M-Net brings The Voice to South Africa


How porking bizarre… My colleagues and I were talking about this yesterday. So here it is: M-Net is bringing The Voice to SA in 2016 The show made its debut in 2010 in the Netherlands, when creator John de Mol, the brains behind other shows like Big Brother and Fear Factor decided to do something different and fresh.

If you’ve watched M-Net, you’ll know how hugely successful the US version has been. I suppose when you have the likes of Adam Levine, Blake Sheldon, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams and other judges on board, you’re bound to have a winning formula. I also think a host like Carson Daly was a good choice… Yo M-Net, holler at your boy 😉 The names of the coaches will be announced later this year, but it doesn’t hurt for us to speculate now… So go! Who do you think will be good? I’m thinking Loyiso Bala, Lira, Tamara Dey, J’Something, Kurt Darren, Kabelo Mabalane, Danny K, Euphonik, Dineo Moeketsi would be some good names to consider.

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[Video] Gwen Stefani releases Spark The Fire

Gwen Stefani is making a nice comeback this festive season. The star has garnered a lot of positive reviews for her judging on the hit show, The Voice. She’s one of the best; caring compassionate and constructive where she needs to be. She’s also enjoyed a fair amount of success with her single, Baby Don’t Lie. A lot of people aren’t massive fans of the song, but I do love it and I do love me some Gwen Stefani. She’s now busy pushing her new single, Spark The Fire, which dropped on YouTube a couple of hours ago. Watch it below:

I think I’m going to take a while to warm to this one, but it’s catchy so I’m sure it’ll find its audience. I was thinking that with Gwen’s new musical direction and what Fergie is producing at the moment, I’d dig to see these two in studio. I reckon they could conjure up something quite creative, innovative and different to what is currently out there. That’s just a thought I had. What do you think? Sound off in the comments section.