2013 Golden Globes winners

Here is a full list of this year’s Golden Globes winners. Homeland, Django Unchained, Game Change all scored big at the awards.

Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama:

Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained


Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries or TV Movie:

Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey


TV Movie or Miniseries:

Game Change


Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie:

Julianne Moore, Game Change


Actor in a TV Series, Drama:

Damian Lewis, Homeland


TV Series, Drama: Homeland

Original Score, Motion Picture:

Mychael Danna, Life of Pi

Original Song, Motion Picture:

“Skyfall,” Skyfall, Adele & Paul Epworth

Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie:

Kevin Costner, Hatfields & McCoys


Actress in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy:

Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook

Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Mini-Series or TV Movie:

Ed Harris, Game Change

Supporting Actress, Motion Picture:

Anne Hathaway, Les Misérables

Best Screenplay, Motion Picture:

Quentin Taratino, Django Unchained


Best Actor, TV Series Comedy:

Don Cheadle, House of Lies


Best Foreign-Language Film:

Amour (Austria)


Best Actress in a TV Series, Drama:

Claire Danes, Homeland

Animated Feature Film:



Actress in a TV Series, Comedy:

Lena Dunham, Girls


Cecil B. DeMille Award:

Jodie Foster


Director, Motion Picture: Ben Affleck, Argo

TV Series, Comedy or Musical:


Actor, Comedy or Musical:

Hugh Jackman, Les Misérables

Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical:

Les Misérables

Actress in Motion Picture, Drama:

Jessica Chastain, Zero Dark Thirty

Actor in Motion Picture, Drama:

Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln


Motion Picture, Drama:


2013 Golden Globes live blog


The 70th Annual Golden Globes are live. Tonight’s hosts are Tina Fey and Amy Poehler… Hopefully this will be fun.

“Those of you at home I wish you could feel the excitement here,” said Fey. “That’s right you can smell the pills from a mile away”. As is customary, the hosts always intro some of the guests in attendance. So far some of the ‘victims’ include Ben Affleck and Anne Hathaway. Julianne Moore is nominated for her portrayal of Sarah Palin. Tina tried to do her best rendition of the

Kate Hudson and Bradley Cooper are up to present the Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture. The winner is: Christoph Waltz for his role in Django Unchained, “Thank you for this accolade. The North Star is that one. Tada”.

Dennis Quaid and Kerry Washingston are presenting the award for Supporting Actress in a TV Series, which went to Maggie Smith for her role in Downton Abbey. She wasn’t able to be at the awards.

– Don Cheadel and Eva Longoria are presenting the Best Mini-Series or TV Movie. The winner for the is Game Change. “Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press so much. I want to encourage people to talk about politics. It’s a great time to do so.”. He also thanked Julianne Moore for her role in the show and how next to Tina Fey and Sarah Palin herself, they now have three great impersonators of Sarah Palin.

They’re also presenting the award for Best Actress, TV Movie/Miniseries to Julianne Moore, “Oh my gosh, my children will be so relieved.”

– Catherine Zeta Jones intros herself with a little number and then introduces Les Misérables.

– Rosario Dawson introduces Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

– Paul Rudd and Salma Hayek. Salma says, “They drink, they lie, they take drugs”… Paul adds “And those are just their agents”. They’re introducing the Best Actor in a TV Drama.

Damian Lewis wins for his role in Homeland The best journies are always shared. I want to dedicate to my mum, who I know is looking down on me and telling everyone how well he is doing in acting. Mum I love you very much and thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press.”

The Best TV Drama Series goes to Homeland. Duh…. Great show! “I want to thank everyone who watches the show. Thank you for giving us the opportunity”.

Tony Mendez, the man who inspired the story that is Argo introduces the film that is up for the Best Motion Picture award.

– Jennifer Lopez and Jason Statham are presenting the award for Best Original Score. The Golden Globe goes to Michael Danna for Life of Pi. “Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press. I felt very blessed to be apart of Life of Pi. I want to share this award with my director, Ang Lee.”

The Original Song winner is Adele for Skyfall. “Oh my God. Oh my God. honestly I come out for a night out. I was not expecting this. Thank you so much for letting me be apart of your night.” See the moment below:

– Kiefer Sutherland and Jessica Alba are presenting the award for best Actor in a Mini-Series Drama to Kevin Costner for Hatfields and McCoys. He’s sharing his first experience at the Golden Globes, being a nobody and now he is where he is. Watch his heartfelt speech below:

– Bill Clinton is in the house. He is introducing Best Motion Picture nominee, Lincoln. What a natural speaker. Amy pipes in, “Oh my gosh. That was Hilary Clinton’s husband.”


