Survivor SA: Champions – Graham wins

PRESS RELEASE: Survivor South Africa: Champions


Graham Is The Ultimate Survivor 

Captain Corne Krige Scoops Viewer Vote


Graham Jenneker (29) from Bellville, Cape Town, was named as the Ultimate Survivor during the live finale of M-Net’s Survivor South Africa: Champions tonight (18 May). The Financial Manager picked up the majority of votes from the Juara Jury – and the R1 Million prize – after surviving 27 days of tough challenges, calamitous blindsides and harsh conditions on a remote island in the South China Sea.


In a Survivor first, sporting legends Corne Krige and Mark Fish led the Selatan and Utara tribes, with a viewer vote choosing the winning Captain. Survivor SA viewers chose Corne as the winner, handing him a prize of over R500 000.


Graham told the Jury that he had played the game as a champion should – and the way a winner would. He said he had made an impact from Day 1, telling them that if he were sitting in their places, he’d look at how the Final 3 had played the game. “A champion isn’t someone who rides on coat tails, they fight on the front line, make an impact, change the game and forge their path – and that’s how I believe I played the game,” he said.


His overall game and powerful final speech were enough to win him 5 votes from the Jury and Captains, with Buhle picking up 3 and Sivu, 2. With the Jury given the chance to quiz the Final 3, Moyra had asked Graham outright what she should do, while Solly told him he’d “messed up” 25 days of immaculate play by not going against his word and voting Sivu out at the previous Tribal Council. David asked him what his most depressing moment in the game had been, to which he replied: “Right now”. He challenged the perception that his fellow Final 3 contestants were strong competitors. “There’s a lot of talk about these two being strong players. Buhle said she made a big move – I’d correct and say she only attempted it. Sivu had a big blindside, but he was lucky to find the Idol. Could they have engineered a move?” When Altaaf asked him if he’d have played the game any differently if no money was at stake, he responded that the promise of a better life had driven him on and that providing for the future played a big role in his decision-making. Zavion quizzed him along similar lines, asking how the R1 Million prize would change his life. “I guess its no surprise I want to get married and start a family. A Million Rand wouldn’t just promise a wedding, but also provide for my future family. If I can provide the best for them, that means the world,” he said.


The two Captains also weighed in with their thoughts on the Final 3’s game play. Mark revealed that he’d had his mind made up about who he wanted to vote for when he walked into Tribal Council, but had changed his mind because of “little things that have happened”. Corne said that he’d be basing his vote on the person he believed most deserved the title of Ultimate Survivor. “I’ll vote for the person I’ve seen give everything in every challenge, be an absolute sportsman, and play the game as it should be played – ruthlessly”.


The winner of the R90 000 family holiday in Zanzibar at Diamonds La Gemma Dell’est, courtesy of Lasher Tools, African Encounters and Axis Marketing, with flights supplied by fastjet is Diederik Venter.

Coming up in the penultimate episode of #SurvivorSA

It’s the tense penultimate episode of M-Net’s Survivor South Africa: Champions this Sunday. The final four castaways on the island in the South China Sea have survived twenty-five days of little food, tough living conditions, emotional ups-and-downs, curveballs and fair-weather companions – all in the quest to become the Ultimate Survivor and the winner of a whopping R1 Million. But now their fate hinges on one very particular hurdle: the next Immunity Challenge.

As proven by the previous Tribal Council, the battle lines are clearly drawn between Sivu and Buhle on the one side and Graham and David on the other – and the outcome of the challenge should indicate which of the two pairs will be facing the jury at the show’s final, final Tribal Council on 18 May. Unless, of course, there’s another surprise awaiting viewers…

The all-important Immunity Challenge has been carefully designed to be the ultimate endurance test. Whose stamina, strength and mind power will clinch the precious Immunity Necklace?

While the jury will decide who the winner of this season will be, the voting public has until Wednesday 14 May at midnight to vote for their favourite captain. The Captains are competing for a R500 000 cash prize. By voting, viewers stand to win R10 000 each week, courtesy of WeChat, and a grand prize of a family holiday in Zanzibar, valued at R90 000, courtesy of Lasher Tools, African Encounters and Axis Marketing.

There are three ways to vote:
o  SMS ‘Mark’ or ‘Corne’ to 37177 with your mobile phone at a cost of R1.50 per SMS. T&C Apply.

o  Vote on WeChat. Add the ‘SurvivorSA’ WeChat ID and press the ‘vote’ button. Voting on WeChat is free. T&C Apply.

o  Vote via web & mobile at Voting online is free. T&C Apply.

Survivor South Africa: Champions is broadcast on M-Net on Sundays at 17:30, with a repeat on M-Net Series Zone on Saturdays at 13:00. Visit for exclusive content and follow the conversation on social media or @Survivor_SA.

