[Video] Gwen Stefani releases Spark The Fire

Gwen Stefani is making a nice comeback this festive season. The star has garnered a lot of positive reviews for her judging on the hit show, The Voice. She’s one of the best; caring compassionate and constructive where she needs to be. She’s also enjoyed a fair amount of success with her single, Baby Don’t Lie. A lot of people aren’t massive fans of the song, but I do love it and I do love me some Gwen Stefani. She’s now busy pushing her new single, Spark The Fire, which dropped on YouTube a couple of hours ago. Watch it below:

I think I’m going to take a while to warm to this one, but it’s catchy so I’m sure it’ll find its audience. I was thinking that with Gwen’s new musical direction and what Fergie is producing at the moment, I’d dig to see these two in studio. I reckon they could conjure up something quite creative, innovative and different to what is currently out there. That’s just a thought I had. What do you think? Sound off in the comments section.

Listen to Gwen Stefani’s Baby Don’t Lie

The queen of this season of The Voice aka Gwen Stefani has just dropped a new single. It’s called Baby Don’t Lie and you can listen to it below:

LOVE the single. Gwen, we thank you for the new music… Bring more. Follow her on the social networks:


Songs of the 00s decade

So we’re nearing the end of this the first decade of the 00s and while everybody’s remembering the big news events during the course of the last ten years, I’m looking for songs of the decade…. It’s hard because there are so many that I cannot remember, but off the top of my head here are a few- and in no particular order:

Coldplay- Clocks, Viva La Vida
Rihanna- Umbrella, Take A Bow
Beyonce- Irreplaceable, If I Were A Boy, Listen, Crazy In Love and many more
50 Cent- In Da Club
Leona Lewis- Bleeding Love
Prime Circle- Hello Hello
Santana- Maria Maria
Alicia Keys- Fallin’
Mariah Carey- We Belong Together
Usher feat. Alicia Keys- My Boo
Justin Timberlake- Sexyback, My Love
Nelly Furtado- Say It Right, Promiscuous
Snow Patrol- Chasing Cars
Amy Winehouse- Rehab
Goldfish- This Is How It Goes
Natasha Bedingfield- These Words
Gwen Stefani- Hollaback Girl
HHP- Music and Lights
Greenday- American Idiot
Britney Spears- Toxic, Oops I did It Again, Radar (a few from many)
Madonna- Music
Daughtry- It’s Not Over
Lira- Feels Good
Kelly Clarkson- Because Of You
Christina Aguilera- I Turn To You
John Mayer- Say
Damien Marley- Welcome To Jamrock
Gnarls Barkley- Crazy
Lady Gaga- Poker Face
Outkast- Hey Ya
Shakira- Whenever! Wherever!
The Killers- Mr Brightside
Kings Of Leon- Sex on Fire

I know I’ve missed many… so share your thoughts and favourites with the rest of us yeah!

Lady Gaga Love Game

I think I figured Lady Gaga out… well rather who she reminds me of. I think she has a similar look and feel to a solo Gwen Stefani. The white hair, the funky fashion and the catchy pop tunes. She also has a bit of Britney in her, with the choreography and skimpy outfits (I ain’t complaining though). Here’s her new song charting on all major music channels. It’s called Love Game and again it’s awesome… Can you tell I’m a Lady Gaga fan?

No Doubt… they're back?

FINALLY the legendary rock band No Doubt have announced they will be reuniting for a 2009 Summer (Northen Hemisphere) Tour. They’ll be touring alongside special guests Paramore, The Sounds, Janelle Monae and Bedouin Soundclash on select dates. Singer Gwen Stefani said, “The whole reason for going on this tour was to have fun, try on all our favorite songs again and to get inspired to make new music. It feels good to be all together again.”

This comes five years after their last release The Singles 1992–2003 and Boom Box (a limited edition box set) and two solo albums from the band’s singer, Gwen Stefani. Well she’s also become a mom, during the five year hiatus. The band’s drummer, Adrian Young said “Now that five years have passed, the excitement level for us is extremely high. We are so fresh and ready! I feel like a kid again when rehearsing these songs”.

This is very exciting news and well perhaps the Coca Cola Zero Fest organisers should consider bringing No Doubt to SA… that would be absolutely awesome. For more info on the band and their tour dates visit www.nodoubt.com