– Highlight of the night!! Will Ferrell and Kristin Wiig are up to present the Best Actress in a Movie Comedy or Musica to Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook:

“What does this say? I beat Meryl. I am so honoured to be apart of a film like this. Harvey, thank you for killing whoever you had to for me to be up here today.”

– John Krasinski and Kristen Bell present the Best Supporting Actor, TV Ed Harris wins for Game Change. Jamie Foxx then introduces Django Unchained.

– Jonah Hill and Megan Fox are up now. They are presenting the nominees for the Best Supporting Actress in Motion Picture. The Golden Globe goes to, Anne Hathaway for Les Misérables. “Blurg. Thanks for that word Tina. To the Hollywood Foreign press thank you so much for having me in this room with these extraordinary actors.”. She had a special thank you story for Sally Field.

– Amanda Seyfried and Robert Pattinson are up to present the Best Screenplay to Quinton Tarantino for Django Unchained. “Wow I wasn’t expecting this. This is a surprise. I have a couple groups to thank. One, my absolutely brilliant cast. The other group is my group of friends. They’re the ones as I’m writing, I’m reading. You guys don’t realise how important you are to my process. I don’t want your input, but when I read it to you I hear it through your ears. So thank you very much. This is a damn surprise and I’m happy to be surprised.”

– Jeremy Irons introduces Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.

– Lucy Liu and Debra Messing are presenting the award for Best Actor in a TV Series: Comedy or Musical to Don Cheadel for House of Lies. “She didn’t really say my name but she said it anyway. I’m very proud of the show.”

– Stallone and Arnie are on stage to present the Best Foreign Film. The winner is Amour out of Austria. “I never thought I’d get an award in Hollywood from an Austrian. I thank my producers and of course my crew. You did the film. Above all I have to thank my lead actors. Without them would not be here. The base is for me and the crew but the globe is for the two fantastic actors.”

– Best Actress in a TV Drama goes to Claire Danes for Homeland. “Wow. I have to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press for being so incredibly generous to me. I want to thank the four incredible women in this category who are just bad ass. I want to thank the writers of the show who didn’t buckle under the pressure of the first season. I admitted to everyone in the show that I was with child. They were all so supportive. I have to thank my son for joining me throughout the process and for fighting this war against terrorism.”

– Sacha Baron Cohen walks on stage with his whiskey presenting the award for the Best Animated Feature Film. The Golden Globe goes to Brave. “Holy cow. What an incredible company to be in. I’d like to congratulate all the other nominees. Being Brave is about being true to yourself and allowing your loved ones the same freedom”.

– Liev Schreiber introduces Life of Pi

– Best Actress in a TV Series: Comedy or Musical goes to Lena Dunham for Girls. “I thought I would be a cooler customer if this ever happened.” She thanked her fellow nominees, whom she ‘worships’. “This award is for every women who has ever thought there isn’t a space for her”.

– Amy and Tina are back… “Everyone’s getting loose now that we’re all losers.” “Lena we’re glad we got you through middle school *shlur*”.

-Robert Downey Jr. presents the Cecil B. Demille award to Jody Foster:

“Well for all of you SNL fans, I’m 50. I was going to bring my walker tonight. Robert, I want to thank you for your intro. Tonight I feel like the Pram queen. I share my most special memories with the crew. We made movies together. So while I’m being all confessional, I’m a little nervous now. Not as nervous as my publicist. I am single. I hope you’re not all disappointed that there wont be a coming out speech tonight. I have given everything up there from the time I was three years old. That’s enough reality isn’t it?”

– Halle Berry is presenting the Best Director award. Ben Affleck wins for Argo. “Thank you very much. I don’t care what the award is, when they put your name next to these ones she’s just read. They’re exceptional. I never thought I would be in this company. I want to thank the many who weren’t nominated. I want to thank my three kids and I want to thank my wife who is the reason I’m standing here today. You are my everything”

– Josh Brolin introduces Moonrise Kingdom.

– Best TV Series goes to Girls by HBO. Lena Dunham and her cast are up on stage to accept the award. “I was elected to speak for our team. I’m standing here with the best collaborators anyone could ever ask for. I want to thank our crew, who we love so much. HBO we are cultists, we are in love with you. The Hollywood Foreign Press. I promised myself I would thank Chad Low.”

– Christian Bale introduces Silver Linings Playbook.

– Jennifer Garner is up to present the Best Actor in a Lead… and the award goes to Hugh Jackman for Les Misérables. “Wow, thank you. Thank you to the Hollywood Foreigh Press. I have to say to the guy or girl who stole the wheels off my bike while I was auditioning for Les Misérables, all good. Thank you cast and crew. My wife, I’ve got to tell you she’s the best woman ever. Babe, if I forget anyone will you come and thank them for me?” He added,  “Thank you for always being right.”

