfred Adriaan

The Comics’ Pen:

Nina Hastie, Camilo Saloojee, Christopher Steenkamp, Rob van Vuuren, Lazola Gola

The Best Friend of Comedy:

Joe Parker, Des McKie, Goliath & Goliath, Gino Fernandez, Cape Town Comedy Club

The Flying Solo Comic: 

Celeste Ntuli, Marc Lottering, Alan Committie, Trevor Noah, Loyiso Gola

The Non-English Comic:

Isaac Gampu, Mashabela Galane, Collen Chepi, Tshepo Sethosa, Smowkey Nyembe

The Comic Of The Year:

Tumi Morake, Loyiso Gola, Tats Nkonzo, Trevor Noah, Mashabela Galane

The Savanna Audience Choice Comic:

Khanyisa Bunu – unique code 3753

Thenjiwe Moseley – unique code 5874

Collen Chepi – unique code 2683

Darren Maule – unique code 2757

Lukhanyiso Matshoba – unique code 3975

SMS your favourite comedian’s unique code to 45757.

The Lifetime Achiever:

Joe Mafela

Climbing mountains, literally with #NissanMagic

You may have seen a couple of tweets, Facebook posts online about #NissanMagic and you might be wondering what it’s all about. Well, I can give you first-hand information because I’m so excited and humbled to announce I’m one of the twelve ambassadors involved in the campaign.

Essentially what #NissanMagic aims to do is to do good. Thanks to my friend and colleague Brent Lindeque, we have all heard of RAK nominations. If you haven’t you’ve been living under a rock. Here’s a quick recap:

With that in mind, Nissan approached us to be involved in their #NissanMagic drive, a twelve month campaign that will see us each doing a RAK, which in turn will help organisations, communities, individuals and the environment. These obviously need to align to our respective fields of expertise and interests. If you know me well, you’ll know I love entertainment, but I’ve become a lot more interested and invested in the outdoors, triathlon, running, cycling and swimming scenes. I’m a lifestyle ambassador for FutureLife. I’ve aligned to several different causes along the way and I’ve managed to do some incredible work with them. I’m still working very closely with the SMILE Foundation, details coming soon and now we have #NissanMagic.

What exactly am I doing in this campaign? Well, myself and 19-year old Bongani Moyo have entered into a mountain biking event in July, the 11th to be precise. We’ll be doing a 40km race, which should be interesting. Bongani finished school last year and is taking a year off to save money to further his studies next year. He is involved in the Muldersdrift Mountainbike Academy, and he serves as one of the team leaders at the Academy. Bongani loves mountain biking. So much so he wants to become a professional rider and very competitive champion at that. His story resonated with me and I felt at that stage that he showed a lot of promises. I called him up and let him know what was going on and that we would be giving him a little gift to get him that much closer to his goal. His response was just the best. He was so grateful and just completely blown away by this, which is amazing.

We decided on a day to meet up at BBTrading recently so that we could get our bikes fitted properly. We had chatted a fair amount on the phone and on Whatsapp, but when I met him in person, I was met by a friendly, confident and polite young man. Again he was just too excited and ready to get on that bike and get going. The guys at BB Trading are fantastic. They’re patient, answered all of my dumb questions and they’re also very meticulous. As a result, both bikes were set up properly and comfortably. Winning. We had to wait a little bit to take delivery, which obviously felt like years for myself and Bongani, but when I took delivery on Friday and I sent him a picture, he was super stoked. On Saturday morning, I headed out to Muldersdrift to meet him and his fellow riders from the academy. Before we all headed out, Vincent and the rest of the guys from the team took the bike for a little spin around the parking lot. They were all in awe of Bongani. A mental note was taken, so let’s see how it plays out 😉

My maiden ride around the Avianto surrounds was great. It wasn’t too cold and the location is picturesque. It’s no wonder the sport is so popular and often yields some of the most beautiful pictures out there. Mine are coming… Let me just get used to the bike first and then we’re on like donkey kong! Both Bongani and Vincent were really good out there too. It goes to show why they’ve become the leaders of the team because it comes so naturally to them. They’re also extremely talented riders, very technical, and they have that racing mentality… Well on their way I tell you, well on their way.

More on our journey over the next month and beyond to come. You can also follow @NissanZA or #NissanMagic as well as my handles @JasonVonBerg, Instagram is the same too. Let’s make magic, shall we!