Q and A with Entourage star Adrian Grenier

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The highly-anticipated Entourage movie will finally hit South African cinemas tomorrow, the 24th of July. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a massive fan of the series and so to have it on the big screen is just so lekker. I can’t wait to see what Ari, Vince and the rest of the crew have in store for us. Check out this exclusive Q&A with Adrian Grenier:

QUESTION: What do you think it is about the characters and the world of Entourage that resonates with so many people around the world?

ADRIAN GRENIER: I think certainly the world of glitz and glam and fun and a life about options without consequences is certainly part of the appeal and very exciting. But I think it would wear thin if that was all it was about, and there wasn’t something deeper, more meaningful. Because these guys are so good to each other, because they support each other through the treacherous world of Hollywood. In spite of all the seductions, they manage to come back to home, back to what’s important; which is their loyalty and friendship. I think that really brings it to a dynamic place where people can really relate and connect to the characters.


QUESTION: Tell me about Vincent Chase and what it is that you like most about your character, first in the show and now in the movie?

ADRIAN GRENIER: I really like that he’s a Zen master. He’s been able to hold on by letting go, and I think there’s something really cool about that. It’s sort of lesson for all of us that you have to just ride the wave; you can’t control the wave. You’ve got to float on top of the wave. And if you try too hard to latch on, you’ll fall. So I just like that he’s so easy going, that he cares about everybody else more than himself. And that he leads with his heart.

I find the movie extremely poignant and lovable. You really get a sense of the friendship and the comradery of all the guys, and their closeness, which I think is what makes this movie so special. You get what you would expect with the girls and the cars and the parties, and the cameos, of course. But you also get this added element, which gives it a really great layer of friendship. And I think women and girls are going to love the movie because it’s very touching; you see an emotional side to these guys.

Ent_ 0045.DNGQUESTION: Entourage as a brand is known for so many beautiful women. But even though it’s about the bros, the women are not just decorations. They have parts to play and they have stories, right?

ADRIAN GRENIER: Yeah, I mean, people say it’s all about the women, whatever. That’s the tapestry; that’s not really the meat and the heart of the story. But the women aren’t just in and out or just background—it’s the women who actually drive the story and interact meaningfully with the characters. They’re all really strong, powerful women, between Sloan [Emmanuel Chirqui] and Mrs. Ari [Perrey Reeves] and [MMA champion] Ronda Rousey. It’s the women that really hold court.

QUESTION: What was it like for you to get back with this group of actors that you spent so much of your life with? Had you guys stayed in touch?

ADRIAN GRENIER: Yeah, we’ve stayed in touch enough to know what we were up to. But it really is like a family reunion. You don’t really have to think much about it. You dive right in and just roll with it. I mean, you start acting and there’s Drama [Kevin Dillon], being perfectly Drama and Turtle’s [Jerry Ferrara] there. They say acting is reacting, and that’s certainly the case here. It’s like riding a bike.

QUESTION: What about writer/director Doug Ellin? Is he another member of the gang? And what’s your collaboration like?

ADRIAN GRENIER: Doug is certainly one of the guys. I really respect the fact that he’s able to abstract stories from all of us, even when we don’t even know he’s doing it. Just taking pieces from our real lives, stories that we’ve conveyed, even invented stories that turn out to be true, he somehow just puts it all together so that the show has a relevance, and also is often prophetic. I’ll tell you, this has been a ‘meta’ experience for sure. I don’t know if you saw my documentary, Teenage Paparazzo, but to become famous by playing a famous guy in a show about fame is interesting.

QUESTION: Vince directs a film in the Entourage movie, and since you’re beginning to dip into directing, do you think that was one of those things that Doug incorporated into the character based on your own life?

ADRIAN GRENIER: Oh, absolutely, yeah. I think there are pieces of all of us in the characters and in the storyline that keeps it within a range that we’re all really able to authentically embody. I mean, I’m honored. Although documentaries usually cost like, half a million dollars if you’re lucky. And I think Hyde [Vincent Chase’s debut film] is considerably more.