– Dustin Hoffman presents the award for the Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical. The award goes to Les Misérables. We want to thank our reps. It was such a huge project and there are a lot of people to thank. This room has made some amazing movies and TV shows. I want to thank Tom Hooper. The amazing cast.”

– George Clooney is up. “I would like to congratulate Ben Affleck for his win” *giggle. He is up to present the Best Actress in a Motion Picture. The award goes to Jessica Chastaine for Zero Dark Thirty. “I’ve wanted to be an actress since I was a little girl. To be here now in this moment is a beautiful feeling.” She had some lovely words for director Kathryn Bigelow too, more on that shortly.

He is also presenting the award for Best Actor in a Lead: Drama. The award goes to Daniel Day-Lewis for his role in Lincoln. “Are you sure there’s room for another ex president on this stage? Sincerest thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press for this thing. To my fellow nominees, boys and girls, such beautiful performances and I’m very proud to be amongst you.”

Julia Roberts presents the Best Motion Picture, Drama to Argo. “I want to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press for this. I want to thank all the folks at Warner Brothers. We want to thank Ben Affleck our fearless leader. I want to thank all the thousands of people working in our diplomatic services around the world. Thank you everybody, thank you very much.”

Whitney Houston funeral- Cissy Houston took the world to church today

The late, great Whitney Houston will be laid to rest tomorrow. The funeral service is currently underway in the New Hope Baptist Church in Houston’s home town of Newark.

The late, great Whitney Houston will be laid to rest tomorrow. The funeral service is currently underway in the New Hope Baptist Church in Houston’s home town of Newark. In addition to Whitney’s mother, her daughter, her ex-husband and the rest of her family, stars like Oprah Winfrey, Mariah Carey and others have arrived to pay tribute to the star. Alicia Keys and Stevie Wonder are among some of the names expected to perform, while Houston’s long time friend and mentor Clive Davis will speak. Her co-star in the movie, The Bodyguard Kevin Costner will also address the congregation today. There is one camera in the venue and that will be streamed across the globe today, tonight and for some tomorrow. I’m watching it live on CNN and I’ll be bringing you some of the tweet messages and condolences from the service today. Among the tissues and the tears, we remember and honour one of the greatest voices of our time. RIP Whitney Houston:

@lupingcayisa: The Choir lady leading the Lord is my sheperd has Whitney’s Raves to the T cc @SwaziDlamini @judith_sephuma #Whitneycnn

@MelanieCarmen:  These songs are so moving 😦 R.I.P Whitney Houston.

@ShahanR: A fans tribute…his drawing of Whitney. #WHITNEYFUNERAL lockerz.com/s/184998494

19:44 (local time) Donnie McClurkin is now on stage. The congregation is standing, as he sings “Stand” for Whitney.

19:49: Dionne Warwick says a few short words before introducing Tyler Perry.

“God bless you. The Houston family. I know this grief.” He is telling the congregation of how he met Whitney four years ago and how “candid” she was about her life and just before he would step in to give her some words of encouragement, she would say “But the Lord”. He is talking about her grace and how it carried her home, singing for presidents and more. “Whitney Houston loved the Lord”. “Say whatever you want. God was for her and she is resting singing with the angels.”

19:55: BeBe Winans is now on stage. He’s the first one to breakdown on the stage, he was very close to her. He is telling the congregation of how they practiced in her closet and her room before they went on their tour. The song he is singing is a song he wrote for his brother, who passed away when he was 48 too. The irony. The song is called “I Really Miss You” and he says when she entered the church for his brother’s service “She just waved her hand and said family, family and so family is here today to save us”

@CNNshowbiz  BeBe gets mourners to laugh. In a true celebration of her life, he sings “I Really Miss You” #WhitneyCNN

20:05: Bishop T.D Jakes is now on stage. “You may think death has won, but it is a lie. Love will last forever for God is love”.

@billboard “I realize the dichotomy that the family faces right now… but you shared her w/ the world, & we thank you,” Bishop T.D. Jakes to family.”

Rev. Kim Burrell is now on stage singing “A Change is gonna Come” because Whitney loved this song. “She was born in Newark” words modified for the beautiful Whitney.

20:17 Kevin Costner “Whitney returns home today to the place where it all began. Dry our tears, suspend our sorrow and perhaps our anger just long enough for our sweet miracle of Whitney. Your mother and I have a lot in common and I know many of you of thinking really?” The congregation laughs. “We both grew up in the Baptist church. It wasn’t as big as this. My grandmother played the piano and she lead the choir.” He recalls his time in church, how he was yanked out for passing notes to his friends, drinking the grape juice. Whitney loved those stories. “It was easy for us to laugh. Church was what we knew”. “Whitney if you could hear me now I’d tell you, you weren’t just good enough”.

“Off you go, Whitney, to your heavenly Father. When you sing before Him, don’t you worry you’ll be good enough.”

20:36: Dionne introduces the wonderful Alicia Keys performs. She tells of how “Mima” was her nickname. She is singing Angel, “Can you send an angel to guide me”. This in light of her saying how Whitney inspired her, Brandy and Monica and other younger singers, “She made us feel strong and capable and loved”

20:46: Clive Davis is now on stage. “I cant tell you how moved, touched, inspired I am today. I feel the great spirit in this great church. It’s helping me with my grief and my heavy heart. “You wait for a voice for a lifetime. And when one person embodies it all, well it takes your breath away when I met her in 1983. Whitney said to Davis on the Tuesday before her death, “Clive I’ll be ready by August”, to which he said “Well Whitney I’m going to hold you to it. Everyone in Heaven is waiting and I know you’re going to raise the roof like nobody before”

21:00: Ray Watson, her Brother-In-Law and bodyguard is up on stage speaking. He has been her bodyguard for over 11 years. Aretha Franklin was expected to speak, but she isn’t well today so Ray has replaced her. “We had some good times. She accepted me as her brother although I was her bodyguard. She called me Uncle Ray in her playful time.”

21:09: Stevie Wonder is now ready to perform. “This is such an emotional moment. I wanted to stop and give all prayers to God for allowing me to be in life the same time as Whitney. And Dionne, Cissy and to all the family I want you to know as millions of people have said, not just in this time, but throughout her career, we loved her so much and we wont stop. What you didn’t know is that in my fantasy I had a little crush on Whitney”. He sings “Love’s In Need of Today”.

21:25: Whitney’s manager and Sister-In-Law Pat Houston is up on stage, “Let the redeemers of the Lord say Hallelujah. Even when she was tired or a bit lost, she gave, and gave and then gave some more. When she did not want to do things, she did anyway and we are so much more grateful for it. You were the rock that held her together professionally. Your wisdom of the industry did not go unnoticed. She had more respect for you on one hand. You gave her hope. Thank you for your love over all these years. She loved you. My partner and my sister, Whitney Elizabeth Houston. There are no words to describe how I feel. You stand, I need you and today I stand. Her legacy that she left behind was music but what she left for you was her love for God.”

21:43: R Kelly takes to the podium to sing Whitney’s “I Look to You” off her last album of the same name. What a fitting tribute.

21:46: Dionne Warwick says, “I would like to share a few words with you that I feel are quite appropriate. Don’t greeve for me for now I’m free I’m following the path God made for me. I took his hands when I heard him call. I turn my back and left it all.”

CeCe Winans then follows this by her tribute “Don’t cry for me” to Whitney.

21:55: Ricky Minor Houston’s Music Director is now on stage. “We were going to take the world by storm. It didn’t take me long to realise how much I love Whitney Houston. That face, that smile. That’s not why I loved Whitney Houston.” He said it could’ve been the hair, the outfits, the grace. “Whitney Houston changed my life forever, by entrusting me with her music career. Why? I believe that God sent her. She was my gift and I was hers.”

22:00 Marvin Winans is called up to lead everyone in prayer. He has now called his extended family up onto the stage. He recalls how he met her in Beverly Hills many years ago. The Winans family is about sing Tomorrow. After their brilliant performance, Marvin headed back to the podium where he preached.

The service ends with a “Let The Church Sing Amen”

That was a lovely, heartfelt service, befitting of who the diva, the talent that Whitney Houston is and despite her untimely passing, she will be remembered forever through her music, her life as a daughter, a mother and friend and a legend. Rest In Peace Whitney Houston.

“I Will Always Love You”

If I
Should stay
I would only be in your way
So I’ll go
But I know
I’ll think of you every step of
the way

And I…
Will always
Love you, oohh
Will always
Love you
My darling you

That is all I’m taking with me
So good-bye
Please don’t cry
We both know I’m not what you
You need

And I…
Will always love you
Will always love you
You, ooh

[Instrumental / Sax solo]

I hope
life treats you kind
And I hope
you have all you’ve dreamed of
And I wish you joy
and happiness
But above all this
I wish you love

And I…
Will always love you
Will always love you

I, I will always love
Darling I love you
I’ll always
I’ll always