[Video] Gwen Stefani releases Spark The Fire

Gwen Stefani is making a nice comeback this festive season. The star has garnered a lot of positive reviews for her judging on the hit show, The Voice. She’s one of the best; caring compassionate and constructive where she needs to be. She’s also enjoyed a fair amount of success with her single, Baby Don’t Lie. A lot of people aren’t massive fans of the song, but I do love it and I do love me some Gwen Stefani. She’s now busy pushing her new single, Spark The Fire, which dropped on YouTube a couple of hours ago. Watch it below:

I think I’m going to take a while to warm to this one, but it’s catchy so I’m sure it’ll find its audience. I was thinking that with Gwen’s new musical direction and what Fergie is producing at the moment, I’d dig to see these two in studio. I reckon they could conjure up something quite creative, innovative and different to what is currently out there. That’s just a thought I had. What do you think? Sound off in the comments section.