Do’s and Don’ts this festive season


The holidays are here… Finally. It’s time to kick off those shoes, sit back and relax and enjoy this well deserved break. While a lot of us in this part of the globe head down to the coast and enjoy the outdoors, we’re inclined to eat and drink more over this period. The routines are broken and the bad habits sneak in. Others might be training for upcoming events like the 70.3 Half Ironman and the like. So I thought I’d chat to Futurelife dietician, Lara De Santana about her tips and tricks this festive season. Check out her responses below and be sure to try them out over this period:

1. Holidays are upon us and with that comes a lot of overindulgence. What tips do you have for those of us who might not have the discipline to avoid the festive bulge?

Portion control is key! Instead of completely avoiding those delicious treats and then devouring them in excess later, rather allow yourself a small slice.

Drink water!!!! It fills you up preventing you from overeating and it also slows down the drinking of other sugary and possibly alcohol containing drinks. You can also make them flavourful by adding some lemon, mint and even strawberries, homemade fruit lollies are also a great alternative here

Don’t overdo the starch: we don’t need potato salad, rolls, mealies and pasta salad on our plates (just because it says salad doesn’t mean it’s the most suitable thing)

Watch your snacks: chips and other fried, salty foods are unnecessary; put together some fresh fruit and veg platters with some homemade light dips

Eat breakfast: Yes, even in the holiday season it is still THE most important meal of the day! With late morning wake-ups we tend to wait until lunch, so rather squeeze in a low GI breakfast (such as FutureLife) and then delay lunch a bit

Try eat early, braai’s can really drag out late in the evening, so try braai first, socialize after;)

Watch for dressings, toppings and sauces: try make your own as far as possible so you can address what goes in there.

Yes, we all got our bonuses AND we are away or have guests over, but you don’t always have to eat out; rather try make as many meals as possible yourself

Try include some of your exercise routines in the festivities: touch rugby for the family outside, fun early runs on the beach in the morning and even an occasional dog walk

2. The midnight snack craze is another trend over this period. What should we be avoiding?

Anything you wouldn’t have for breakfast, sweets, juices and take aways

Stick to some fresh fruit, a glass of milk or even a yoghurt

3. We all have a guilty pleasure. What’s yours?

Lemon meringue and pancakes… not necessarily together;)

4. You’re given three things to take on holiday, what do you take with you?

A cute costume, tanning oil (sunscreen for those pale folk) and a good book


5. You’re hitting the road down to your favourite holiday destination. The Futurelife product you’re packing in your bags is? Why?

For me personally, FutureLife High Protein chocolate mixed with water. It’s a little bit lower in Energy and Carbohydrates, is low GI so keeps me fuller for longer especially for those long mornings on the beach and overall a little bit better for my waist size

5.1. How else can you consume this product?

I eat mine in porridge format but it makes for great smoothies and shakes, there are especially great refreshing summer smoothies on our website that satisfy most individuals’ preferences

6. A lot of people wont be exercising during this period, but I know I for one will be in the gym training hard. I find after a workout that I am ravenous and again the temptation to consume all things sweet and delicious is there. What should we be eating after a workout?

The temptation after your workout predominantly stems from what you have or haven’t eaten actually before your gym session, so make sure you’re consuming around 15g carbohydrates (per hour session) that are low GI around 1 ½ hours before (such as FutureLife SmartFood/Zero) and then after gym you still want some carbohydrates but a bit more protein for muscle repair and maintenance so something like a FutureLife High protein smoothie or even a glass of chocolate milk will suffice

7. There will also be a lot of people training for 70.3, Midmar Mile, 2Oceans Marathon and The Argus. What tips do you have for them this December?

Keep up your training (the last thing you want to do is completely stop), don’t be afraid to indulge a little and try eat clean where possible, take some time to rest and enjoy the festivities with your loved ones. Exercise is always best paired with good nutrition and rest so once again, everything in moderation

8. In closing, if there is one thing we should avoid and one thing we have to do this December, it would be?

One thing to avoid- sugary drinks with your meals; One thing to do- drink lots of water. Adding another thing to do: try take some time this holiday to explore your local areas and markets, it makes for great days out, isn’t too far from home, saves a bit of money and the latest artisan culture lends towards healthier, homemade foods and crafts

Justin Bieber to tour SA in May 2013


Belieb it because it’s true… It has officially (finally) been announced that Justin Bieber will be heading to South Africa is May 2013. Cape Town and Jozi get ready because Bieber will be rocking out in your cities on the 8th and the 12th of May respectively. They’re both stadium tours, so moms and dads, if you’re taking your daughters… best you go and purchase your earplugs now because it’s going to get LOUD in there.

Tickets go on sale on the 10th in Jozi and the 11th in Cape Town, just in time for Christmas. Clever Big Concerts, clever… Let’s hope Computicket can handle the load. I expect this to be one of the fastest selling shows in history.

