#WhatJayZSaidToSolange continued… the memes

#WhatJayZSaidToSolange continues to trend worldwide, in light of Jigga’s enraged and extremely aggressive sister-in-law Solange and her outburst/ meltdown at the Met Gala last week. TMZ broke the story on Monday and since then the Internet has exploded with memes and social media commentary. Check this out!

One thing’s for sure, Solange has a hit with this one!

Beyoncé the incredible

Is there anything Beyoncé can’t do? This will come across quite groupie like but I feel nothing. After she revealed to the press that she was expecting her first child with husband Jay-Z on the MTV VMA black carpet last night, the star then took to the stage to perform. Not only did she look incredible, but her performance of the track Love On Top was done so so well and with so much energy, passion. What I love about this woman is how she focuses purely on her talent, her craft. She’s rarely ever in the headlines for the wrong reasons, flashing her goodies, or cheating rumours or anything. She keeps it clean and private. But with news like this and her obvious excitement, the star could hardly hold back. So after her performance last night, Beyoncé took the opportunity to unbutton her the buttons on her jacket to reveal her baby bump to the world. It was the affirmation, the news that many have wanted to hear for so so long. While she did that, her hubby ran around with a grin from ear to ear with friend and fellow rapper Kanye West expressing his happiness and excitement too! This is such a rad, feel good story. I think they will make incredible parents… gosh so much so I might ask them to be my guardians and honorary parents alongside my mom 🙂 Bless them!

Watch it below: