Gail Mabalane on #TheBuzz on Cliff Central

Actress, singer, businesswoman and soon-to-be mommy, Gail Mabalane dropped by the Cliff Central studios this week for an interview on my and Jennifer Su’s show, The Buzz (11-12pm on Tuesdays). The star has just launched her new, proudly South African body range called Body Lotion. She is one of the most professional, but warm and wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing on the show and she has done so well for herself in the four years since she entered Idols. Check out this short clip where Gail talks about Body Language and she opens up about her love for her hubby, Kabelo:

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Watch the new Shout video

Have you seen the new Shout 2012 video? Well if you haven’t, do so now. You can see it above. This is the second video and song created to support the Shout campaign, an initiative set up help reduce the drastically high crime statistics in South Africa. The campaign was set up be singers Danny K and Kabelo Mabalane back in 2010.

The response to the first song and video (click here to view it) was so overwhelming positive. The song went to number one on several radio charts across the country and proceeds raised from the downloads were donated to those affected by crime or to organisations who are battling the scourge of violence in our country.

In addition to releasing the new track, the team at Shout announced their new app. The app is available as of the 1st of April and will be available on Android devices now. It will allow you to see where the latest crime hotspots are in your area, how you can contact the police in case of an emergency and you can use Google maps to locate the nearest police station should you need one. This is a big move and I commend all involved in developing this app. For more information on the app and on how you can get your hands on a copy of the song, visit their official site:


Or use this trend on Twitter #Shout2012

The new Shout SA video to be unveiled on Thursday

On Thursday the new Shout song and video will be unveiled. This is as part of the ongoing battle against the high crime rates we as South Africans are faced with on a daily basis. The movement was set up by musicians Danny K and Kabelo “Bouga Luv” Mabalane in 2010 in which their focus was on “ACTIVATING RESPONSIBLE CITIZENSHIP”. More on the movement:

We are a movement committed to a safer South Africa by activating & accepting personal responsibility for our own actions that will contribute to a better country by observing and respecting ourselves, one another & the law of the land.
We love Justice! We stand for Peace! We love S.A.

The Shout campaign saw a whole host of big names from the entertainment industry pledging their support to making a better South Africa for all. The song was a remake of the Tears For Fears classic of the same name. Proceeds from the downloads were donated to initiatives that support victims of crime and projects for the prevention of crime.

So now they’re back and they’re ready to unveil the new track. Check out the official trailer below:

I’ll be at the launch on Thursday, hopefully chatting to some of the artists involved this year. Stay tuned.