Side bar, Gaga was the first female artist to perform at Soccer City this past weekend. Bieber will now become the youngest… History being made again. I really am looking for ward to seeing him performing. I think it’ll be a great show! Official press release below:

Continue reading “Justin Bieber to tour SA in May 2013”

Pick n Pay Taste of Christmas coming this December

We’re in September and you know that means that the Christmas decorations are just about to hit the stores. Jokes, not really, but soon enough the eager Christmas capitals will be back to make us spend our hard-earned cash. I sound like the Grinch huh? Quite the opposite actually. I like the festive season and here’s something you can look forward to coming in December.

The inaugural Pick n Pay Taste of Christmas is set to take place on the 7th to the 9th of December at the Coca-Cola Dome, Northgate, Johannesburg. The event will feature carefully selected restaurants, which will be serving up some Christmas inspired dishes and handing out some useful tips ahead of the big day.

On announcing the festival, Taste Festivals Director Justine Drake said, “Pick n Pay Taste of Christmas is a celebration of the festive season combining the best of the holidays with oodles of eating, drinking and shopping, a dash of old fashioned goodwill and loads of Christmas cheer.”

So just to recap, the festival takes place from 7-9 December 2012 at the Coca-Cola Dome in Jozi! Tickets are priced from R80 and include a tasting glass. You can get your tickets by visting or They have set up their web properties, but it doesn’t look like they’re live yet, so bookmark this page and when I have more deets, I’ll let you know. You’ll be able to follow them on Twitter: @TasteOfChristmas  or like for regular updates.


Adele’s ‘Live At The Royal Albert Hall’ coming this November

So with Christmas looming, people (the organized types) will start heading to the shops to do their shopping ahead of the mad rush. I’m not one of those organized types, but alas. Here’s an idea for some of you. Arguably the biggest artist and the most successful of 2011 has to be British soul-singer Adele. Fresh off the success of her platinum selling album, “21”, which has sold 12million copies sold worldwide and counting, the star is now gearing up to release her “Live At The Royal Albert HallDVD and CD.

The concert film, which is 90 minutes in length, will be released on the 28th of November. Here is the tracklisting:
Hometown Glory
I’ll Be Waiting
Don’t You Remember
Turning Tables
Set Fire To The Rain
If It Hadn’t Been For Love
My Same
Take It All
Rumour Has It
Right As Rain
One & Only
Chasing Pavements
I Can’t Make You Love Me
Make You Feel My Love
Someone Like You
Rolling In The Deep

Dear Santa and his friends and family *wink*, I wouldn’t mind a copy of this. You know I’ve been painfully good this year. I thank you. Best, Jason

Christmas albums 2011- details on Michael Bublé’s

We’re just weeks away from the Christmas holidays and it would appear as though many musicians are hoping to have their albums under your Christmas tree this season. The South African Idols top 10 will release their Christmas album soon, Justin Bieber released his first single, Mistletoe, for his Christmas album last week and now news of Michael Bublé‘s record is coming too.

The album is called… wait for it…. CHRISTMAS. It is the follow up to his award winning album “Crazy Love” which sold over seven million copies worldwide. On releasing the album,  Bublé said, “Christmas has always been my favourite time of the year for me and my family so naturally it’s been a dream of mine to make the ‘ultimate’ Christmas record. Even though it was summer and 95 degrees in LA we totally got into the spirit of the holiday. Of course we decorated the studio with Christmas lights in the middle of July and that was a big help. One more thing, my mother told me it’s the best record I ever made.”

It was produced by David Foster, Bob Rock and Humberto Gatica and it was recorded in Hollywood and Vancouver. You can expect an appearance by Shania Twain too. See the tracklisting below:

1.            It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
2.            Santa Claus Is Coming To Own
3.            Jingle Bells (feat. The Puppini Sisters)
4.            White Christmas (Duet With Shania Twain)
5.            All I Want For Christmas Is You
6.            Holly Jolly Christmas
7.            Santa Baby
8.            Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
9.            Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
10.          Silent Night
11.          Blue Christmas
12.          Cold December Night
13.          I’ll Be Home For Christmas
14.          Ave Maria
15.          Mis Deseos / Feliz Navidad (Duet With Thalia)
16.          Michael’s Christmas Greeting

Get Festive, Make your very own Mistletoe

With just a few weeks to go until Christmas Day, it’s time to get merry, get festive. Time to put up your trees, decorate them with some old or new decorations. Find out where in your area there are Christmas Carol evenings and spend loads of time with your loved ones. If you’re feeling inspired and creative, then check out the video above. You can learn how to simply make your own Mistletoe- and you know what’s supposed to happen underneath the mistletoe right? I’ve noted this 🙂

Get Busy Living with Goldfish

One of South Africa’s most talented and successful musical outfits, Goldfish are back, bigger and better with their new album called Get Busy Living. It’s the follow up to hugely successful Perceptions of Pacha. Now Dominic Peters and Dave Poole are back in SA for the summer, playing at gigs in around SA. Below you can find out more about the new offering and where you can catch them this festive season:

JVB: Hey guys, welcome back to SA. You’re once again chasing summer. Tell me a bit more about your time in Ibiza this year?

