DJ Fresh sets the record straight

Malicious, unfounded gossip and gossipers… What a waste of air, honestly! I look at some of the magazine shelves in the shops and I think to myself how on earth do these journalists, editors come up with this shit? Who are their sources? And why are they out to make people look bad? Yes I’m in the entertainment industry and yes I’m guilty of having consumed some of this news in the past, but I’ve never had any desire to write for a tabloid etc. Unfortunately while my little, “I’m all about the craft” ideas are sweet, people clearly want the trash. And speaking of trash, DJ Fresh has vehemently denied and rubbished reports about him having fathered a love child.

In the 22nd of June edition of the Sunday Sun, reports surfaced alleging that Fresh, otherwise known as Thato Sikwane, had fathered a child with his manager of 15 years. Fresh is so peeved by these allegations leveled against him that he has lodged a formal complaint against the publication with the Press Council and demanded a front-page retraction. He has also requested the article be removed from the site.

“I do not have a child with her and must add I was not given fair opportunity to reply to any of the allegations either. The article correctly states that I was in Botswana – but no attempt was made to contact me at my hotel and no attempt was made to obtain contact details for me in Botswana from my wife, my manager or anybody else. There was no attempt to contact me via social media,” he says.

I hope the Press Council rules in his favour.

5FM… Fresh and Goode

Gareth’s gone… we get that. So 5FM management clearly had to think long and hard about who would take over the popular breakfast slot. Well they’ve done their thinking and the replacement is? SURPRISE… DJ Fresh. Fresh is no stranger to morning radio, so I have no doubt in my mind that he will be a fantastic mornings host. His show starts at 5am according to a tweet from 5 earlier. He’ll be doing the 5-8am slot.

Earlier this week I told you that DJ Warras (of YFM fame) will be taking over the evenings slot, leaving Roger Goode with a one way ticket to the afternoon drive slot. This is an interesting move for me and clearly for many others too. Roger is fun, playful… Perfect for the evenings. As an afternoon host? Well I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. You can still be fun, don’t get me wrong. I’m just not completely sold at this stage. We’ll see come the 5th of May.

So they’re changing the slots around a bit. Who takes over the either 8-11/ 8-12 slot? Are they trying to hook the audience from early and then keep the listeners there, so as to break the reign of Queen B across the hallway at Metro? If they hook the audience and promise an epic alternative, it could be interesting. You’ll see an interesting trend occurring on Twitter now for news reader, Poppy. It’s called… #WheresPoppy. Well Poppy isn’t going anywhere, but there will be a change. What it will be I don’t know? Again I can speculate and say she might get her own show after Fresh? Maybe she’ll co-host with Roger, and go head-to-head with her pal Anele? What do you think? All very interesting and I guess what I’m doing now is what they were hoping for, talking about it and all.

Personally? I think 5 has an agenda, which I guess we’ll see unfolding soon. My vibe right now though is seeing what Cliff Central has for us… I’m VERY, VERY interested in that venture!

DJ Fresh and his wife Thabiso cover True Love Magazine


DJ Fresh and his wife Thabiso cover True Love Magazine’s February issue… The Valentine’s edition of the mag. I love the cover. It’s on point and apparently on sale now 🙂 They’re telling us EVERYTHING!!!! I wonder what that means. Off to the shops I go.

The Ultimix @ 6 tour wraps up in Jozi tonight

Let’s be frank, the weather in Johannesburg is kak. It’s cold, windy and just when we thought we’d say adios to winter, that little bitch decided to show us who’s boss. We get you, now you can go. While the wintery conditions might not be ideal for partying, people of Jozi listen up. You will want to venture off to Rosebank tonight. The Ultimix @ 6 Volume 3 tour comes to an end tonight and those involved are going out with a bang. The party is set to take place in the parking lot at The Zone, Rosebank from 9pm. R50 will get you in and on the decks tonight is the Ultimix @ 6 competition winner, Ryan The DJ. 5FM’s DJ Fresh, Euphonik, Poppy as well as DJ Kent will be attempting to raise the roof of P5 at The Zone and you know this is going to be mad cool. So be tough, be #847Strong and get on down to the Zone for one of the hottest parties of the year.

Fresh & Euphonik present OH SHIP!

We might be heading into winter, but if there’s one thing to get you through this cold snap you can bet Fresh and Euphonik will have the answer for you. The two have teamed up with Carvo Caramel Vodka, Nu Metro Cinemas and Sony Max (channel 126 on DStv) for the Fresh and Euphonik present OH Ship campaign.

Check this out, in December you can be apart of a three-night party extravaganza on board the ship, alongside FeU, MiCasa, Goldfish and many other party goers. The cruise leaves from Cape Town on 7 December. It’ll head towards Mossel Bay and then it returns to the Mother City on the 10th of December.

If you want to get on board, cabin prices start from only R2,925 per person sharing.

·         To book, call Starlight Cruises now on 0860 114411. 


·         No under 18’s allowed

·         Terms and Conditions Apply

You can also stand a chance of winning a cabin by tweeting them on @ohshipsa. Alternatively you can visit their page on Facebook along with the act you most want to see on board.


