#NewRangerLaunch has heightened my love for Ford’s Ranger

Last week I got to hang out with some of my favourite people, in one of my favourite provinces in SA, and all to mark the new car launch of one of favourite motoring companies around, Ford. The Ford South Africa team have officially launched the new Ranger, and I was one of the lucky few who got to test drive these new beauts from Cape Town International, all the way through  to the Aquila Game Reserve in Cederberg. A little bit of road driving, coupled with some intense 4×4 driving was done, and man oh man if my love affair with the new Ford Ranger even bigger now. Check out some of my pics below:


You may recall I went to Namibia earlier this year for the Ford Ranger Odyssey, in which I got to drive the Ranger around the Namib Desert and surrounds for some eight days. I’m not a motoring journalist, or an expert in that department by any means, but I do know this car is incredible. It handles the open road beautifully, but off-road is where it really excels. It’s smooth, can handle almost any terrain thrown at it. It’s easy to drive and just a very comfortable vehicle.

I drive a VW currently, and while I love it, it is time to upgrade. Ford’s Ranger is high up on my list and I’ve already started investigating. The reason? I lead a very active lifestyle now, participating in a lot of on road and mountain bike races. That requires transporting my bike to and from training and racing venues. I also love to travel, especially into the bush and I think a car like this is economical when it comes to fuel consumption, it’s great for game drives. It doesn’t hurt that the car is a nice looking one too, so it ticks all the boxes for me 😉

Are you a fan of the Ranger? Do you drive one already? Holler at me if you have some tips, tricks and recommendations.

Ford online:



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I’m in SYNC® with my #FordKuga

Ford Kuga interiorYesterday I asked for some assistance regarding the SYNC® functionality in my Ford Kuga…  The universe delivered – in the form of something called my brain, go figure. Amazing what you can do with that little thing between your ears 😉

I’m now happy to announce that SYNC® is working seamlessly and perfectly. The various radio stations were irritating me on my way home and to a friend’s last night, so I connected my iPad to SYNC® and I played DJ in the Kuga. Perfect I tell you, perfect! I was even doing kick-ass links too; back announcing and throwing forward to the next song. I feel a car radio DJing career on the horizon, ha.

Back to the point though, this SYNC® is one of the most incredible features that Ford has to offer. I was introduced to it a few months back and let me tell you this is a big plus for me. It’s easy to use (when your brain functions), it’s hands free (great and encouraged for driving) and it’s all-round winning. As far as driving goes, it’s hard not to enjoy this car. Look, it’s automatic, so it’s lazy in my opinion. In the traffic, it handles well, but on the open road it’s so smooth. You have to watch how much pressure you apply to the accelerator though, because it likes to move – enter cruise control! I’ll have some more on my open road experience and some of my other findings in another post – my #FordKuga discoveries keep on coming!