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2013 Oscar nominations out today

Awards seasons rolls on. Today we found out who and which films will score nominations for this year’s Academy Awards. The nominations will be hosted by actress Emma Stone (who I think should host the show) and then this year’s host Seth MacFarlane.

See how Seth broke the news about him hosting the awards above.

I haven’t seen many of these films but from what I’ve seen online, these are the films I reckon will score big come 15:30 (CAT):


Les Miserables


Life of Pi

I know that this year’s awards will honour Bond… James Bond and the franchise, so expect some skits at the opening of MacFarlane doing some tribute to the Bond stars throughout the years. I’m sure Skyfall will also be nominated in some of the categories.

As far as the actors and actresses go, I’m not even going to attempt a guess here, but if you have any ideas, do share them.

I’ll have more on the nominations a little later.