QUESTION: Without spoilers, was there a moment during production which was really memorable or fun to shoot that you recall?

ADRIAN GRENIER: I hate to say it, but I’ve become sort of jaded. It’s always been one exciting experience and location after another and I try not to take it for granted. But our job is just to have the best lives, and if we’re not conveying that, if we’re not actually really enjoying our experience, then we’re not doing our job. So it’s been a great ride and I’m really hoping that it doesn’t end.

QUESTION: Emily Ratajkowski and MME champion Ronda Rousey appear as themselves in the film, as well as Billy Bob Thornton and Haley Joel Osment as movie financiers from Texas. What was it like to work with some of these newcomers to the Entourage world?

ADRIAN GRENIER: Well, I have tremendous respect for Billy Bob as an actor and Haley Joel of course and they play characters, not themselves. Although they certainly could have. But then you have Ronda Rousey, who’s a powerhouse in her own right and she’s a rising star. It’s another testament to Doug; he’s like a prophet. He can predict what’s hot and throws it in the movie. We’ve always played host to amazing personalities and influencers, and it’s great that people want to come and be involved and invited in. And people are excited to be there, so it’s always a great time.

QUESTION: What has it been like to work with Mark Wahlberg as an executive producer, either over the years or on this film specifically?

ADRIAN GRENIER: Yeah, he’s certainly pursuing his own career and doing really well at that. So he’s not on set every day, but he’s been a really influential force in making sure that we are on track and that we have the opportunities that we need to keep doing what we’re doing.

QUESTION: When people go see this movie, what do you hope they experience and take home with them?

ADRIAN GRENIER: I’m afraid that the dudes might actually get choked up, and if they tear up, not to worry. They’re still men. [Laughs] I think the dudes out there need to realize that women like sensitive men, so not to be afraid to be a little bit sensitive.

QUESTION: Very good advice. And, lastly, where does Vince go from here?

ADRIAN GRENIER: Wow, well let’s see what I’m doing in my own career and then we’ll maybe be able to predict how Doug wants to play it. But I think certainly directing is something that he’s into, and if he’s successful at it, we’ll see how high it goes.


2014 Golden Globes – blow by blow

The Golden Globes red carpet

The 2014 Golden Globes are here and that means that awards season has officially kicked off. Check this out… Bryan Cranston, Bradley Cooper, Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey, Seth Myers, the guys from U2 and Leonardo DiCaprio are just some of the male stars walking the 2014 Golden Globes. Those are some of the big boys in Hollywood but what would a night like this be without some of beautiful starlets too? Kerry Washingston and her “best accessory of the night” aka her unborn baby were there. While waiting to be interview by E! Entertainment’s Ryan Seacrest, Julianna Margulies offered Kerry some advice on becoming a mother, saying it’s the best thing she has ever done. Cate Blanchett of “Blue Jasmine” was sporting her Armani dress tonight. Gucci was a popular choice for the night, as pregnant Olivia Wilde and The Wolf of Wall Street star, Margot Robbie donned some of the brand’s latest design. Margot is my winner of the night.

Pic: Just Jared
Pic: Just Jared

Matthew McConaughey and Julia Roberts wore Dolce&Gabbana, Taylor Swift in Carolina Herrera and Jennifer Lawrence in Dior. Sophia Vergara is looking great in Zac Posen, even if it’s a “tent”. She was recently on holiday, posting pics of her perfect bikini body. She told Seacrest that she finds the cold weather torturous, “You have to wear too many clothes”. We prefer it hot too, Sophia. Love her, she’s hilarious.

Golden Globes live ceremony:

– Amy Poehler and Tina Fey get things going with their hosting duties. They’re absolutely brilliant

– Jennifer Lawrence wins the Best Supporting Actress award for her role in American Hustle. The award was presented by Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock.

– Jacqueline Bisset wins Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture made for Television for her role in “Dancing on the Edge. She is visibly moved “Okay. Scottish background to the front. Um, I always wanted to do something for the BBC and this was great.” The rest of her speech definitely requires a transcription… The wrap up music and all.

– Behind the Candelabra wins the Best Mini-Series or Motion Picture made for Television.

– Elisabeth Moss wins Best Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture made for Television for her role in “Top of the Lake”. She dedicated her award to her mother, whom she hopes to be like one day.

– Bryan Cranston wins Best Actor in a Television Drama Series for his role in “Breaking Bad”… Obviously 😉 “Oh my gosh. Oh. Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press. It’s a lovely honour and such a lovely way to end the show.”

– Breaking Bad wins Best TV Drama series. The creator, Vince Gilligan accepts the award on behalf of the cast and crew. “The best thing about this is that it gives us one more chance to thank the fans of the show.” Aaron Paul pipes in “Yeah bitch, thank you”

– Best Score – All is Lost by Alex Ebert #GoldenGlobes. “Let it flow”.

– Best Original Song award goes to U2 for their song Ordinary Love in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom “This is amazing. We have been working for president Mandela since the 70s. So it has taken us 3 years to write this song. Not only South Africa, but thanks to Mandela. The course of history, holy Catholic Ireland has changed forever. This really is personal for us. Very, very personal. A man who refused to hate. He thought love would do a better job.”

– Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture made for Television goes to Jon Voight for “Ray Donovan”

“I know you all. I’m very grateful. I’m so grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press for this. I’m as nervous as everybody else.”

– The winner for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy: Amy Adams, “American Hustle”.  If Jacqueline Bisset wants some tips on how to accept an award, she should definitely watch Amy Adams because that was a great, succinct, smart and to the point speech that had emotion, humour and a story to it.

– Best Actress in a Television Drama Series goes to Robin Wright for her role in House of Cards “Completely unexpected I have no speech.  Thank you everybody.”

– Best Supporting Actor goes to Jared Leto for Dallas Buyers Club. He spoke of his but, waxing his entire body and how he hadn’t made a movie in six years because of wanting to pursue other dreams… When you’re talented, you’re talented huh? Nice one!

Best Screenplay goes to Spike Jonze for “Her”. “Im a terrible public speaker and I’m bad at speaking English so bare with me. I want to share this with the other great writers.”

Best Actor in a Television Comedy Series award goes to Andy Samberg for “Brooklyn 99”.. “Oh no. I didn’t prepare anything. It wasn’t going to happen. Who knew. I guess I’ll just thank everyone. You know the guys who came up with the show, Mike and Dan. The cast is awesome, the crew is really good. The writers kick A. And of course my beautiful and incredible wife Joanna who I love so much. Thank you”.

– Best Foreign Language Film award goes to “The Great Beauty” out of Italy. “Thank you to Italy. That’s a crazy country, but beautiful. Thank you very much”

Best Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture made for Television award goes to Michael Douglas, “Behind the Candelabra”. ” Thank you all. Thank you very much. Hollywood Foreign Press. Forty five years in the foreign press. I used to think of them as my aunts and uncles, now they’re my nieces and nephews,” he said. “Matt Damon, the bravest, talented actor I’ve ever worked with.”

Best Animated Feature Film goes to the team who worked on the film, Frozen.

– Best Actress in a TV series Comedy goes to Amy Poehler for her role in Parks and Recreation. After ‘making out with U2’s Bono, Amy said, “Wow I was unprepared for this. Wow, Parks! The best job. I’m just so thrilled to be apart of this evening among such great people. Thank you very, very much.”

– Cecil B. DeMille award time. This year’s recipient is Woody Allen. He wasn’t there to accept the award so his long time friend, Diane Keaton accepted it on his behalf.

Best Director goes to Alfonso Cuaron, “Gravity”. “Well thank you Hollywood Foreign Press. This is for the hundreds of people who made this film possible. Sandra you are the most amazing collaborator. I want to thank you for not waiting when I told you I am going to give you herpes when I meant I’m going to give you an earpiece.” Hahaha.

– Brooklyn Nine-Nine wins the Best TV Series Comedy award at this year’s Golden Globes “I’m a terrible actor so you can be assured that I’m surprised in real life.”

Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy award goes to Leonardo DiCaprio, “The Wolf of Wall Street. He thanks Martin Scorsese for being the incredible visionary that he is and for allowing him to stalk him into making this movie.

Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy award goes to American Hustle. “I’d like to say that one of the benefits to the motion picture business is that we get to make films about people. We had the privilege of telling the art of survival, resilience and reinvention. The award has to be shared with David Russell.”

– Cate Blanchett wins the award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama for her role in “Blue Jasmine” . “A few vodkas under my belt and here we are.”

– Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama award goes to Matthew McConaughey, “Dallas Buyers Club”. “Aaaaaaaaaaah. Alright, Alright, alright. Unexpected, but graciously expected. Respect to the other nominees. This film was never about dying, it was about living. With that I say just keep.”

– 12 Years a Slave finally wins an award…. Steve McQueen accepts the award for Best Motion Picture. “A little bit in shock. Firstly I’d like to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press. My wife, Bianca.” He also thanked his cast, crew and studio.

Miley’s VMA costumes banging hit this Halloween

Looking for some Halloween costume ideas? Well apparently many Hollywood stars are loving the Miley Cyrus VMA look, so if you’re looking for a reason to wear next to nothing and to stick your tongue, then Miley’s VMA costume is the way forward. Below you’ll see Paris Hilton and Hugh and Crystal Hefner showing off their Halloween impersonations…

The big question is… Who did it better?


Miley and Robin vs Crystal and Hugh

Uma Thurman joins the Jameson First Shot campaign

The very beautiful and talented, Uma Thurman has signed on to be apart of the Jameson First Shot Campaign for 2014. The campaign, which has already seen Hollywood big wigs, Kevin Spacey and Willem Dafoe participating in, will be entering into its third year now and this time it’s with the lovely Uma.

So, to all of you aspiring filmmakers out there, best you start thinking about your short film concept. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and who knows what other doors might open should you be the chosen one. You could follow in SA-born, Neill Blomkamp‘s steps and becoming an internationally acclaimed director.

How do you enter then? Well you need to submit a script of no more than seven pages to www.jamesonfirstshot.com by the 2nd of January 2014. The judging panel, made up of Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti of Trigger Street Productions and of Uma will then sift through all of the entries and a winner will then be selected. Remember to be original, creative, funny and entertaining when you put your script together.

Want to attend an exclusive screening of Mr Selfridge?


The last time I saw Jeremy Piven on my TV screen was in the hugely successful series, Entourage where he played the often douchey, but hilarious Ari Gold. I’d seen him in other roles prior to that I enjoyed him, but I became a fan after his Hollywood go-getter role. He was sharp, witty and just so awesome to watch. Well if you, like me, dig him then you’ll be happy to know that he’s back and this time he’s playing he role of Harry Gordon Selfridge in BBC Entertainment‘s MR SELFRIDGE. This period drama kicks off on DStv channel 120 on Sunday 13th October.

IMDb describes the show as follows, “Centers on the real-life story of the flamboyant and visionary American founder of Selfridge’s, London’s department store.” I have a longer synopsis and a more detailed look at episode one and after reading that, I’m definitely going to be setting my “Series Record” option on my PVR for the season. I’m always amazed by how simple ideas become massive empires. I also really enjoy these period dramas, so I’m certain this show will be fantastic. SIDEBAR For those of you in Johannesburg, you might want to do the same because Rihanna is here that night 🙂

The folks at BBC Entertainment will be holding an exclusive screening on Wednesday evening. The event will be held at Nu Metro in Montecasino. Details:

Date: Wednesday, 09th October 2013

Venue: Nu Metro cinema in Monte Casino, Fourways

Time: 18:30

If you’re keen to come through then holler. I have five double tickets for you guys. All you need to do is answer the following question. What is the name of Jeremy Piven’s role in Mr Selfridge? *difficult huh? Leave your answer in the comment box below, along with your name. I will contact you if you’re one of the lucky five.

