MasterChef SA, Late Nite with Loyiso Gola nominated for Emmys

We love a good story, don’t we? Well as South Africans we can be super proud of two of our television productions. MasterChef South Africa and Late Night with Loyiso Gola have both been nominated for International Emmys. MasterChef was nominated in the Non-Scripted Entertainment category, while Loyiso’s show was nominated in the Comedy category. Fantastic news and rightful nominees they are. MasterChef was shot beautifully. The mix of contestants, the drama that unfolded, the food that was cooked and the show in general was just winning. Loyiso’s show is sharp, intelligent, funny and brilliant. The mix of comedians who have joined Loyiso on screen works so well and the host himself is deserving of an Emmy and more.

On receiving news about the Emmy nomination, Pierre Cloete, M-Net‘s Channel Director, says that the International Emmy nomination for MasterChef South Africa Season 1 is a huge honour: “To have the international benchmark of TV award ceremonies recognize MasterChef South Africa Season 1 with a nomination for Best International Reality Series is not only an honour, but also a huge endorsement to all parties involved. We’d like to congratulate the series producers – Quizzical Pictures and Lucky Bean Media – for creating such a high quality series. We look forward to hearing the results of this prestigious nomination.”

“Late Nite News has become part of our national conversation. It has taught us to laugh at ourselves and see the truth through humour. I see LNN as an extension of our news service at eNCA and value the hard work and dedication from Loyiso Gola, Kagiso Lediga, Tamsin Andersson and the rest of the team.” said Patrick Conroy, eNCA Group Head of News.

Tamsin Andersson, Producer of LNN said that “It’s a great feeling to have this recognition. The LNN team has worked tirelessly and passionately on the show from the beginning and it is humbling and very exciting that the Emmy’s have given us a nod. Thank you to eNCA and for all the support”.

Big up to both productions. The 41st International Emmy® Awards will be held in New York City on the 25th of November. I WANT TO GO!

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Wayne Brady on The Von Vodcast

Daniel Born
Daniel Born

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing funny man Wayne Brady. What a good oke hey. It happened to be his birthday too, so nice one for actually taking the time out to chat to us Wayne. I even sang to him- with a lame American accent. Don’t ask me why, because I actually don’t know. Perhaps it’s the global effect of the American accent. You know how we’re exposed to it on a massive scale. Anyway the Emmy winning star is out in the country for his “Making It Up On Tour” show. He’s already played to Cape Town audiences and tonight it’s the chance of Jozi fans. In fact there are three shows up here and I think the only show, which still has tickets is tomorrow’s show. So for more details check out Carnival City’s website. Check out this week’s episode of the Von Vodcast with the star:

Now as you’ll see, Wayne proposed an online broadcast in Singapore…. I’d love to hook that up, but we’ll see how that works out 🙂

Just some trivia for you, Brady was nominated for a Grammy earlier this year for his debut album, “A Long Time Coming” and this is one of the songs off that album:

He says this song is a love song dedicated to his daughter and his ex-wife. The two divorced in 2007 and as Wayne says, they could’ve chosen to take the negative I hate you route, “The fact of the matter is that I loved you enough to have a child with you. We’re going to be connected for at least the next twelve years. Let’s make the best of it and I can love you still even though it can’t be in the way that we did. We are two people who have this child and we can be big enough and adult enough to make it work, I don’t think we see that enough. You have to set a good example.”

His six-year-old daughter, who features in the music video, is on tour with him. He says it’s important for him to be the right kind of role model to her, “I’m the first guy in her life, so I’m going to be the right guy in her life to set an example. Even when she sees me on stage,. It’s by no strech of the imagination that it’s a clean show live, but see shes her daddy carrying himself in a certain way. I’m nothing less then a gentleman and that’s what I expect her to see and rub off on her.”

What a great guy! I hope to see him back in the country in the not too distant future!