Forget an Easter Egg hunt, get in there with Castle Lite


Most of us love chocolate, right? Well as the novelty of searching for Easter eggs wears off with us getting wiser (older), and the opportunity to replace chocolate with something like beer (which is arguably just as tasty) increases, you might like to hear about this. Caste Lite is giving its loyal fans the opportunity to win one of 500 8-packs. They’re not regular cans- they’ve up sized them to 440ml.

This brand is constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to being unique and innovative in the market. Not only do they bring us some of the biggest names in music, but they bring us Extra cool campaigns like this one.

If you haven’t already won yourself an 8-pack, you have four more days left to be in it to win it. All you will need to do is keep your eye on the Caste Lite social networks for updates, clues and times for when you need to log on to the site and search for the ‘Easter eggs’. Not only will they¬† give you access to the Cold Room, you’ll also get a registered account that will allow you to access the Extra Cold Music platform. I had a look at that earlier in the week and the list of tracks on there will not disappoint you. Trust me!

So you’re a loyal Castle Lite consumer and you’re wanting to be rewarded for your loyalty right? Well here are the details once again. Go to:

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