#VonVoyage to the Kruger National Park


I recently decided to leave my job of five years. It was never going to be an easy decision to make because of the nature of the company and the work I was doing, but after five years it was definitely the right time to move on. I leave with fond memories, but a new outlook on what growth, development, challenges and change await me. It’s very exciting, daunting too, but more positive.

I thought before I go straight into the new job, I’d take some time out and with us having so many public holidays in the month of April, it was the perfect opportunity. I looked at taking a trip to Thailand, a trip to Zanzibar… I spun the globe around and landed on South America, Chile to be precise, but after closer inspection, I really the costs attached to such weren’t favorable. So I decided a bush trip would be best. If you haven’t done the bush in a while or you’re from a different part of the globe, in which case you might be considering a “Safari”, do yourselves a favour and BOOK it. It is good for the soul, the mind. You will have no other choice but to enjoy the peace and quiet, the tranquility, reflect on what really matters and enjoy the beauty that you find yourself in.

I booked at two camps in the incredible Kruger National Park, two nights at Satara and two nights in Skukuza. Satara is pretty much in the middle of the park, while Skukuza is a little further south and the biggest camp in the park. I haven’t been here in years, but it’s just still as awesome. Satara is a small, well run camp. I booked into my bungalow, which is perfect for two people. It’s comfortable, fitted with AC and has all the utensils you need to enjoy your self catering unit. I also managed to see all five of the big five in one day… That is pretty much unheard of, but it can and clearly does happen. Check out the pics below.

Skukuza is about 96kms from Satara. Take into account that you will need to stick to the speed limit of 50km/h, so it will take you time to get there. In true Virgo style, I was worried that I wouldn’t make the gate closure times, so I set off early. Needless to say I made it with more than enough time. In fact I had six hours to mill around before the gates closed, so don’t be a nerd like me. I actually enjoyed seeing all five of the big five again, crazy and I had the most spectacular leopard spotting. Check out the leopard shrine below 😉

I used to come to Skukuza when I was younger. I remember it being big, but not this big. Airport, golf course, convention centre… What??? Yeah, it’s huge. Satara has a Mugg and Bean and a Debonairs, so I thought the biggest camp in the park would also have these chain restaurants. Apparently not, which isn’t a bad thing. It still is a little weird to me that they’re in the park in the first place. Again the facilities in each bungalow are perfect is suitable for a couple. The unit was also a quick walk to the river, which is great. You can grab a book and sit on the benches, chill and enjoy the peace and quiet. Apparently you should take your binoculars too because there’s a resident leopard nearby. If I had an extra day, I would’ve done that for sure.I also did another night drive, which was super quiet. There were impalas, impalas, ellies, impalas and then some more impalas. Not as rewarding as the first night drive, but it was pleasant none the less. The only thing I would prefer is if we went off road and the ranger did some spoor tracking. That is always fun and exciting. Next time.

If you’re not into the basics, you can upgrade to one of the more luxurious camps and on the contrary, if you’re into roughing it, then bring your tents or caravans and check into the camping the site. Just come. The bush is one of the most special experiences anyone can ever have. Trust me when I say this. I’ve traveled a lot and this, next to NYC of course, will also be one of the best getaways I’ve invested in and will continue to do so in the years to come. The Kruger National Park is a national gem and I highly recommend it… Go on and #VonVoyage

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Gallery: #MissSA2015

Here are a few pictures from this year’s Miss South Africa pageant, in which Liesl Laurie was crowned the winner. The broadcast went out to millions of viewers around South Africa on channels M-Net and Mzansi Magic.

Gallery – Spud 3 stars at the autograph signing and premiere

It’s one of the most loved stories in South Africa and clearly the fans of the movie franchise are a very dedicated bunch! On Saturday afternoon, Times Media Films hosted an autograph signing session with Troye Sivan, Caspar Lee, Alex McGregor, Blessing Xaba and the rest of the Spud 3 stars in Nelson Mandela Square. As the hours passed and the news of their favourite stars being in town spread, the crowd numbers grew. I saw many tears, lots of screams and just an overwhelmingly positive response to the movie and its stars. Later that night, the Spud 3 stars hit up the premiere in Sandton, and again the fans turned up in their numbers. I instigated a bit, by getting Troye, Sven, Caspar and Travis to get the fans revved up and screaming… Naturally the obliged and naturally their fans reacted positively.

Step aside Justin Bieber, the YouTube sensations are in the building and ready to shine! I’ve got some videos to post too, but here are some pictures from the premiere and autograph signing.

Prime Circle launch “Let The Night In” in Jozi

South African rock band, Prime Circle have a new album. It’s called Let The Night In and to mark the occasion, the guys decided to do what they do best… rock out. They decided to mix it up a bit and host the launch at Montecasino’s Teatro theatre. When I heard it would be there, I thought it would be a bit weird to be listening to a rock band from the comfort of um… a chair, but man oh man was it good. These guys have upped their game, their production and they’re sounding incredible. Great night, lots of energy and it was good to see Jesse Clegg on stage too. Want to find out more about the new album? Tune in to my show, The Buzz on Cliff Central next Tuesday at 11am, because Ross will be joining myself and Jennifer Su in studio. For now though, here are a few pics from the gig last night:

Disney On Ice – What to expect in a few pictures

On Thursday I got to attend a media call for Disney On Ice. It’s a show that has traveled the world and now hits South African shores for a run in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. Fans can expect to see some of the biggest characters from Disney come to life in an incredible show on an ice rink. From Minnie and Mickey Mouse to Aladdin, Pinocchio to the Lion King, you’ll get to see over 60 characters come to life in the two hour show. Here are a couple of pictures from that media call:

If you’re keen to check out the show, go to computicket.com for more details. Your kids, cousins, nieces and nephews will love it, but they aren’t the only ones. Sing along to the classics and enjoy the magic that is Disney On Ice.


A few pictures from joBerg2c

Some 750 riders from all over the globe are putting their minds, their legs and their mountain bikes to the test for this year’s joBerg2c event, brought to you by Old Mutual. The riders will ride the beloved country, doing some 900km from Gauteng, through the (ice cold) Free State and end off in in KwaZulu Natal next Saturday. I’m on the road and documenting some of the action. So here are a few pictures from this, the 5th, joBerg2c event. More to come in the next week!