Test driving the #FordKuga

The good folks at Ford South Africa offered me the opportunity to test drive the latest Ford Kuga for a week. I took delivery on Monday and let me tell you this car is but awesome. I’m not going to even attempt to be all technical and car junky like, because you’ll know straight away that I have no clue. What I can tell and share with you is my experience of driving the car; what some of my observations are from a lifestyle and simple member of the public perspective. I’m also interested to see what other people say, especially since so many people have turned their heads or “oohed and aahed” when I’ve show them my temporary new best friend 😉

Yesterday after my show, I met a chap by the name of Michael at the Cliffcentral.com headquarters. He is the proud owner of a Ford already, but because he’s getting ready to finish off his management studies, he’s looking at an upgrade and the Ford Kuga might just be what he’s after. I shot a short clip of him getting into the car and you can see his reaction below:

One quick observation and the thing I love about the new Fords is that they have the SYNC functionality. It’s very effective, smart and sets them apart from their competitors. I’m just battling to sort mine out in the Kuga. So if there are any experts out there, who are willing to assist, holler! More on my driving experience to follow in the week.

Big Brother: The Chase Hangouts with Annabel and Sulu

I got to Hangout with Big Brother: The Chase evictees, Annabel and Sulu yesterday. Were you following them in the house? Check out their thoughts on Big Brother, their fellow BBA housemates and the like in the clips below:


Local flavour

The old AND the young; the legendary AND the legend in the making…. Those are just a few short descriptions that I would use when thinking about Bra Hugh Masekela and Proverb. Listen to the interviews below to find out more about these two brilliant South African musicians:

Bra Hugh talks about his illustrious career, his new projects

Proverb is a rapper, radio and TV presenter. The star has just released a new album called Write of Passage. Listen to the interview to find out more about his inspiration, his goals and of course the new album: