Gallery: #CliffCentralRocksChristmas at Gold Reef City

Last night my #Unradio family at Cliff Central held the first of many event at the Lyric in Gold Reef City. The event saw the ‘president’ of Cliff Central, Gareth Cliff sharing the stage with the likes of Jennifer Su (my co-host), Hlubi Mboya, Tumisho Masha, ProVerb, the fantastic, amazing Soweto Gospel Choir and many other personalities from the station. I manned the ticket desk in fear of making all the guests evacuate their seats at the sound of my singing voice 😉

Check out the gallery below:

Previously on The Buzz on

If you missed the latest episode of The Buzz on with myself and Jennifer Su, take a listen to the podcast to hear what you missed. Jen and I caught up with Jonathan from Eye Couture to find out what hot trends you should look out for this Spring/ Summer. We also chatted to Nicolas and team from Cirque Eloize… This guys is talented to say the least. He can juggle knives, fireballs and a total of seven (maybe 8, stretched to 9) balls in one go. The show looks amazing too. We also chatted to Johnny Ray about Rockville 2069. Have a listen below and don’t forget to tune in every Tuesday between 11 and 12pm.

Press release: Gareth Cliff’s UnRadio Show to debut on Comedy Central

Just so you know….


Johannesburg, 23 April 2014: Entertainment phenomenon and “unradio” host Gareth Cliff is continuing to explore exciting new pastures with his own pan-African TV show – going LIVE 5 days a week on Comedy Central Africa.


Irreverent new talk show “The Gareth Cliff Show Live on Comedy Central” will be aired live every Monday to Friday on Comedy Central (DSTV Channel 122), on and on from 1 May.


The live breakfast show, airing from 07.35 CAT to 08.50 CAT every weekday, will feature calls, live interviews and a cheeky sideways look at the day’s news stories from Cliff’s new “” project, helped along by Cliff’s regular posse of collaborators including Damon Kalvari, Leigh-Ann Mol, Mabale Moloi and Siya Sangweni-Fynn.

According to Gareth Cliff, “With the dramatic changes in the broadcast landscape in a relatively short period of time, people are already listening to radio everywhere except on the radio, with online being the frontrunner. The partnership with Comedy Central not only gives our audience a traditional platform to join us as they’re getting ready to start the day, but is an opportunity to uncover fresh local content in a way that has never been done before in South Africa – reality radio!”


Evert van der Veer, Channel Head, Comedy Central, Africa, commented “This is Comedy Central’s first daily live show in the African market and we are thrilled to be partnering with a host of Gareth Cliff’s calibre, polish and experience to bring this new comedy concept to these shores.  The addition of a localised editorial voice to put things in perspective for SA viewers adds a broad new dimension to our comedy portfolio.”

MultiChoice Content Head, Aletta Alberts said they had great expectations of the show. “We have always supported new ideas and this exciting and fresh addition to the Comedy Central line-up will make the channel even stronger, reinforced by this local flavour. Gareth gives our viewers a voice to interact with this strong global brand.”


For the inside track on “The Gareth Cliff Show Live on Comedy Central”,please go to, like us on Facebook or follow the fun on Twitter and Instagram @ComedyCentralAF, or on Tumblr at To join the conversation about the show, please add #CliffComedyCentral to your tweets.


5FM… Fresh and Goode

Gareth’s gone… we get that. So 5FM management clearly had to think long and hard about who would take over the popular breakfast slot. Well they’ve done their thinking and the replacement is? SURPRISE… DJ Fresh. Fresh is no stranger to morning radio, so I have no doubt in my mind that he will be a fantastic mornings host. His show starts at 5am according to a tweet from 5 earlier. He’ll be doing the 5-8am slot.

Earlier this week I told you that DJ Warras (of YFM fame) will be taking over the evenings slot, leaving Roger Goode with a one way ticket to the afternoon drive slot. This is an interesting move for me and clearly for many others too. Roger is fun, playful… Perfect for the evenings. As an afternoon host? Well I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. You can still be fun, don’t get me wrong. I’m just not completely sold at this stage. We’ll see come the 5th of May.

So they’re changing the slots around a bit. Who takes over the either 8-11/ 8-12 slot? Are they trying to hook the audience from early and then keep the listeners there, so as to break the reign of Queen B across the hallway at Metro? If they hook the audience and promise an epic alternative, it could be interesting. You’ll see an interesting trend occurring on Twitter now for news reader, Poppy. It’s called… #WheresPoppy. Well Poppy isn’t going anywhere, but there will be a change. What it will be I don’t know? Again I can speculate and say she might get her own show after Fresh? Maybe she’ll co-host with Roger, and go head-to-head with her pal Anele? What do you think? All very interesting and I guess what I’m doing now is what they were hoping for, talking about it and all.

Personally? I think 5 has an agenda, which I guess we’ll see unfolding soon. My vibe right now though is seeing what Cliff Central has for us… I’m VERY, VERY interested in that venture!



It has been a week since shock jock, Gareth Cliff announced that he was leaving national station, 5FM. Nobody knew why, not many expected it, but it happened… The trend #WheresGareth started and so began the speculating. Well here it is folks, Gareth is launching is own thing and on the 1st of May we’ll find out more about…. the unscripted, uncensored station, something he will absolutely rock at doing.

It kinda makes sense to me if you piece it all together. He’s a pioneer; a leader in broadcasting and so he needs to be ahead of everyone else. While there are other online stations out there already, Gareth comes with a massive following and a strong fan base. If I recall correctly, Gareth met Howard Stern on a recent trip to the USA, someone he admires. Stern is a big deal over there and he is hugely successful. He’s also a motormouth and says what he wants and that is what Gareth clearly wants! Uncensored radio will change things and all current stations must be shitting off big time.

I still believe there will be a video component to this. Gareth knows where the market is going and the convergence of broadcasting and online consumption, through platforms like YouTube will be key to this model. I look forward to finding out more about this. And who knows, maybe I’ll go knocking on the CC door and ask for a job too. You know me, the online, multimedia, entertainment guy 😉

My message to Gareth Cliff and crew

Gareth Cliff has left the building… The controversial radio host has decided his time at national station, 5FM must come to an end. Just like that – it’s done. I was heading back from Sun City when he bowed out just before 9am. So I pulled over, took a moment to record a little message to Gareth and his team. Check it out above.

Gareth Cliff, thank you for entertaining us. Legend!

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