Get to know Ian Credible

1. For those who don’t know who Ian Credible is, who are you?
Ian Credible (AKA Ian Morrison) is a multi talented MC/DJ/VJ & Producer.

2. You’re an award-winning DJ. How did this interest in deejaying come about?
From my youth I have just been so interested in music and making it that I decided being a deejay would best describe my love for music.

3. You’ve played alongside the likes of FeU, Groove Armada and others. Tell us about one of your best DJ experiences.
One of my best DJing experiences was playing at the 2009 Ponta do Ouro Beach Party. It was just something different and exciting and I also enjoyed playing alongside Groove Armada when they where in South Africa at JET Nighclub.

4. You have a track out now with R&B star Lungelo. Tell us about that collaboration, how it came about and more about the song.
The song is called “Push It To The Limit’ and it’s my first single from my upcoming album which features ex-popstar R&B singer Lungelo. The song is very uptembo/dancy track. The track was produced by myself and Aaron B, a very close friend of mine. Myself and Aaron were just messing around in studio and we just started putting some drumbeats together until we found the right Rhythm for the song. We then gave it to Lungelo who was is so brilliant at what he does that he came up with the words within 2 hours of hearing the beat.

5. Closely linked to that, as someone who studied sound engineering, it seems quite trendy at the moment to mesh different musical genres together. One needn’t look further than the likes of David Guetta and the artists he has worked with, as well as Chris Brown and Benny Benassie collaboration “Beautiful People”. You’re now doing something similar. What do you make of this trend?
It’s a very successful trend and it seems to be working perfectly for the international acts. I decided to localize it and work with our very talented local musicians.

6. This is the first single off your upcoming album. Tell us more about that and what we can expect?
Yes it is the first single. I’m currently working on a lot of tracks for the album and it promises to be a very commercial/electro dance type of album with different types of sound influence. I plan on getting alot more artists to collaborate with me on this project and hopefully can be released on a international platform. We are also currently working on shooting a music video for the first single this coming month.

7. Who are you some of your favourite djs in the game at the moment?
I would say two of my favorite djs are DJ Fresh & Roger De Lux.

8. Do you ever go to a club when you aren’t working and find yourself listening to the DJ’s mixing and go WTF dude? Tell us about one of the craziest and worst mixes you’ve heard?
Yes I do go out with friends and just chill. Clubs tend to just book any dj just to cut down costs and that is why you get bad mixes. One of my worst expereinces was at Tao, Bedfordview when I heard some small time dj mixing and was so horrible. I couldn’t stand it. I personally went and told the owner to cut the music. It was some no name dj that was mixing using Virtual dj.

9. You’re pretty busy at the moment. How do people get in touch or keep up to date with all your news, party details etc?
People can get hold of me for any bookings via my manager: Mubanga@kushproduction/website: @Kush_Production/BBM Pin:276A1313 or @djiancredible

10. As a DJ you have your own definition of music. What words, or terms best describe music for you?
Music is ENERGY!

And the 2011 You Spectacular nominees are…

Congratulations to all the nominees for this year’s You Spectacular Awards. It’s great to see a publication like You honouring our talent and I’m pretty sure they’ll be putting on a show much more commendable than what we had to endure recently. Just saying. Well done to all the breakout stars especially to Elvis Blue of Idols fame and to Simba Mhere, the new face on Top Billing. I entered the Top Billing presenter search last year and while I received really good feedback and comments, I was bummed when I didn’t make it through and when you see someone like Simba on the show, it’s easy to understand why he made it through right to the very end. He has done some amazing things already and I look forward to seeing more of him on TV in the future. Elvis Blue is the most successful South African Idol, having gone gold with his debut album and being the first Idol worldwide to win the competition, get straight into the studio, record and release an album all within in a month. Big up to him. My favourites are in there as per. The lovely Jeannie D from Top Billing  is up for a few awards. The freaks of the gene pool category aka the hottest couples in this year’s list are on point. I do think that the newly married and new parents, Lee-Ann Liebenberg and Nicky van der Walt are by far the hottest and most deserving of all the nominees, if I’m to be honest. Their love for one another is so clear. I’m envious of them… one day! Some of my other favs include Gareth Cliff, DJ Fresh, Bonang, Siphiwe Tshabalala, Lira, Nico Panagio and Unathi. You can see the full list below. Good luck to them all. Either way, each and everyone of them are gifted, talented, entertaining and awesome. Good luck to them all.

Nico Panagio (Survivor SA: Maldives)
Leanne Manas (Morning Live)
Pabi Moloi (All Access)
Proverb (Idols)
Jeannie D (Top Billing)

Crazy White Boy (singing duo)
Ashish Gangapersad
Elvis Blue (Idols)
Simba Mhere (Top Billing)
Hildegardt Whites (7de Laan)

Connie and Shona Ferguson
Lee-Ann Liebenberg and Nicky van der Walt
Nico and Christi Panagio
Sonia and Leslie Sedibe
Diaan Lawrenson and Jody Abrahams

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