Road to Rio Corre – day 2

Today we put on our tourists attire and headed around the city of Rio De Janeiro. We started out with a few pictures of should I say selfie opportunities of Sugarloaf Mountain from Copacabana beach. The weather wasn’t fantastic, but it was still very humid and actually pretty pleasant. Once we’d met Claudio, our tour guide, and we’d picked up the rest of the group! we headed off to Sugar Loaf for a ride up the cable car and a chance to see the city from a higher point.

When you go up Sugar Loaf, you take two cable cars up. They’re short rides, probably around two to three minutes, but you’re elevated to nice enough heights for you to see the city from a different angle. You also get a better idea of the north and south, the mountains that divide it up and the lagoon, sea side. Check out the pics below

After that we made our way to lunch at a place I can only describe as delicious and awesome. It’s called Porcao and it overlooks the sea and if you’re a Johannesburg resident, you can liken it to Carnivore. The meat and poultry selection is yummy and obviously we all overachieved somewhat… Moegies vol oogies toe.

We visited other parts of the city to like Lapa, Santa Teresa and , which is where the video for the song Beautiful by Snoop Dogg/ Lion and Pharell Williams was filmed. Nice vibe around that part of town.

After a bit of downtime, (and a bit of Futurelife snack for me) we headed off to Plataforma for a bit of dinner and a Samba show. Shem, we were all so exhausted still that we passed out on the bus to venue. Awkward much? Haha… Stupid jet lag and time zones 😉 that didn’t stop us from having a jol though. The samba show was great and damn these people are incredible, wow. The dances they do, the costumes are incredibly detailed and they know how to get a crowd moving. Maybe 2014 will be a year for me to get my samba on… It looks like a lot of fun and a great workout too, they’re not in bad shape either.

One more day to Nike’s Rio Corre 10km and a little more sightseeing today – cant wait! Adios.

Road to Rio Corre – departure day


Just over three weeks ago, I got word on Twitter that I’d won a trip (I know right). I really wasn’t expecting that and I’d didn’t quite realize why people were congratulating me until fellow runner, Tanya showed up at the same event I was at and she confirmed that I’d won the Nike #mediaruns challenge and Rio De Janeiro was the destination I’d be heading to (I still get that wtf moment in my head, ha). The Rio Corre 10km is the main reason we were off to the South American nation, but there would be a whole bunch of other touristy things on the cards too.

So fast track three weeks later and I’d find myself lying in my hotel bed at the Sofitel Luxury Hotels, which is a meters away from the very famous Copacabana beaches typing this post. It’s just before 07:00 and it’s already cooking, albeit overcast. Getting here was long, but pretty painless. My dear friend, Kadie dropped me off at the Gautrain station, caught the train from Rosebank to the airport via Sandton and then it was check in time. Destination – Sau Paulo.

South African Airways was the airline of choice that would take us to the South American nation. It remains an airline that I’m not entirely sold by. I’ve haven’t had the best experience in the past, but the crew were really nice this time around and the flight was pleasant. The only down side is that the plane was “old” according to the head air hostess and it was for that reason why we all had to cast our attention to the shared TV screens above the seats. Old school much? Well the movies and he quality of the broadcast weren’t too,so thank goodness for the iPad 🙂

We arrived in Sau Paulo just after 4pm, local time all feeling a little light and tired but still very excited. Our lay over was three overs, so we got somewhat acquainted with the airport and we also got to know each other a little bit too. We’re going to have fun I tell ya.

After the wait we all boarded our Tam flight to Rio De Janeiro, eeeek! The flight wasn’t full and the cabin was really nice too. I’d recommend this airline for sure. The forty minute or so flight was a little bumpy (okay rather actually) but we were all so tired so it didn’t really phase us, haha. We boarded a short coach ride from the north of the city to the south and it was in that trip that we got to see one off the world’s greatest wonders of the modern world, Christ The Redeemer statue, which overlooks the city. That’s when shit got real for me… Excuse my profanities here, but I’m in fucken Rio De Janeiro!!!

More on our trip to follow in the next couple of days 🙂

#MoveJozi 2013 highlights

NikeMoveJozi_Gladwin Mzazi_winnerThe now third, annual Nike We Run Jozi event wrapped up in Johannesburg on Saturday evening. I’ve been involved in all three, but this was by far my favourite event to date. As a media professional, I joined and pledged my commitment to getting fit, ready and to #MoveJozi and that is exactly what I did. In the gallery below, you’ll see pictures from my #MediaRuns challenge… From running at the Rosebank and Braamfontein run clubs, to hitting it hard on the treadmill, I clocked up over 100 kilometres in the build up to the 10km run last night. I also did a really great time, so I’m one happy chap!

Besides the 10 000 other runners, the top runners were also very happy with their performances last night. Gladwin Mzazi won this years’ race in the men’s category. Get this, he clocked a time of 00:30’38!!! I did 48 minutes – crazy!  Lebo Phalula took the women’s category in 00:36’05.  These two both walk away with an all-expense paid trip to Brazil to compete in We Run Rio 2013. LUCKY!

On his win, Mzazi said, “I am very very happy, it was a good run, I trained very hard. I realized I had a chance of winning in the last kilometer.” Phalula said, “Nike has brought a master race to SA, so excited about Rio, going to take my sis – and looking forward to meeting other international athletes.”

Nice one and just a general big up to the folks at Nike and the City of Joburg. The organisation of this event was fantastic, the route was perfect. Chianosky and Goldfish were rocking at the afterparty and all in all, this was just a great event. I look forward to next year and I hope this event will grow from strength to strength… Who knows, maybe organisers could add more distances too, seeing as though the Soweto Marathon has been canceled and that ASA can’t get its act together… There’s a gap, just saying 😉

Beyoncé is a trooper

Why is Beyoncé the most professional and ultimate performer? She keeps her cool even in the most bizarre circumstances. The star is currently on her Mrs Carter World (sans Africa) Tour. At the weekend Mrs Carter performed in São Paulo, Brazil and it was there that the star was faced with an interesting to say the least, and eager fan. While performing her smash hit, Irreplaceable, Bey appears to have been pulled off the stage by the fan. In security team jumped to her rescue, but Bey didn’t seem to phased by the incident, carrying on with the song.

Once done with the track she went back to that area of the stage and said to the fan, “It’s alright, it’s alright. Nice to meet you. Thank you, I love you, too.” What a legend! This isn’t the first incident Queen Bey has had to endure on tour. Earlier this year, while singing the song Halo… Her blonde locks got caught in one of the stage fans. While her teamed scrambled to help release her, Beyonce ever the profession carried on singing the song:

More Beyoncé on stage moments:

So if any artist ever considers leaving the stage for a lack of crowd support, rain, hair in fans or the like… Remember what Beyoncé did and ask yourself the question, am I really serious about life 😉

Shine South Africa, shine!

Today has arrived… the day Spain takes on Holland in the finals of the FIFA World Cup. It’s been an amazing month, one that I will treasure for a long time! Apart from the incredible soccer, the amazing people I’ve met from all over the world; the tremendous patriotism in South Africa, the one thing that stands out for me is the proof. Proof that we did it. Now the most important thing for all of us South Africans is to internalise all of this and believe that we are a world class African city. We rocked the party and Phillip… I will miss you too much. I hear he is changing his name to Phillipo and moving to Brazil, shall we go?Ha!