Goldfish: Ibiza was amazing as usual… It’s our 4th year in a row that we’ve been heading over there now and this year was the best so far. It was great to be there for the World Cup Final, we were playing on the beach at the Blue Marlin which is a Dutch-owned club…on a Spanish Island with a SA band playing…you couldn’t get a more appropriate combination. The vibe was amazing.

JVB: Besides Ibiza, you were being booked in other European cities and countries as well as other locations in the world. Name two of your favourite gigs this year each or both together.

Goldfish: We have had such an amazing year of shows it is almost hard to choose. Brazil was incredible, It’s our 6th time back there and everytime we come back the crowds are even crazier. Playing Pacha Sao Paulo for around 5000 people on their birthday was pretty mental. I think there were a few Saffa’s in the crowd on Holiday who I think had their minds blown at a huge crowd of Brazilians singing along to all our tunes…Dave and I are still picking out bits of glitter from our gear after that one. ( ) Amsterdam Dance Event was also incredible. We sold out one of Hollands most famous venues (Melkweg) in one week, so the promotor added another show, which promptly sold out even quicker! We’re super stoked with how all the hard work and touring is starting to pay off.

JVB: Get Busy Living is the new album and the follow up to the hugely successful Perceptions of Pacha album. Was there a lot of pressure to produce something of a similar nature?

Goldfish: I think the Follow-up to Perceptions of Pacha was always going to be scrutinised by everyone no matter what we did, so we really made a conscious effort to just make the music we wanted to make instead of trying to make everyone else happy. Luckily that seems to have worked out as we have already had a couple of number #1’s with our first single Get Busy Living. But we are super proud of it, it’s like your kid

JVB: It’s still relatively new, but what has the response to the album been like up to now?

Goldfish: Amazing, thankfully! The interesting thing we have had from quite a few people is that it’s more a return to our roots in that the latter half of the album has more a journey type feel, and the songs grow on you in a different way. We try to make music that lasts… and with so much fizzy pop around I think people get a bit fatigued from all the autotune and MacMusic that gets shoved down our throats all the time.

JVB: The festive season is bound to be a busy one for you guys. What are some of the big things happening that your fans should know about?

Goldfish: We are doing our CD Launch this Friday at the Alex in Johannesburg, as well as being part of the awesome Sonic Summer Tour around South Africa in December along with Locnville, Die antwoord and Jax Panik. Continue reading “Get Busy Living with Goldfish”

Music Chart News

Billboard Hot 100 Number 1 Single:
Empire State Of Mind- Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys

BBC Radio 1 Number 1:
The Offical BBC Children In Need Medley-Peter Kay’s Animated All Star Band

Nokia Music Store Number 1 Singles Download:
Meet Me Halfway- Black Eyed Peas

Billboard Hot 200 Number 1 Album:
Battle Studies- John Mayer

BBC Radio 1 Number 1 Album:
I Dreamed A Dream- Susan Boyle

Nokia Music Store Number 1 Album Download:
Staring At The Ceiling- Watershed

Watch SuBo on the Early Show:

She’s expected to remain on top of the UK charts until Christmas time… and to think in March nobody knew who she was. Good on ya SuBo!

Lil Wayne- What a champ!

AP Photo/Peter Kramer
AP Photo/Peter Kramer

It’s been one helluva year for rapper Lil Wayne. He’s scored several top ten hits, has featured in some of the biggest tracks and he scored himself 4 Grammy Awards this year. Busy year for the rapper, but that’s not the only thing he’s been busy with. The star is apparently expecting his fourth child, with yet another partner (singer Nivea)… This so happens to be his fourth offspring in just over a year. What a classy chap he is! He’s obviously never heard of 1. contraception and 2. HIV/Aids.

So now the father of (almost) four is facing yet another dilemma, in that he probably wont be seeing his Lil ones for at least a year. Rolling Stone Magazine is reporting that he pleaded guilty to attempted possession of a weapon in the second degree on Thursday in a New York courtroom. The incident came to light after his tour bus was pulled over by police in July of ’07, after the po-po’s allegedly smelled pot wafting out of the Wayne bus. It’s then alleged that as the police were approaching, Wayne tossed a Louis Vuitton bag out of the bus, which had a gun in it.

As if that wasn’t enough, TMZ is also reporting that the rapper is also facing charges of felony drug possession and weapons charges in yet another state in the US, Arizona. He has pleaded not guilty to those charges though and that trial is set to get going in March of next year. He’ll officially be sentenced in February next year for the New York gun possession charges. Seems like it’s going to be a jolly old Merry Christmas for Lil Wayne this year. Oh and he’s expected to release his new record, “Rebirth” on the 15th of December. Let’s see how that goes.