Next on Survivor South Africa: Champions

The game is heating up and the backstabbing is becoming intense. I’ve enjoyed watching this season of Survivor South Africa. While players like Marian and Shane PISS me off to no end, they’re doing exactly what they have to to win that million Rand prize. David is just annoying and most of the others are okay. I really enjoy Zavian and Graham, but in the last couple of episodes, I feel like Graham is getting too caught up in Shane’s game and that might cost him big time. Let’s see what happens I guess. So what’s happening at 17:30 tonight? Check this little teaser out below: Continue reading “Next on Survivor South Africa: Champions”

On #SurvivorSA this week

Here’s what you can expect on Survivor South Africa: Champions this week:

Cricket legend Jonty Rhodes brings one tribe a special gift. It’s day ten for the two tribes that are playing the game of Survivor in the South China sea . Never in their lives have they been this hungry. To top it off the members of Mark Fish’s Utara lost Zan, their biggest provider at the previous tribal council. The tribes’ only hope to momentarily still the hunger pangs is a food reward from host Nico Panagio – and luckily that’s exactly what is up for grabs at the Reward Challenge. Unfortunately, only the winners will be able to enjoy the delicious hamburgers and chips at the end of the game. Then, instead of getting a clue about the Immunity Challenge, which will determine which tribe goes to tribal council, there’s a surprise treemail for the captains requiring a difficult decision. In the meantime, Selatan’s captain, Corne Krige, feels the pressure of the Hidden Immunity Idol that was given to him for safe-keeping by Shona last week. Corne can only use the idol in the interest of the whole tribe.

Inbetween all the action, cricket star Jonty Rhodes arrive on the island with a box of goodies and good vibes. What’s in the box and how will one of the tribes benefit from that?

“The season is just getting better and better, ” says M-Net’s Head of Publicity, Lani Lombard. “And once again, the social dynamics at camp will also get viewers talking this week. The Survivors are hungry, exhausted and desparate and we all know how emotions can see-saw under such circumstances.”

Survivor South Africa: Champions is broadcast on M-Net on Sundays at 17:30. For DStv Compact viewers, there’s a repeat on Saturdays on M-Net Series Zone at 13:00. For the latest updates on the show, join the official Survivor Facebook page – Survivor SA.

If you missed my interview with Zan from Survivor South Africa: Champions, watch it here.

Double the drama in Survivor South Africa Champions

Survivor SA Champions episode 5 - Zan voted out, 04The drama is heating up in Survivor South Africa Champions, and so is the conniving and the backstabbing. In last night’s episode not one, but two castaways were sent packing after tribal council. It all started when the Utara and Selatan tribes received their tree mail stating that there would be no challenge in this episode, but rather both tribes would go to tribal council and one from each would be going home. Port Elizabeth’s Zan read the news out to his tribe and shortly after that dropped the bombshell that he no longer wanted to be in the game and that they should vote him out as a result. He cited missing his family and friends and his girlfriend in particular for wanting to leave.

Let’s talk about this development for a second, before we move on shall we. Zan was one of the fittest, strongest contestants in the game. He was also one of the most talked about, and not in a good way. For one, last week he dropped what many considered to be racially intolerant comments towards Killarney. He also didn’t want to participate in the fishing antiques because of some beliefs, which I still don’t get. He wouldn’t share his hammock with his fellow castaways and in my opinion, his lip was often hanging on the ground. Last night he told his fellow Survivor castaways that he was hungry and the physical strain was impacting on him mentally too. I get that and it’s unfortunate, but to also say that you never came into the game to win the R1million prize is pretty silly if you ask me. Why subject yourself to no food, little sleep, conniving and backstabbing individuals who you don’t know if you didn’t want to win the grand prize?

Gosh, I could think of better things to do if I was trying to test myself. Marian is one of the castaways who is playing the game very well, but she must be careful because it could come back to bite her in the ass later… Her hiding Zan’s favourite shorts on the island was smart and it ticked him off to no end. It also made him react in a childish manner by taking the flint, which is used to start fires. He revealed this at tribal council and then decided (in a ‘noble’ manner) to give it to Buhle, who was targeted by several contestants to be voted out. In short, Zan got his wish and was voted out, but man oh man was this a very heated topic on social media. He lost a lot of cred with that decision.

Survivor SA Champions episode 5 - 09Hop across the island and you’ve got the ‘funny’ drama unfolding with David and Shona. Once the tribal council news was announced, Shona quickly jumped at the opportunity to get David out. She told them how he had the hidden immunity. While that all worked out initially and everyone was on board to vote David, her plan quickly backfired. Once it was decided that he was going, Shona took the opportunity to get the Idol and hide it somewhere. David caught wind of this and as soon as he realised it was gone, he marched back to the tribe and confronted Shona in front of the rest of the tribe…. AWKWARD! She scrambled, fumbled and ummed and aahed, but the damage was done. Shona was voted out and as she made her way towards Nico, with tears in her eyes, she said it wasn’t personal. Shem!

I’ll be interviewing both Zan and Shona a little later. If you have any questions, drop me a comment below or a tweet @JasonVonBerg.

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Survivor SA: Champions – Meet the castaways


If someone had to ask me what my favourite reality show is, it would have to be Survivor. I’ve loved this show since inception and I follow it as much as possible. The American one is fantastic and the South African version is equally as entertaining and with that in mind, we’ve got just over two weeks to go until the new season hits our screens. It’s called Survivor SA: Champions. It will see sporting icons Mark Fish and Corne Krige leading two tribes through the trials and tribulations the game that is Survivor. Here are the contestants you’ll be seeing a lot more of come the 19th of January at 17:30.