Please note this is only open to Johannesburg residents. You will need to make your own way to and from Montecasino.


Viral twerk fail a fake

We were sold down the river yesterday by that twerk fail video yesterday. Apparently many suspected it was a spoof… I like how they all say that after the news broke that it was in fact a fake video. Caitlin Heller, the ‘victim’ in question actually goes by the name of Daphne Avalon. She’s a stunt woman in Hollywood.

She together with talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel got together and shot this video about two months ago. They wanted to “let the magic happen.” And boy oh boy, did the magic happen.

Jimmy Kimmel and ‘Caitlin’/ Daphne… you’re #winning!

Bonang secures a deal with Revlon


Much respect goes out to the incredible, Bonang Matheba. She is by far the biggest celebrity in South Africa. She’s done it all, radio, TV, web, print. Brands continue to use her to grow their respective brands and in turn, the Bonang brand continues to grow bigger, better and brighter. It’s incredible to watch such a young, talented woman score all these major deals and accolades and the latest one she can add to her name is with beauty house Revlon. Matheba was named as the South African ambassador yesterday, joining the likes of Halle Berry, Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde.

Big up to Matheba! See the full press release below:
Continue reading “Bonang secures a deal with Revlon”

KimYe having a girl

In case you missed it, reality star Kim Kardashian and her rapper boyfriend Kanye West are having a girl (I thought we all knew already, but hey). Check out this short video from E! News to hear more and to see and read more go to E!Online now

Spacey back in SA for Jameson First Shot premiere this weekend

On Saturday I’ll be heading through to the Jameson First Shot red carpet premiere. This is the second premiere of its kind and I reckon it’s going to be lots of fun again. Last year, the campaign gave aspiring and upcoming filmmakers the opportunity to be mentored by Hollywood A-lister Kevin Spacey, his business partner Dana Brunetti thanks to the team at Jameson. It was sound a resounding success that the decided to do it once again and this year the team has enlisted the help of another Hollywood giant, Willem Dafoe.

South African filmmaker Hanneke Schutte was chosen as the winner this year. She flew over to the US, where she made her film, SAVING NORMAN (previously PING PONG WITH MR YONG) and we’ll be getting to see that film on Saturday evening. I’ll be on the red carpet taking pics and video. So follow me on Twitter: @JasonVonBerg, on Instagram or check back here for more interviews.

It promises to be a festive evening once again and big up to the team at Jameson for getting involved in such a lekker campaign.

Want to hold an Oscar® statuette?


The countdown to film’s big night is on and to celebrate this year’s Academy Awards, the digital team are creating a bit of hype in a different way. The first-ever Oscar Roadtrip kicks off next Monday in New York City. The roadtrip will give Oscar fans the opportunity to hold an actual statuette before it arrives in Hollywood on the 24th of February.
The roadtrip will be covered by Oscar Roadtrip reporters, Ben Gleib and Angie Greenup. They’ll be posting a whole bunch of blog posts, videos, photos, tweets and so much more. You can follow the journey via:


@OscarRoadtrip on Twitter

and on Facebook: Facebook.com/TheAcademy.

Speaking about the roadtrip, managing director of digital media and marketing for the Academy, Josh Spector said, “We created the Oscar Roadtrip to bring the magic and fun of the Oscar ceremony to movie fans across the country. The Oscar Roadtrip makes it possible to share the once-in-a-lifetime thrill that only comes from holding an Oscar statuette.”

I’m in SA, so I won’t be able to see or hold the Oscar just yet, but if you’re in the US take note of the following dates:

February 4 New York
February 6 Philadelphia
February 7 Washington, D.C.
February 8 Baltimore
February 11 Chicago
February 13 St. Louis
February 14 Kansas City
February 17 Houston
February 18 Dallas
February 21 Phoenix
February 24 Hollywood

Sounds like a lot of fun and hey Josh, next year I’m happy to participate. Being a multimedia journalist and all, I could rock it. #JustSaying 😉