The Brawn

Physical strength and well-toned muscles can come in handy at Survivor challenges, but these Goliaths take it to the next level. If they all end up in the same tribe, it will be a walk-over at the challenges. If not, there might be epic testosterone-fuelled battles.

Sports Manager

Solly is a street-smart, athletic sportsman who grew up in Hillbrow, studied at RAU and is now the Sports Manager of a country club in small-town Kathu in the Northern Cape. One of his best-loved playgrounds is the gym. He also managed gym franchises in Johannesburg, and while his imposing rugby body poses a physical threat to men, he loves the company of strong women.

Vehicle salesman

This sexy Umtata-born bad boy is not your typical jock, but his tattoo-covered gym-honed body is hard to ignore. Zan is a car sales executive who’s always been obsessed with swimming and the big blue ocean. He represented Eastern Province at the SA Games in swimming in 2005 and is a scuba dive master who also loves fishing. Add to that the ability to speak fluent Xhosa and a chef qualification and the hunky castaway becomes even more intriguing…

Wedding Planner

Zavion hits the stereotypical image of an out-and-proud gay wedding planner for six. He has been the SA Student Decathlon Champion for the past four years and trained for the Sharks Rugby Academy under-21 side. But in contrast to ladies’ man Solly and bad boy Zan, Zavion is a go-getter former Kearsney College Head Boy and a people-pleaser with an artistic side. As you would expect from a wedding planner everything must be perfect, maybe too perfect. Continue reading “Survivor SA: Champions – Meet the castaways”

Survivor South Africa returns

Survivor is the show that kick started the reality TV buzz (in my head that is). It was a global phenomenon, a unique TV experience that put the contestants to the test. As viewers we got to see backstabbing at its best, strategies and alliances coming to life. We got to see these contestants survive the elements, battling their way through it, all in the hopes of scooping that massive prize money.

Our local version did really well… So much so M-Net has decided it is time to do another season. That will happen next year, woohoo!!! I want to enter. Would you enter? Have a look at this for more information:

Worldwide first for Survivor:
Two sporting champions at the helm of new Survivor SA

Survivor South Africa is back – with a twist that is rewriting international Survivor history. In a worldwide first, two sporting legends have been tasked to lead the tribes that will face hunger pains, the elements of nature, nasty creepy crawlies, and the game’s trademark plotting and scheming – all in the quest to become the next Ultimate Survivor.

Soccer superstar Mark Fish and former Springbok rugby captain Corné Krige are the two national heroes that will go head to head in M-Net’s brand new Survivor South Africa: Champions.

Unlike their tribe members, who will all be unknown South African citizens, they won’t run the risk of being voted off at the show’s dreaded tribal councils. Yet, every second on the island will be just as important to them.

While the other Survivors are giving all they have to survive the island’s hardships and win the jury’s vote for a cash prize of R1 million, Mark and Corné will be playing their own game, with their eyes set on a separate R500 000, for themselves.

But to get the R500 000 into their bank account, they will first have to impress the most difficult jury of them all – the voting public. While the show is screened on M-Net, these critical Survivor fans will scrutinize Corné and Mark’s every move, maneuver, decision and tactic to determine which of the two proved to be the best tribal captain.

“This addition to the popular reality show format is bound to create many hours of excitable water cooler conversation,” says Pierre Cloete, M-Net Director: General Entertainment Channels. “Mark and Corné are both highly competitive and physically strong, but have very different personalities. It will be fascinating to see how these tribe captains strategise to get their team ahead and how they deal with the multiple challenges on the island.”

“And, this is just the first of many surprises awaiting Survivor South African fans this season,” adds Sivan Pillay, Managing Director of Endemol South Africa, the production company that has produced all seasons of Survivor South Africa to date. “Pitting two champions with the gravitas of Mark and Corné against each other opens up plenty opportunities for curveballs and additional pressure on the contestants. You will have to be extra tough to survive this one!”

South African citizens who want to join either Corné or Mark’s tribes, need to keep an eye on M-Net, the M-Net website and the press from the beginning of July to find out more. As in the past, contestants will have to be older than 18, with a valid passport and the determination to remain standing in the harshest of circumstances.

But what do the two already-chosen Survivor champions think of their role on the show? And who would they like to have in their tribe?

“I feel for Corné’s tribe,” quips the witty Mark, who has captained soccer teams in the UK and Italy. “To be lead by a rugby player? Say no more!”
On a more serious note, the man with the never-say-die attitude wants to be surrounded by individuals who will “showcase their individual qualities that will help the team to progress.”

Sturdy, experienced Stormers and Springbok leader Corné will base his strategy on compassion and hard work. “I would like tribe members who are tough when the tough gets going and have a fighting spirit.”

Survivor South Africa: Champions will be filmed at a secret location towards the end of 2013 and Nico Panagio will appear again as the series host.

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